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Workshop Overview

Lesson 2 from: The Automotive Photography Workshop

Aaron Brimhall

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Lesson Info

2. Workshop Overview

Welcome to the Automotive Photography Workshop. Aaron gives an overview of what to expect to learn, and how he approaches shooting & editing.
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Lesson Info

Workshop Overview

(swooshing beat) Basically what we're gonna be learning about, first thing is first, is angle studies. Any car brand that you're, that I work with they have strict angles that they want, whether that's using wide angles, zoom lenses, et cetera. And you really gotta be mindful on how the brand approaches their stuff. All the angle studies with brands they usually are pretty strict about. So, I usually like to start off with like a front three fourths aggressive look, and I don't like to shoot anything. Just the car plain. I like to have the subject, whether I'm lower on the ground, and there's a model walking towards the car or there's a bike in the foreground, something in the foreground, something interesting instead of just a static plain car or a bike or a model. And then I basically do a walk around of that subject. So we'll work around a three fourths front aggressive look. And usually I'll be on a 35 millimeter, nothing too wide, because that tends to distort any kind of car. A...

nd then I'll walk around to the right. I'll do a full 360. So it'll be like three fourths front, and then we'll go to profile, and then we'll go to seven eighths rear, and then a three fourths rear, and then we'll go to straight on rear. And then each of those, I like to have something in the foreground, whether that's the bike or the model. And so we'll just be messing around with that and yeah, kind of just figuring out what I like and what the brand likes. And so in this workshop, I'm gonna basically tell you all the technical things that I try to do in every campaign that I'm shooting. And in that sense, I'm gonna be showing you guys obviously the subject is the car, but I want to I don't want it to just be just the car, obviously. I want something in the foreground, something interesting. And for me, any type of environmen, that's like dusty, sandy, gritty is it tells a story and it goes a long way. So we'll be shooting out in the desert. While I'm out in the field, I usually premeditate on how I'm gonna edit these things. And editing for me is the biggest part of my photography and my brand. And so I think it all depends on lighting, cuz it could be diffused lighting with clouds outside, or it could be bright, and you could be in a, the sand could be like a bounce for everything and it just could be blown out. So I tend to shoot everything really underexposed, and all my post processing goes into anything underexposed when I'm shooting. And so I'm gonna take you guys how I do all my post processing. I'm gonna show you guys how I choose all my selects and we'll go from there. And I'm super excited that you guys are joining me. This is gonna be so much fun and yeah, here it is.

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Ratings and Reviews

Ben Waugh

Worth Every Cent! Keen For More! This was awesome, definitely keen to see more of these in the future! Keep them coming dude! Loved seeing your edit breakdown and workflow. Would love to see some more of the behind the scenes of planning a shoot too - @benwaugh

Allison Gregory

From Zero to Hero Awesome workshop to not only get my first taste of automotive shoots, but I am walking away with a shoot set-up and planned to create speck work and present brands with decks. I loved how Aaron really explained everything he was doing. He rocks.

Adrian Mirabal

Amazing and WORTH IT! I have followed Aaron Brimhall for a while now and when I saw he was releasing a workshop I knew I had to get it! If you are wanting to shoot anything in motion or automotive action this is the workshop for you!

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