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Living Life on Purpose with Jay Shetty

Lesson 105 from: The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis

Living Life on Purpose with Jay Shetty

Lesson 105 from: The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis

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105. Living Life on Purpose with Jay Shetty


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Lesson Info

Living Life on Purpose with Jay Shetty

I love you. Hello, everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Chase Jarvis live show here on Creativelive. If you are just now tuning in, then I want to welcome you to our lovely home here at Creativelive. Whether you're watching at creativelive dot com slash tv or on Facebook or YouTube and neither places we push our stream to one. I welcome you. I am super excited for our guest today. Someone who ah has been in the creativelive orbit for some time. We've been excited to have him on talking. Ah, profit's probably four months now, and I've been kicking around the idea of coming on one another shows and it couldn't be more appropriately time giving these a his area of focus and be these crazy times that we're in. But before I welcome my guest, I want to again welcome you and let you know that we had creativelive are doing everything we can in these uncertain and strange times to provide. Ah, you all with learning around creativity, entrepreneurship. Ah, specific. We've made our health...

and wellness classes free. If you are interested in something like that, feel free to go to creativelive dot com slash wellness classes and you'll see classes there from many of the top creators and entrepreneurs. People in the health and wellness scene who can provide who will provide those classes for you for free if you are in need and feel free to share that, um, also were about two weeks now into Creative Live TV, which, instead of hosting people from all over the world into our home at Creative Live, either in Seattle or in San Francisco. We are now at creativelive dot com slash tv going into the homes in the kitchen counters and the couches and the offices of these folks who are in our community, the world's top creators and entrepreneurs. And it's been fun getting to ah peer into a little bit more personal experiences. We go into their homes. Ah, and that is what we have in store for you today. We are going to be joining here momentarily, someone who I have admired from afar for a long time. He spent a number of years in a monastery. Um, his name is J. Shetty. Since launching Jay's channel in 2016 he's created more than 400 videos with 6. 1,000,000,000 views. That's 1,000,000,000 with a B on 2017. He was named a 30 under 30 for forms. Ah, as a game changer in media, spirituality, health and wellness. He has the number one health and wellness podcast in the world on apple ITunes, Spotify you name it Someone who I listened to regularly I look to for inspiration and wisdom. Ah, and he's got a new book coming out which we're gonna talk a little bit about. It's not till the fall, but we're getting an early jump on it. That book is called Think like a monk. Ah, and all this without further do you make me want to give a warm creativelive welcome. So wherever you are in the world, please clap quietly to yourself or loudly. Uh, if it makes you feel good, please welcome Mr J. Shetty to the Shojaei. Welcome. Hey, Change! Thank you so much. Really grateful to be here, man. And yeah, so excited to happen. You back on my show and reconnect and yeah, this is exciting. I'm glad that the one thing that's definitely happening right now is so many people are finding time. Aunt Spaces their calendars toe actually connect with people on. This is a great example of that. So you have really great to be here in a big love to your whole family and community listening and create life. So thank you so much. Oh, man. Well, uh, all of those sent feelings back at you, looking forward to being on your show whenever that happens. In the meantime, Ah, we've got people tuning in from all over the world. And for those of you who are joining, um, if you are at creative live dot com slash tv, that's a great place to be able to operate in their interactive chat. Just go up and click Live shot. You can ask me questions. I'm moderating it while we're talking here and we have a couple folks behind the scene feeding me your questions. So feel free to ask away. I'll do what I can. I'm I'm sure the comments will be overloaded because, Jay, you're a very popular fella. But if you've got questions for Jay, I'm happy to feed them to him as best I can. So check that out. Of course. We are streaming to Facebook and YouTube live and whatnot, So we'll be monitoring those comments as well. But I just, uh I think my understanding of your background ah, is limited prior to Munk'd. Um, So I know that your UK, um, is But I think that was your your birth city. Is that right? In London? Yeah. What? I'm raised in London. That's that's where I grew up. And that's what my family is. That's what my wife's family is. So we try and visit as often as we can, but tell me a little bit about your childhood. I think again, my my personal experience with your work, uh, comes not too similar from your bio when you started broadcasting like you were your own media outfit. Um, 45 years ago. Now he hit the radar. My personal radar. I've devoured so much of what you've done since then. A member of part of your your network. I get messages from you all the time, be a Facebook and, um, and those air really welcoming. But I'm hoping as ah interested party here to go back to your childhood. What was it like? Um, growing up. And how did you get from whatever childhood you did have to Munk'd, um because to me, I don't know. That is since, um um, that's not a typical path for many in the western Ah, hemisphere. So talk to me a little bit about how you got there. And what you're what your childhood was like. Yeah, yeah. Born and raised in London on I grew up in a family where, you know, my parents were working really, really hard to provide for us. I grew up in a somewhat rough neighborhood and the primary school that I went to, I was statistically bullied for being overweight. Andi, that was a big reason. And the other reason was I was one of a few Indian people in my school as well. So it's often bullied for being being Indian or people not knowing where I was from. And so my 90 years were quite tough in that sense where, you know, there were lots of school with its my mother would have to come in and see how he's being treated, and I'd get beaten up, bullied consistently. And so when I look back now, I look back at that time, and it's interesting because I don't feel like a lot of scars stayed with me. And when I wonder why that is, I think a lot of those experiences really helped me increase my empathy and compassion for people who are bullied or offended or treated in a certain way because of the color of their skin or how they look or how they are. And I explained that all the way to about attempt to about 13 14 years old, and at that time I kind of God, sick of being good in terms, What I remember being good I mean by being a teacher's pad, performing well in class because I was still believing. I still explains racism. And so I started to rebel, but it wasn't natural to be so. I started hanging around with the wrong crowd, started getting into trouble and started making mistakes, and just wanted to say this spending time in associating with people that my parents wouldn't necessarily recommend me to be friends with on that was just my way of just feeding out what was the meaning of life, what was the purpose of life. And I didn't know that that was the question dead. But now when I'm looking back, I was just a phase in my life where I was like, Why do I deserve this? Why am I getting bullied and why my experiencing racism and why does it matter than what anyone does on what is that kind of gonna lead me to? And so I spent probably the ages of 14 to 18 doing back storm lightning with drugs and trying out lots of different things and multiple relationships. Andi, I just started to notice myself. See that that lifestyle was not leading to a good end. I saw people were getting into gang violence, getting into deeper trouble. And when I was a waste Oh, you know, a good guy inside. I was like, Well, I don't think I'm gonna be like I don't think I'm gonna lost in this environment. And then a lot of my friends started getting into philosophy and spirituality when they were about 17. 