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The Automotive Photography Workshop

Aaron Brimhall

The Automotive Photography Workshop

Aaron Brimhall

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Class Description


Wildist's Aaron Brimhall is best known for his iconic work for Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, and Volvo. In this workshop, learn from a legend as Aaron shares everything you need to know about working with car brands. From pitching, pre-production, to shooting in the field and stylistic editing – this workshop teaches you the playbook for automotive photography.


  • Use field techniques for shooting cars.
  • Create a technical shot list for the automotive industry.
  • Build your brand.
  • Select equipment and do a gear walkthrough.
  • Plan key components of pre-production.

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Ratings and Reviews

Laszlo Molnar

High quality content with Aaron in this workshop! Aaron is such a likable and cool person with a great love for details in his photos and editing. I think his art is really good & outstanding and I was able to learn a lot from him in this workshop. Lots of valuable tips and a great range of knowledge. I loved the BTS scenes out in the field during the shooting! All in all I am happy, that I´ve attended this workshop. Thanks for this content!

Ben Waugh

Worth Every Cent! Keen For More! This was awesome, definitely keen to see more of these in the future! Keep them coming dude! Loved seeing your edit breakdown and workflow. Would love to see some more of the behind the scenes of planning a shoot too - @benwaugh

Chris Howe

Good stuff Awesome photographer and great content, I like how the 2 added videos showed more of the camera settings and the light display was cool behind the scenes

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