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Studio Pass with Tommy Rogers and Jamie King

Tommy Rogers, Jamie King

Studio Pass with Tommy Rogers and Jamie King

Tommy Rogers, Jamie King

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2 Tuning a Floor Tom Duration:24:55
3 Tuning the Kick Drum Duration:10:37
4 Tuning the Snare Drum Duration:08:51
7 Tracking Drums with EQ Duration:14:02
8 Tracking Drums Duration:19:24
9 Recording Drum Samples Duration:24:18
10 Why Quantize Drums? Duration:10:47
12 Drum Editing - Beat Detective Duration:30:32
15 Recording Rhythm Guitars Duration:17:39
16 Recording Lead Guitar I Duration:16:27
17 Recording Lead Guitars II Duration:31:36
18 Bass Tracking Duration:30:30
19 Guitar and Bass Editing Duration:41:43
20 Vocal Prep Duration:14:02
23 Vocal Editing with VocAlign Duration:21:33
24 Vocal Tuning with AutoTune Duration:31:46
26 Mixing Drums Duration:24:38
27 Bass and Guitar Mixing Duration:18:07
28 Panning and Balancing the Mix Duration:12:32
29 Mixing with EQ Processing Duration:28:21
31 Songwriting and Pre-Production Duration:30:55
32 Building a Studio Business Duration:18:09

Class Description

Get an inside look at how things run in the studio with Tommy Rogers & Jamie King in this Studio Pass.

Tommy is the vocalist for the progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me and has worked with Jamie to produce most of the band’s albums. In this class, they’ll share their signature approach to production and detail the process they used to record Tommy’s latest solo album “Modern Noise”.

Both Tommy and Jamie aim to track songs that sound organic and real. In Studio Pass: Tommy Rogers & Jamie King, they’ll show you how things should run in a studio to get a final track that sounds like the band on their best day, but not over-produced.

You’ll learn about the role good pre-production plays in getting the best sound and what you should do before you ever set foot inside the studio. You’ll learn about the recording process as Tommy and Jamie track drums, bass, vocals, and guitar for a song from Tommy’s solo album. They’ll also deconstruct Pro Tools sessions and talk about how performance impacts the final arrangement.

If you want to learn how these guys work in the studio, don’t miss your chance to hang for two days with Tommy and Jamie and get a behind-the-scenes look at their process.


Zachary Towne

Thanks for two outstanding sessions. Tommy, Jamie and the Creative Live folks really did a great job elucidating the studio recording process for producing honest, listenable, and powerful rock and metal recordings. I particularly appreciated the individual treatment of each instrument as well as how they all integrate into the mix. I found Jamie's methods to be straightforward and effective and I'm really looking forward to applying that to my own production.

a Creativelive Student

Another well done class from Creativelive. A glimpse into the daily life of a pro musician and pro engineer. Some great advice, tips and tricks that anyone can use to make better music. Was hoping they would get more into the business side of things, they did briefly discuss it towards the end, however a more detailed, longer discussion on the topic would have been good. You do learn some cool ways to record and mix. Some of these are obvious, some not so much. I am sure that for most people you will get something of value from this class.


This was an awesome 1st half of the course! Jamie touched on so many things that I've always had questions about in the production environment. I can't wait for the second day! This course is a MUST HAVE!! I will be purchasing it soon!! Many thanks for the Livestream!