18. And, you know, one of my friends basically forced me to come along Teoh this event, and I would go every single week to hear people speak on. It would be entrepreneur CEO celebrities. People were speaking about rags to riches stories and I remember reading the Rocks autobiography and I absolutely loved it. And I read I remember reading David Beckham's or by over Feed was a huge icon, obviously across the world, but especially in England at that time. And I was fascinated by how these people went through trials and tribulations. Challenge is to create the life they had, and so I was fascinated about that. But then I was asked to go to hear a monk speak on my honest reactions. Just why would I want to hear a monk speaker? What am I gonna learn from a month? Like, What's he gonna do? Tell me that focus on nothing like you know what's What's this? What's the point? Andi. So I was so against going. But I told my friend I was like, I'll only go if we go to a bar afterwards. So I'm basically coming there is like a D troll on our way out for a night out because it's an earlier revenge on. Then you know, this is the beauty of life changing moments that, ironically, they're always humiliating on the joke's on you. And so this moment that I talk about it so life giving on life redirecting for me, it was the joke's on me. I walked in and I was completely floored by this incredible human who is sharing these amazing messages about serving on the people, that making a difference in the life of other people. And he really challenged me when he started saying that What's the point of your strength and your passions and your skills if you don't use them in the service of others? And that really stayed with me that night? And I remember going to the bar afterwards and reflecting on, not drinking and just sitting there just thinking, Well, what am I doing with my life? And so I was completely not meant to be among on It wasn't my natural path, you know, my parents said I had three options growing up. I always say, Doctor, lawyer or failure. And so I was going on the traditional polish like any other young person in London. But this was one of those moments, and I think we will have these moments that completely changed the trajectory of our lives on. I'm so grateful landed on going that night, thanks to my friend. So I'm fascinated by this. The big moment and I wrote about it in my book as well. I've had a couple for me. That was the death of someone very close to me. And then it was a near death experience for me personally, and whether it's being introduced to someone who changes the way you think in a moment or one of these sort of trauma. As an example, Um, I'm obsessed with our, like how that calls us to awareness. And wouldn't it just be so much better if we didn't have to have those big, painful moments? You said humiliating And the joke's on you. How do we like a Why is that and B, is there a different way? Can we be more tuned? And does it not require that we get slapped around by our karma to bring us into awareness? Yeah, it's a great question. I love that. I don't think I've been asked that before, and I'm so excited to even think about reflecting on our interview. But in my opinion of why it happened is because pain makes us pay attention, right? My pain makes you pay attention. I'll give an example, if you like. You got a little cut here. You may not think anything of it. If the car gets bigger and it starts to sting, you take it a bit more. Seriously. Now this. If it gets infected, then you like. OK, I need to do something about it. And often there are these signs in our life. There are always signs, signals and reminders in our life, they are always bad. But this wire and were so loud that we don't hear. And so then does singles out get louder and deeper and harder to finally get our attention because we're not present with ourselves. The only way our body and mind get us to be present is through pain. And so the only antidote is to be proactively present with ourselves is to actually sit with our emotions, is actually get to know ourselves intimately and personally. Because if we always rushing around and moving around our body and mind, don't have the time to tell us what's going on. It's why when you've been rushed around for months and then you finally stop and you get the flu or you get it right, have you ever had that, Teoh? What? You go on vacation, you start coughing and you get a cold. It was your body. Finally got a chance to speak to you so we don't listen to our mind and body because we're too busy. And so when we finally listened to our body and mind, then we get an opportunity to address what's going on. So to me, that's why pain makes us stop and realizing forces adapted Tragedy transforms us because it forces us to pay attention. But we can change that by proactively being present with our minded body. And that's how we can create that urgency without pain and without the tragedy. Has that been Ah ah, part of your path. Your desire for awareness for self awareness or quiet? Is that what Ah, I guess you connected with that evening after the monks presentation when you were at the bar. Is that was it real for you then? Or did it take some time for you to lean into that? And so what was your transition from being made aware of? You know, the monks point of what are you doing with your life? How can you live in service of others. And how are you using your gifts? What was the gap between acknowledging that? Ah, in the moment and then living? It was there. Was there some gap? Or was it instant for you, Greg Arresting Jaycee's And I'm so happy I'm talking to you right now. You're inspiring. Select eso. There's there's two parts to any transition in life from that I've reflected on on that inspiration and then transformation or motivation. And then transformational, it's It's what you're referring to when you're talking about this moment in my life. So in that moment I was inspired and I was motivated. But I was not plans formed because transformed requires you to do something right. You could become inspired and motivated by listening to chase. You can be inspired and motivated by listening to creative life. You can be inspired and motivated by watching the video, but you can't be transformed by that video because transformation requires you to do something about it. So I don't out of that inspired and motivated. But I went back to my normal life, right. I didn't change. The next day, I didn't suddenly stopped meditating every day I didn't suddenly start living with the highest values. The next day I was being the person I waas, but I started to experiment. I was inspired enough to go and start spending my summer and Christmas vacations living in the monastery in India with this month. And so it started the journey, so I would still be doing anything and everything. So I was literally going from, you know, I was a student at the time, so I was interning and companies and I would go from bars and steak houses and where I'm suited to my internship to their spending part of my summer and Christmas wearing robes waiting before a M and living is a month. But I was going in between the two worlds because I hadn't made the transformation. I was simply inspired by a new lifestyle and and you alternative on. Actually, I think, and sometimes I don't get this right. It's so beautiful and important to test and experiment with alternative ideas and lifestyles without having to fully commit or without making it too little. So I feel like one thing. We miss out on a lot now and right now, specifically right Now we have so much time for this. We don't get a lot of time to do immersive experiences. So we choose to do something for one minute a day rather than one hour. We choose to do something one thing a year rather than one thing a month. And my belief system is is that if you get immersed in something for a deep, longer extended period of time, you figure out much quicker whether in connection resonates with you. Then if you didn't once a month on my favorite example to give the bases like if you met a potential partner, you know, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever partner that you want to be with. If you met them and you were told you could only stand five minutes a day with for the next 30 days do you know if they were the one would you know? If you want to spend the rest of your life, then would you fall in love? Probably not. Because what are you gonna land in five minutes? But if you spend a weekend with them or we quit there in a very short amount of time, you will learn so much more about that person in the reality of who they are, which is what we're learning right now. Being in close quarters without partners in our families. You see every sign. And so I went and lived in those short bursts is among where there was one week or two weeks or three weeks when I was in my summer vacations. Those gave me such a deep insight into what life waas, just like an internship at a financial company, gives you an insight to working inside the organization. It's brilliant, and I often think of this through the lens of pursuing a passion or some aspiration that you have in life and through deconstructing my own successes and failures and the successes and failures of many of the world's best. You, Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington. We have many mutual friends out there who have spoken on this and what you find out. You believe that they are all in. They push all the chips in. But if you actually talk to Richard and I've spoken to him at length about this, there's so much about this testing and putting your toe in the water and, as he calls it, protecting the downside. Even if I'm going to do something like I wanna shuriken be all in emotionally. But I can also make it so that, um it's it's not like if I'm inspired to start a cafe, the way that I would approach is like, all right, I'm gonna start baking some scones and providing t for my friends rather than taking a lease out on this big piece of property and hiring a full staff. That's not the way to do it. So it's it's inspiring and reassuring to know that that ah, that that is how you stepped into your next chapter as as a monk. Yeah, absolutely no spot on. I love those examples that you just gave it. I think that's half the reason why we don't get started, is we? You know, put this big final big next step ahead of like, Okay, now, why? After? Yeah, like you said, Like, I'm build this new cafe and we're gonna have 12 on every street corner in New York City, and it's gonna be the next big thing. And you know who you can live up to? That on. I think the same was for me. I wasn't judging myself for living trying out two lives. I wasn't judging myself for my mistakes. And maybe I did judge myself at that time. But I've learned now to just release myself of that judgment and allow myself to experience and explore without putting that in. And even in this time that we're in right now, Like I think I'm, you know, encouraging people to just explore an experiment. And this time, rather than judge yourself if you're guilty, because guess what none of us planned for this no one knew was happening. And that's kind of life in general. But we're all feeling at the same time right now, and so you can't expect yourself to have a plan. But you can allow yourself to explore experience and experiment, and that's actually what's gonna help you find a plan or what you want to focus on, rather than forcing yourself to feel you need to focus right now s O much wisdom again. If you're just now joining us, I'm Chase Jarvis, lifelong photographer, creator and entrepreneur founder of Creative Live. Ah, and I would invite you to head over to ah, creative life dot com slash TV and that will allow you in the interactive chat there to fire off some questions for my guest today. The one and only in inimitable Mr. J. Shetty is in the house. Um, J thank you so much for sharing your early chart childhood with us. Um, want to let you know we've got people tuning in from every corner of the planet. Um, New Zealanders in Australia. Uh, we've got, Of course, the UK is in full effect. Um, got a lot of L A some Seattle Tampa. Um, in short, thank you for inspiring a global audience. Um, it seems to me that there is this Ah, from what you've just been talking about with your own experience of finding your passion, starting to pull in some of these threads at first by dipping your toe in the water. Um, you know, going to the monastery, if you will. And as you said, wearing robes in the summers and treating it almost like an internship. Ah, there's a a period where you are in that experience. And then it's something shifts and you go all in or you you, in this case, any maybe you move to the monastery. Um, what was it for you? That was the Why behind that motivation? Yeah. So? So when I graduated, you know, that's when I had two options to continue working and finding a job in finance or business, whatever it may be in. Or I have this now new alternative that I never imagined to go and live as a monk. Onda the wives on the decision Waas believing that I had become convinced that the best used of our skills is in the service of others. Andi, I hadn't seen anyone at that time that I fell was doing that in the finance world with the world that I was exposed to. And I'm not saying there aren't people. They're people doing incredible things. And now I've rethought some of these things that I had before, but the bigger reason was to four. I didn't one talking about overcoming ego on and building your habits on learning to meditate and building emotional intelligence. That master in the mind. I don't want these to be concepts that I have toe play around with in the evenings and the weekends. While I was busy trying to make a living. I wanted them to be my life. It was like I want this to be the lifetime where I'm able to do break through these barriers and I think that's gonna take some serious work and commitment. I don't think it's gonna happen just in my evenings and weekends because I want to go so deep on the second part was, I always want to serve so much I wanna be able to give with everything I have and I want to live a life of services amongst that I was living with. They were, you know, building a sustainable village to support villages that were building Hugh distribution programs that feed hundreds of thousands of Children across India. They were doing so much service and I was like, I want to be involved in giving back doing good have the life of a month to me when I saw it was just so attractive because these people were literally giving up their own just, you know, their own potential. No ambitions is the wrong word. They're not giving up their ambitions, their giving up the ambitions of society and transferring that ambition disservice. And I was just inspired to For me, the why was those two things? Why? I believe I needed to do a lot of work which required a lot of time on, because I really wanted to give back and serve. And that was the model that I was exposed. Teoh as a young person. This is why I think it's so important that we expose young people to multiple models of success and servants, like I have been saying this often recently. You know, we have the Forbes rich list, but why don't we have a perform service list, right? Why isn't their age service list? Why isn't there a list of joy and happiness giving? Because what we reward is what we repeat in society. We keep rewarding something. That's what we're repeating is the focus. And I grew up in the hyper success driven oriented culture, and I redefined success through the monks is being about servicing giving. So that became my new why it's such a This is a perfect natural onramp, especially if you look at the lens, not just of what you said, but what a view of what you said earlier with respect. If you are only spending five minutes dating someone, then it's hard to really get that immersion that's going to let you know that they are the one or that this is worth pursuing. Um, and if you look at you know what you just said that earlier comment about dating and you apply it to what we're now experiencing whether it's, um, your secluded, Um, whether you're with this, you know, direct family um, it's hard to argue that we all have a reason to pay close attention right now. You also talked about pain early on, and it's fair to say that this is, um, it's also worth acknowledging here that there are a lot of people who are really suffering right now and who this isolation and perhaps even death and, um, true true despair. It's not just about isolation and social distancing. So, uh, yet I feel like it's fair for us to weaken both. Hold that and acknowledge that in this time that we're in right now, we do have potentially the ingredients to pay attention. A little bit of pains and them's a lot certainly a little for everyone. It is virtually universal, and we find ourselves free from and I use the word free in the sense of not constrained by our typical trappings. So is it your view? Um, or rather, what would you say? Um, we have, ah, an opportunity to do with this time. What do you think about it? Yeah, that's really what summarized. And I think it's It's our proximity with pain that makes us take it seriously in the sense that, you know, we were doing about this earlier, just before we came on live. And it was you lost someone in your family or your community. You take this more seriously than if you have. If you have an elderly person, your home who has underlying health condition, you take it more seriously than if you don't. And so this is the first time where I feel the world has collectively being comes concerned with the specific thing on. Most of us have the same viewpoint about it, and so it's a really interesting time to grow our collective compassion, collective empathy, a collective feeling of our For the first time, we're actually seeing that our actions have an impact on other people. Now they do every day, the way to the uber driver. The way you speak to the store system, the way you do with the waiter, the waitress, The way you talk to that off my impacts everyone, every day you're in. But right now we can literally see that our actual impact people and so we all have the opportunity to become more conscious, to become awakened, to become or where to become more connected, to realize how close we will truly up. And we're seeing also, how much you know there's all these posts about what's happening in Italy with the canals of Venice is the skies in the unpolluted, and you're also seeing the still ness in being able to appreciate what nature is trying to teach us from this or the earth is trying to teach us from this. And hey, I'm not. I'm not in the mindset where I'm just thinking that I'm washing the mindset of like I've lost people in my community family, like my prayers and best wishes and love is with everyone at this time. And then at the same time, we can extend ourselves into this thinking of Well, what are we learning from this? What are we gaining from this, and my biggest one is that we're all connected. Our actions have a big impact on people around us. And let's not pay attention to everything that we may have bean too busy to pay attention to about the environment, about the world we're creating about consumerism, about the things that we think we need about filling our lives with things rather than people and experiences and memories. Because guess what? Right now we go. All the things we want around us on DWI want people on the year around. We have the people we want around us, but we chase things. So it's just it's a good time to start just reflecting answering those questions for yourself on giving us the time and stillness to actually reflect on end and reach out. Well, that is, um, also a great on ramp into the next area I want to explore with you because what you just laid out is that I think it's the tip of the iceberg with respect to what's possible right now. And, um, I do I want to restate. I think it's important that we can hold the suffering that the world is largely experiencing right now and a world of possibilities at the same time like we are. We were given this gift of being able to hold competing ideas in our mind at the same time. And so I think that's the way we have to approach it. Empathy, humanity, connection, sympathy and and still try and do something special with this time were given. And, you know, I've been following you for some time. And when I when I think of you, I think of wisdom, Um, I think of a columnist and given that we've got the attention of thousands of people who are listening right now, what are some of the things that you would recommend for managing this crazy time? I know that there are people who are, you know, in very close proximity with loved ones, and that could be a fantastic thing. But you start carrying on for 2 to 3 months and there may be some challenges. Um, I know a lot of people. It's easy to, you know, look on instagram and see how much we should be making of this time. And if you're not transforming your business, you're wasting it. But there are people who are really suffering. So how do we manage judging ourselves or not judging ourselves? I'm just curious if you could, um, explore a little bit of this with me and with those who are paying attention right now is we're talking online. Yeah. So first would like to say, you know, we have toe realize that this is also a realization that we're connected and world so different, Like if you through a pebble or a stone into a pot. Um, a puddle was gonna react differently to a lake and legs going reactively to ocean and oceans Gonna react differently to a waterfall. Another waterfalls gonna react differently to the rain and, you know, you know, because they're just like there are different bodies of water were different too. So when someone throws a stone in our life, we react differently on the point being that no reaction to an unexpected event is right or wrong is something we just have to accept. You can feel you don't want to make yourself feel guilty. Judge yourself. It's like no one had a plan up their sleeve. It was like, Oh, I knew what I was gonna do you in quarantine time so some people react fast and some people the X slow And guess what? Speed is not a good metric of whether you succeed in the end or whether you be happier here. Some people react faster, no happy and some rebuilding react fast in the world. And some people react slowly and they'll be happy in something really only want. So there's no metric of light. If you reacted on Day seven, this is gonna be the best expect. It's not like that. So I think we have to take away these faults, timelines and these false kind of, you know, false beliefs that we will have around what this time is. The second thing for me, which really does make a difference. And if you didn't do this before it's useful now is in uncertainty. All you can create in global uncertainty. All you can create his personal certainty on one of my personal certainty is what in your day can you afford to make certain on one of the favorite things for me is your practices, your habits in teens. So this acronym that I've been sharing and it's for my book comes out before, but I'm sharing it now because it's so relevant to now. It's the acronym call time, so you need to make time in your day in time stands for T I M. E. And each of them standing expresses thankfulness. I think. How does a moment of damp illness is so important? And part thankfulness right now is not be literally someone else's pain, right? There are rules in pain. You shouldn't amplify your own and don't be little someone else's. And that's often what we do in extremes. We amplify our pain to feel like the worst on we belittle everyone else's pain. So maybe someone in maybe your child is missing. I don't know a school performance. Or maybe they're missing a finals game. Or maybe someone's upset to be N B. A. Is cancelled. Or maybe someone's upset that they're not getting to graduation or their school prom or an anniversary allow them to feel their pain for it, like allowed to express that and experience it and then explain to them to be thankful. Being thankful doesn't just mean like, Oh, I shouldn't worry about being upset about whatever I lost and I just need to be thankful. Allow people to express and feel their pain, and then show them to be tactful and same with yourself. Give yourself the time to then and to let it out and then to upgrade to gratitude to thankfulness. I stands with insight what we're doing right now. I truly believe that if you feel you're learning something every day, whether it's a new word, whether it's a new statistic, whether it's a new fact if you feel you're learning something new every day, you through your growing you always feel bigger than the problem. She problems grow every day, and so if you don't grow in alignment with them, you always feel smaller than when you grow with them. You're always feel greater than your problems. So it's so important to have some insight every day could be reading one quote from a book and be listening to the Chase Jarvis partners. That could be it could be just speaking to someone who inspires you. It could be watching a video, whatever it is, and it stands for meditation. I really believe that meditation gives us the Communists that we will see there is there a very few activities that stimulate com. Think about it from them. Everything stimulates you, but there are very few activities in the world that actually stimulate. Com. You want TV stimulated, even read stimulated youth unless you're getting a massage or about which which sitcoms, they're very self activities that you can do. Meditation. I've been leading a 20 day life medication every single day. We live for 20 days, and I've seen people just developed this new habit. I find pieces calm and doing it for 20 minutes with people. And guess what? You don't feel alone when you know that 30,000 people are betting. You said there shouldn't years exercise. I really believe in the power of exercise movement, where the Ritz virtual work out, whether it's dancing, whether whatever it is you like, we need to get our body moving. We've all heard it before, but we don't do it enough, and now's the time to do that. So if you can build that routine in your life, that gives you something to be said to them out and you can add on one s times to make the acronym time sleep. It's really important to sleep on it, more important to sleep before midnight and into any people around after midnight and even sleeping in but sleeping before midnight. The human growth hormone is at its most impactful. And so I'm really sleeping before midnight. You're actually creating better sleep a deep asleep and try not putting just before use people being on tech because both those things become more process for the mind and body. So routines are big thing. I'd say right now that would just ate our experience of this time. I love how you said that aid our experience. We can't shape much of it, but we can shape the things that are in our imminent are our own domain. They're like, I'm glad you shared this from the book. This is It's so perfect. Just a quick recap. Thankfulness, insight, meditation and exercise and movement. I think this chucking in the sleep. It there, um is ah, incredibly powerful. I have. We both have mutual friends. I think you worked at the Huffington Post. I've had Ariana on the show before. Um, she was talking to me about sleep before anybody else I knew in my life when she was like Trace. Are you sleeping? How you doing? And I'm like, Oh, a sheepishly sort of like navel gazing and kicking the stones at my feet And, ah, like I can tell you're not sleeping. You need Teoh. And it has been It's this moment of has been a gift to practice sleep. I started tracking my sleep. I've got a or a ring And, um, you know the saying, what gets measured gets managed, and I'm now actively go like, Oh my gosh, it's like 10 45. I have a goal to get to bed before 11. And now it's like, uh, I'm in competition with myself, but specifically around trying to create a routine of those things that, as you said we can mention it has been huge for me. It's been so impactful. I was trying to do it before, but starting miraculously on March 10th my sleep got really good. Can you tell me what you do for sleep? Since it was an add on to the time acronym. What's your sleep schedule on what you are? Ah, Do you have Ah, bedtime in a wake up routine? Yeah, for sure. So I s I love Mary on its books. Sleep Revolution to I think it's unbelievable if you really want to convince yourself to sleep is important because I think a lot of us undervalue. Sleep will be undervalue sleep before midnight. We undervalue quality sleep. We don't understand what it means, and so I think it's really important. And I think she has a line in there that says something like This is how you sleep your way to the top. How successful we were going to sleep their way to the top, which I love. But yes, Oh, for me, sleep is you know, I for a long time, obviously living is among We didn't sleep for long, but we meditate for long periods of time, which kind of created that deep sense of rest. But now that I don't have that, I have a very simple schedule where I sleep by 10 p.m. And I'm up at 6 a.m. On. I really find that eight hours and 15 minutes to be exact is like my sweet time, and I've noticed that measured and I checked out to see what works for me, because at times when I had 7 to 9 hours. I was like, Let me sleep for seven and get up and be fine. And I was experimenting 7 7. hours and I found that, actually, for me to be my optimal a hours and 15 minutes is my sweet spot on for a lot of things. Really Well, you're sleeping a lot. That's a lot of time. Yeah, but I'm not my best. Like that's what I want. Why would I want to steep? Seven Have an extra hour and 15 minutes, but then lose four hours because I'm unproductive. Unhappy is no at my best. That's the opportunity cost that you have to measure. See, we're measuring. What could I do with one hour, 15 minutes? My question to you is what your energy during that one hour 15 minutes that you gained from taking away from your sleep on my been, I believe that the ability to be productive in less time is more powerful, discredit over more time. So I do that 10 AM and six AM is when I wake up. You see, I've trained myself after that day I was 15 minutes. I know that sounds sleeps. I don't wake up to an alarm. I really enjoy waking up with now in alarm. If you need an alarm because you and I don't sleep in or snooze in by the way I'm up at that time because my God is now used to it. Then one thing I recommend is don't wake up to your phone and don't have your phone in your bedroom before you go to bed. So get a really long term government about ordering. When I first did this, a little time ex along block and I would lock my phone and my laptop in my car outside so that I wouldn't even go to themselves locked in the night before because it is so easy to be. They just leave my fund. And so when I wake up in the morning again, I contacted by alarm, wakes me up, and this is one thing I really add. The sound you wake up to is so important for your mental state, and this is not smoking about enough. Most of the sounds that wake up stuff in the morning, whether it's your mom or dad shouting at you or whether it's a really annoying alert time, which most phones have those actually shocking you into being awake. You're not waking up with anxiety, and now you're carrying that anxiety throughout the day, waking up to nature sounds waking up to calming sounds. Waking up to the sound of the gong was symbols or ocean sound, but some sounds like that so much benefit a wink up to because imagine literally like imagine trying. You know how many cars did get from 0 to 60 MPH, 2 to 3 seconds. Not many. When you put it up on the gas like that, with the jolt in a shock, your body is now waking up in shock. And so I would really be careful about the first thing you see in the morning on the first thing you hear in the morning. Because those two things, their senses itself, how wow the senses. It seems obvious, but it's as you mentioned like, this is not something that a lot of people talk about, I think an alarm. I mean, just think of the word alarm I love. It's I mean, that's the name of That's the noun, right and, um, man and Yeah, some of those, uh, ring tones on phones and whatnot. You know, you just you know, a long needs danger. You fire along, right? You think of an alarm. It's like if the alarm goes off, so, you know, I'm gonna do something right away. So you're waking up with that feeling that's not you. Wake up in that state, you know, carrying that state on this part of the book where I talk about Regan shift environments and experiences by shifting sites, scents and sounds. So the three things that you could do to transform a place or an energy is changing the sights, the sense of the sounds of the most of us. We see our phones all day, and we see notifications that causes stress. The sound of your everyday is just noise in background ways and, you know, maybe even just loud noises and construction work again. That's not a positive sound on the set. That was smell. It's just random food or whatever it may be. But you can change that. What's the first thing you see in the morning? Make it a painting that you know, me. And I've been admiring this beautiful work of art behind Chasen's. We started this interview. I want to get the same piece of working all maybe make it myself, and it's just like when you wake up to that, it's inspiring that we came onto the live and I saw that I was naturally inspired. We triggered visually, so it's so important a sense lavender. You can't 50 cents calm you down. Imagine if you were breathing that in one you work. You're constantly reminding yourself to calm yourself down when you see a stressful Lima and finally sounds putting on some music in the background, putting on a quote in the background, putting Johnson, putting this on in the background or in the foreground. When you having sounds in your life, that power you so you can change your experience of any environment. And right now you can. I did this quick fun video on Instagram, where I worked on my home. I'm in two minutes or less, not changed every environment to be a positive environment because I don't have a huge home and said you have a huge home or to department you consume, change the energy by changing the sights, sounds and scents. So much practical advice. I want to talk about two things. Now I want to take some questions because on this note of practicality, you're talking about senses and sounds and and controlling what you can in your environment in this uncertain time. Ah, and I got a great question in from Bihar. Ah, who wants advice on how to support people you love in this time who are less open to communicating? I want to reach out to them, he says. But I don't want to make it hard for them by my reaching out. So do you have ah recommendation or prescription on how to help someone who doesn't think they need help or, um, might not be inclined to ask for it and specifically in this time that we're in right now. What can we do to help others that were close to Yeah, beautiful question and Daniel were asking that I think you know when when this first happened as well. The reason why I did my daily meditations with meeting what we're doing this today. Getting it out there is I always feel like you can't find happiness and everything, and you can find joy necessary, but you can find service. And that's why service is so powerful. Because if you always wanting to be in service, you can always find a place in anything that's happening. And service can be as simple is calling one person or hosting the live broadcast like this with thousands of people like services and bound by numbers or titles. Or, you know, Martin with the King, would say to us like it's not bound by what degree you have and all that kind of stuff. It's just whether you care or not. And so the first thing I'd say is that people often struggle to be talked to one on one at this time, and they find it awkward if you reach out to them, so invite them to group, hang out. So, you know, have a group hang out with a bunch of great people that you know in love and invite them to that when they know that there are other people who are alone. So joining they dropped their guard and they join in his wells. That's one thing they do is group B times. The second thing I recommend is introduce people to stuff they love, not the stuff you want them, you think is the gap. So you may think they need to work out. But you sending them a video off a workout may actually annoy them because there was like, Well, you know, I can't get into this at the moment. So instead sending them something that inspires them or makes them laugh, or something that they enjoy or a piece of content or an influence, or a creator that they follow sending them something by that person that has the message might get through to them more than you actually telling them the message. So sometimes you have to get out of our way because you're not the best pass that to tell that lesson, what to do. Someone else. Maybe you can find that to do that on the 3rd 1 I'd say that there are plenty of people out there, and we also do want you to reach that. Do want help Star windows. You know, starting people are craving wine. Needing is why looking for it and you'll see that the people that may not have been maybe not print the first will come around beautiful beautiful, so practical. And I love the idea of giving something someone, mawr, something that they want versus your own make. We all have our own love languages. You know, this is ah ah, common understanding that, um I'm trying to get better at because we're so ego centric, not just in the West, but I think it's humans. A survival baked in our biology, if you will. Um, what are you? Are there some specific tools that you've done? Um, you know, in studying with the monks or in now, your life as, ah ah, leader in, um, the videos that you share online Are there some things that you've done to disconnect with your ego? There's no specific actions that you take on a regular basis that you feel like we'll get you out of the self centeredness that so much of us. Um, I go get absorbed in, um and and how do you manage ah yourself away from that? What are some specific tactics that we might learn from you? Yeah, that's a great question. And so when we were months of this habit activity where we would write out the script of are eager so whatever we experienced. Eager, literally writing out. If you don't know writing voice, Maria's well, so I would recommend this to people, and he comes home until do the journal reflect would be grateful if you don't know right and you can always voices. And sometimes hearing in your own voice is quite useful as well. So we will be right out the script of the ego and the ego talks to us how the ego tricks us, how the ego makes you feel and messes around with your emotions. And then we would literally physically write a replacement script off what we wanted to think at that time, instead of letting the ego lead. So just like in a role play, if you don't come up with a new script, you will always go back to the default script. And it's very important for us. We were trained at whenever you express ego and self centeredness. It's really good to replace that with gratitude for those who have given to you for gratitude to those who helped you. So, for example, if someone, if so insistently like R. J and I have done this and you know Chase gave me wonderful introduction. My natural model in that time is to think about the people who have given me the skills, the qualities of the abilities to do what chases congratulating you. And then I'll often fold my hands. Or I put my hand to my heart because I'm just sharing that with the people that shared that skill with me on what that does is amazing. What it does is it boost your self esteem because you realize people care about you. They love you on you get an opportunity to be grateful now boosted your immune system and moved in two ways. You feel loved and you've been grateful, so you just increased your ability to feel joy and happiness in that day. Another way to deal with ego that I thinks really, really important is ego often makes us envious, and it makes us compare ourselves to other people, and it's always trying to be better or considered itself worse. And sometimes the ego makes is in the steak of extremes. You're either the best only in the worst as well right at the ego Does these two extremes like I'm not just gonna be bad. I'm not just having a bad day. I'm having the worst day of or time because the ego wants to be the best of the best on the best of the worst is well on. So one way they wanted to that I find especially feeling the worst feeling like my life is the worst. It's really important to gain perspective on and see how you can support others through their challenges. And they found this with people struggling with mental health and depression when they helped others with whatever people needed around them. Their happiness and the joy actually increased because they got to gain perspective through service. So even if you feel you have nothing to serve, guess what. If you make a phone call there, an elderly person just say hello and help them will deliver some groceries off. When you don't have to have anything to do, those things that in itself will boost your mood. So if you think about serving and you think about giving when that does is allowed you an opportunity, give and you again start to feel useful and you start to see the value in what you have to offer so I'd say script writing gratitude and service is probably my favorite ways. Incredible. Incredible. Thank you for that prescription, if you will. And in addition to that prescription, I want to invite people to tap into your 20 day meditation challenge. Um, I myself have been a meditator for a long time, but I have seen so many people. Um, not just in your feed but in my feet. Talking about your 20 day meditation challenge, I was wondering if you can ah, share a little bit of of that with the people are tuned in today from all over the world And just a quick shoutout to Nelson and, uh, Nelson BC. We've got stock home. We've got Montana in the house. Cincinnati. Um, we truly hope we'll get in Malaysia. We truly have a global audience. So I wanted Teoh give you an opportunity to tell people a little bit more about your meditation challenge. Yeah, I don't thank you. Everyone listening or watching right now, Just thank you for choosing inside at this time because it's so easy. Teoh again used this time. There's like a default going back to your own habits, forgetting about all this stuff. It's like I find having these conversations listing into these conversations, watching for people doing like it's It's inspiring me to not just, you know, not just sit there and go backwards at this time, but to really try and forward, especially once This is all over your 2020 days of life. Meditation would just again. It's looking at a scenario going well. What skills do I have to give it this time? I'm not a doctor. I'm not a health care professional. I'm not under, so I can't go out there on the front lines to help. But I know meditation. I think meditation is going to serve and help and support a lot of people right now, because I want you to be the best part of the best parent, the best person you can, and you need clarity of mind for that. You need to be able to clear away all the noise for that. So if I conserve people in that way, and so every day I've been live on instagram Facebook and YouTube teaching meditation with guiding meditation or even teaching guiding meditations for about 20 minutes and I explained what what I'm doing there? We've got some incredible guests who have come on as well and guess to what friends that shared their practices, their prayer practices and really is just the time of the day when you feel united with everyone who's doing it at the same time, and you get that clarity so you could move forward. So it's just if you want to come and experience if you're someone meriting for years, it's still beautiful because there's lots of people. And if you're new to meditation, that it's super easy and simple and I guided through the whole process. So it's 9:30 a.m. Pacific every single day. We actually ended the 28th day today, and lots of people say they want to continue, So I'm not continuing tomorrow. But I am gonna figure out a way to keep going on to stay tuned on my pages and I'll let you know. But it's you can find their recordings on Facebook and YouTube, their orbit archives so you can still do the old ones that we did. Yeah, that was gonna be My recommendation is that you can turn to those things and we'll put some maybe someone on my team can put a note in the comments where the link to Jay's 20 day meditation challenges to make that easy for everybody. Um, I've been seeing some questions here. I can't track the more because they're moving rather quickly. But this idea of you know we are in the middle of a pandemic. As you said before, we should be graceful with ourselves because there's no sort of set of plans that one would have made to be able Teoh, accommodate or account for that, even for people whose job it is to think about things like this have been cut relatively flat footed. So it's fair to expect that, you know us. US laypeople may find ourselves in a position that we are not may certainly are finding ourselves in a position we didn't expect to be in. Um, what tools do you have for a sort of recognizing that and not judging it, living in grace with ourselves? That's thing one and then two. How can we view this alone time as as solitude, of of spirit rather than loneliness? Yeah, absolutely. And let's start now one of the move backwards. So e think you know, I have been mentioned about recently that we talk a lot about loneliness is the world is a weakness, and, you know, when kids are lonely, we say, Are there no popular or they don't have a lot of friends? Those are the terms we used to describe the negative experience, so were actually told to never be alone. Like we're kind of taught that if you're a learned that that's a bad thing on when I lived as a monk. Andi, you know, I was taught about solitude in the power of being alone in the power of enduring your own company and the power of being able to deal with your mind. And so in solitude that's often sometimes the time when you find yourself. That's often the time when you can explore yourself. That's often terminates highly uncomfortable, but that discomfort needs to discovery and lets you learn more and more about yourself. So it's like uncomfortable for like the 1st 23 days, four days. But then you break through, and when you have that great will you learn more about yourself than before, and that happens to questioning. It happens to refraction. It happens to listening Teoh Comcast like this, where you're hearing people come to se and contemplate over these topics on it comes from finding one thing that you can do every day, whether it's reading from a book or, you know, I've been I've been messing with this recently, and it doesn't have to be this one. But I was reorganizing my bookshelf, which I recommend is a great activity right now because you always discovered you stop. And so I found this book and I have ever even looked it. It's called the Book of Questions, and it's just and I'm not. I don't even know the author or anything, so I'm not. I'm not at all promoting in that way. I literally just skim through it and there's I was checking to be right. There's 291 questions in this book on you go to sleep to any of them on board, and there's just a deep philosophical questions in here. So here's his one for I'm just a victory. I have not chosen this any other reason. It's for extraordinary wealth. Would you be willing to have terrifying nightmares every night for a year, right out of the question. And it's a good discussion to have with yourself with a friend and it and it sparks and new conversation. That isn't just what happened in the news today. What's the alerts today? What's the latest on government? Because if the alert is no central to your state or your family will replace that impact, you you're hearing that stuff that's just not actually helping you are supporting you and most of what we're hearing it just alerts that are keeping our attention. But they're not solving it, so you need to find no escapes, but ways to elevate your mind to looking at things that can help you reflect and think in that way. So that would be something I recommend for that being alone. And the other thing I mention is that you're not alone because everyone's having a shared experience right now. Andi, when you having a shared experience, it means you want more understood than ever before. It's like if everyone's been through a break up, you can now relate to that person because you both into a tough break up. Well, right now, everyone's going through that tough regard. And people are going to different levels, of course as well. And so in that, recognize, where can you where do you have more than someone else on? Where could you help on whether someone of woman you and they could support you and stop building that connection is a beautiful story that my teacher would tell about the redwood trees on the redwood trees. There there are routes don't go down deep words. They go far wide because they connect with roots of other redwood trees. So these tools trees in this forest, actually the small trees in the big tree that interconnected through their roots. So they were meeting and supporting each other. And it's not just, you know, the survival of the fittest. Well, let me just get my homes to go D. It's actually interconnected roots, so I really believe that the more we can encourage us to, you know, t reach out to people in any way, the more you're gonna feel that this connectedness, you don't learn it. This and that could be something as simple as a virtual game night or about you work out, or it could be something like a meditation, right? And it could be anything that you need at that time on. Don't do it. Don't feel the pressure, too. Achieve anything right away. But do use the time to start planning and creating and reflecting because there's only so long you can also watch movies, watch TV and play PlayStation. Do you run out of energy for that after a while, too? So exhausted. Get rid of all of that men and then get off. Brilliant. Um, I want to try and summarise. Ah, theme that I'm seeing in the comments on a question that came up for me earlier you shared, um, a nugget of wisdom about journaling or the process of recording a voice message. Um, there's a question. I'm gonna credit this with Francis Mahia. Um, but Francis asks, Have you developed a favorite way to capture inspired moments to use as fuel? When you get into the execution part of your journey, you know, finds it personally hard to keep going. So would appreciate any advice here, and it's similarly prescient and timely. Now we're exploring. We're all exploring and trying to find new ways to, you know, capture these sometimes fleeting moments of inspiration. Do you have anything that you prescribe or what? What are you? What do you coach your coaching and mentoring people to do? Ah, as mechanism for capturing inspiration and being able to put it to use when it matters most? Yeah, that's a great question. So there's a common technique used in therapy, and I meant it from meditation. But I know that therapists and psychologists use it today as well. And it's cool. But 54321 technique. So whenever you are and this is, people use it for grounding. But I I often share it for creating memories so often we have this term of, like, take a mental picture. How can I? How can I mentally capture and keep this moment in my mind forever? Not just for my father again. So here's how you do that when you in that moment and if you're not in the moment and it's already happened, you can relive that moment through this. Five things you can see in that space one of the five things and actually going through with 12345 could be the person the stage the curtains, TV, the window, then four things you can touch in that space. Maybe it was the clothes you're wearing, what you're wearing that day, Maybe your laptop in front of you. Maybe it's your phone, maybe to desk what are four things? Three things that you can hear. Whatever. Three things that you can hear in that space could be someone's avoids. Could be music to things you can smell on One thing you can taste when you engage one of your senses. In that way, you can either fully relive a memory or only capture memory. Now, the mistake we make is we do that once. Then we never took it again. How many times have you taken a picture on your phone and never looked it ever again? I think I think you just went to the questions book. I'm gonna go to my phone and say, How many photos do I have? Ah, 66,209. There you go. How you don't look at it and saying your memory back. You've done the same thing. And so what's really, really important is that you relive that memory daily. If you need daily spent three minutes meditating on that memory and feeling that energy that you thought from that memory, you have to do it daily. It's not meeting once a week. I don't number one point in time. I used to listen to the Steve Jobs commencement speakers stamped, and I still listen to it every single day. I kid you not like those words and penetrate my heart so deeply that so many of them became reality for me because I was just listening to it every single day and didn't want to speak of. My mom teaches that I used to hear every single day, so you have to make it. You have to turn your inspiration to a daily habit. If you love a quote, write it down. Wake up to that quote. Put it on your screen saver. Make it the desktop background, put it in a big frame on your wall, said, Get yourself three times 11 times a day, like whatever it is that inspires you, you have to turn that moment into and daily habit. And these are just some of the ideas is the way to do it. Andi just get started with trying to extend that moment, and the best lead extended is also This is true, that I was saying recently that we remember the bad times more than the good times, because when we go to a bad experience, we cry for months. Now, when we go sometimes going through something good, we celebrate for a day. No, just the difference. If something goes wrong, you will complain about it on every phone call. You will put it up on social media. You tell everyone about it. This gives good. You say it once, then you let it go away. If we feel scared to celebrate good stuff way. Feel scared to extend a feeling of joy? I'm not saying get drunk every night like that's not my point. But my point is, how can you extend that experience? It'll positive experience. It's what we do In the comment section. You see a negative comment. You think about it for months. You see a positive common use about Oh, that's nice that they said this was an amazing Parker's again. Who cares? Because you don't look at it and do it. Someone says something wrong, so it's so important that we when you had a positive experience in your life. Right around voices, too. Tell a story to an instagram post Share with your friends. Really? Extend that moment out. And don't just say die because you're waiting for the next good thing to happen. Well, speaking of daily habits, um, I know lots of people out there are in the habit of listening to your podcast every day and congratulations on the barn. Storming success Number one help Podcast A number one podcast in India. Um, according to Spotify and tell me a little bit about the passion that you have for creating this And for people who may be new to the podcast. What is was it that you try? And, ah, has some of the core message is there? And what can people expect with your very successful pad podcast called on purpose, which is a beautiful little double on town. Thank you, man. I really appreciate that. Yes. So I've been making videos. I've been making videos for about two years. When I lost the card costs and the videos have obviously was in four minutes and I never felt that I could truly share what I wanted to share four minutes on. I really wanted to have a space where if people connected with my thoughts and my learnings, that wisdom, I've learned it gained from the teachers that I've been fortunate to have one of the space where I can actually share them. So every Friday on my podcast launched a 13 minutes. So episode right to me, sharing an inside a particular topic for minutes and my key themes for anyone who's interested or new to me, ourself work, love and service. So self is your relationship. I believe there are four big decisions we make in our life, how we feel about ourselves, what we do for work, who we give on up to and how we serve the world. So every week out in one of those topics, like work and I will break it down in a passion purpose, money management, wealth management, financial literacy will break it down into love and relationships, breakup, dating, marriage and we'll go deeper and deeper to their subjects. And then every Monday I interview a guest. Now the guest segment happened because I had these incredible friends and relationships offline and we ran his really meaningful discussions on. A lot of people didn't even know that those people had discussions like this. I was like, We need to record this and share it and they were like, Yeah, let's do it. And so we started to do that because I wanted to recognize that there is so much more to people than we see on a three minute TV interview or that you see on that entertainment slot or that you see in the two second Interview after someone's won a championship, people are so much more deeper. We often see people more complex. I think people are a lot more interesting and curious when you actually get to speak to them for an hour and 1/2. So my goal with the Monday episodes has bean to share what people don't hear about the people that they know ready, and so that you can learn more about this person about their purpose, how they build their incredible careers, how they found the love of their lives. They transformed their lives through the toughest decision than the top ist moments. And so, yeah, I'm just really grateful to have incredible thing Piers and doctors and scientists all the way through to some of the biggest athletes and celebrities in the world. So it's just been it's been really meaningful to me because I feel I'm able to go even deeper and give so much more impact service to people, of course. And I feel like with my podcast also now 10. I think 11 years running Z Yeah, there's you. Congrats, that is There's a little bit of selfishness interviewing. There you go, That's see, that's where it counts. Wiseguys 11 Chases asking questions today that have inspired me so much that shared more from my book that I planted. It's not coming forward on more importantly, just I love the right there. So many things have settled this podcast that I've never said before, and so it just shows you 11 years asking questions makes you really good at it. But that should be a strong reminded all of us. The bandage it you're crafty. I didn't expect you to turn that around on me and saying How's things, but I'll take it. Thanks, but, um, what I was really referring to is there's a little bit of a selfishness for me. I found that inspiration comes from so many different areas. I think, um, in, you know, in the monk world, so much inspiration comes from the monastery. And yet when you left that world, I'm guessing you could see inspiration everywhere. And as, ah, lifelong photographer, I spent so much time focused on the the photography industry that as soon as that was able to lift my head, they wait a minute and take inspiration from the Jean Michel Basquiat. Send the Andy Warhol's and the people in my own creative community here in Seattle and, um, this there's a little bit of selfishness that inspiration can come from anywhere. So I'm curious. What are some places that you seek? Inspiration? Yeah, that's a great question. You know what this is? This is how it is like, because when you started mentioning John Marcel glassware I loved I studied. Art was my favorite. A level a level in the UK is you study it from to 18 and I wanted and teach markets as an elective college, which I actually love this well. And funny enough, I did not plan this, but I'm wearing this which you will recognize, Of course, on I'm gonna hold adverb it. It's not my grandson. A quid pro, but it's got the Scully are on the backs. This is the famous screaming. It's something that a synergy. That and I did not plan to wear this it all today. Uh, yeah, I look for learning in the connections, so I find connecting random dots that people don't know connect more interesting, then things in of themselves. I give example that there's a great story of Mark Zuckerberg. I think it's about 2009. He's confused with the direction of Facebook. On that he approaches his mentor at the time. Steve Jobs. Great mental to have and sensitive, he says. I'm really confused by the direction Facebook. What do I do? And now in this situation, you know, Steve Jobs in 2009 can call up pretty much anyone in the world. You can do anything it wants. You could say going need these venture capitalists or speak of this brand strategist or speak to the founder of this or whatever and Steve Jobs system, he said. You should go and spend time in this Ashram in India, because when you spend time in its national. You realize the answer to your question. And so if anyone has studied the jobs, his life, he was was highly spiritual person. And you're interested in that world on what I love is that he and Mark actually followed up. Mark tells this story. Mark followed up, went to the Ashram, and he said, That's what you got inspired to make Facebook about connecting people. And what I love about that story is that inspiration a connection and learning comes when we see the connection between two paradoxes between an oxymoron between two ideas that wouldn't naturally be juxtaposed when you put them together that's more creative. And Steve, young adults and creativity of disconnecting things. And so the lead. That's when I learned what I'm looking at, something like How did So I tried to make it modern science, and I'm like, Where does that connect to mark wisdom? Let me find the parallel, or how do you get something to be really personal? But we really scale, Um, how do you get? You know? So I'm really fascinated by paradoxes and oxymorons and things that aren't meant to match, and I love trying to figure out ways that they work. And I feel like I feel life is a paradox. Like I'm a parent. Your parents like I'm a I'm a former monk who loves media love. Sharing messages through media like that doesn't make sense. But why does it have to make sense? Why does it have to fit into a box or a title? Why can't we just explore and learn and discuss her to me? That's where I get most fascinated. And that's where I get more, most interesting. Curious when I can connect things that are brand new. Ondas this great player. Um, I t did when they showed the comparison between two networks. You can probably find this online. I think it was a study that Dan A Riley shows Danna right, a rarely a r I a year. Why incredible author And he shows this example, and they look at the networks of two employees and network one. Everyone knows. Everyone knows everyone back and network to you know, a lot of people that don't know each other, and they found that people who have a more diverse set of friends, family, community and network are more creative and innovative and come up with better ideas because they're exposed to more. So if your friend of everyone, his friends and everyone who knows everyone back you're living in this echo chamber and limiting your growth, whereas you can have that we all have, I have done at me and chase up mutual friends that this is a great conversation. But I shall have random month friends living in middle of nowhere who are affected differently by different things. Or you have friends in different places, in different positions in what areas of society that gives you so much regret. So to me, that's where I get sorry. That's along with that. You know, it's a beautiful answer. As you said earlier with podcast, That's what we're here for. We're here for the depth and and not just the one minute TV answer and J just just want to give you a shadow. It's knowing that you as self described there, um, thriving in paradox, and you know, our ability to told things that seem to be competing against one another to hold those in the same space. It's no wonder that you're thriving in this current time because we're at a time where so many people are afraid and there's a lot of tough stuff happening. But it seems like now there's been a reset, and there's opportunity here that didn't exist even just four weeks ago. So, um, it's no wonder that you're you're thriving and you're so articulate. We've got comment streaming in from all over the world. I want to say Thank you so much for being on the show. I want to remind folks that you do have a book coming out in the fall. It's never too early to pre order authors, having been through this myself in the fall, preorders mean a lot, and I wanna give you congratulations on your new book. Think like a monk, which will be out in the fall. So don't hesitate to pick that up, folks. But just take a moment, acknowledge your wisdom and, um, and success and greatness and your ability to toe add value to the lives of so many, including me in our conversation. Stay. I want to say thank you. Jason had so much fun today, then this is fantastic and be only one of my expectations. I have a big following. Love your work to and I can't wait. Teoh return the favor. And now I feel the pressure to ask. It's a really good question. I'm excited, man. We really, really good. But honestly, I had such a great done talking to you today and I would let you know, like, you know, the final thing I'd like to say is, Just give yourself, afford it yourself. And I liked making things memorable because that's how my mind works, because it means you can repeat and make your daily habits, so afford yourself at the time to feel your pain. Right now. Teoh, feel sadness for your loss to whatever you're going to, because I know all of us is going to different levels of emotion struggle right now. So, first of all to yourself, the time to do that. Second of Well, once you've done that, you know that's the time when it's you getting ready to adjust and adapt right. Then figure out what you're gonna do to adjust. Adapted that may take you a week or two. It just playing around with a lot of different stuff and routines and productivity and scheduled in whatever it takes. And just in the DAP. Finally, when you adjust and adapt, then you get into a flow where you can just move, and then you have to do the whole process again. Remember that nothing is permanent. You have to become cyclical even in developing processes, you know, So one of my everything that I talk about, what you've done for a while, which is stuck, is is this thing here. So every time I get distracted, I turned this over and I allow myself to be distracted for as long as this runs out. And then as soon as it's really done, I get back to my work. And so I found timing. My distraction really helps me and to let these habits involve and construct new ones in the process. Men let go of the old ones like it's a consistent process. There's no parliaments. To even process is a productivity right. There's no permanent that so don't don't look for permanent look for experiment, experience and exploration. Those are much better places to live. Spoken like a true monk. You so much for sharing your wisdom with his friend. Ah again, I'll on behalf of the global community that's tuned in here, and And we had creativelive want to say a huge thanks for your time today. Um, I'm looking forward to being in your show at the same time. We can make that happen. Of course. Again, Mr Reminder folks out there on purpose Jay's podcast pick up his book, which is coming out here in the fall. Um, he's at Jaysh anywhere else. Would you steer people J What's Mr Graham on purpose? The podcast on every podcast. That would be great places. And I and I do appreciate it Tastes like, you know, if anyone been touched like this conversation today, and I'd love you to pre order the book because it it is as Jason Bourne for Waters. And more importantly, it's just, you know, everything that talked about today. I really get into in the book as well. So if any of this country we made a difference of any of my podcasts or videos and had any impact on you mean the world to me, honestly, have you preordered it so I think like a monk book dot com This is the euro, but yeah, thank you. Meant that this was amazing. That's so much fun. And, uh, I can't wait to finally connect in person in person. And it's coming soon. We hope. Fingers crossed, my man. Thank you so much for your time. And I hope you have a fantastic week. I give you wish you love as well. Thank you. Thanks for doing here. Yeah.

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