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Custom Set-Up: 6

Lesson 30 from: Sony A7 Mark II Series Fast Start

John Greengo

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30. Custom Set-Up: 6

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Custom Set-Up: 6

Page six customs setup menu exposure compensation setting so when you set the exposure compensation normally it's going to be set for just the exposure of the camera but if you have a flash added on to it you can do it with the flash as well to make everything lighter or darker if you're newer to photography, it might be convenient to combine these two just because it makes the whole picture lighter or darker for the more advanced photographers you're probably gonna want to separate this and have it on ambient on lee so that when you are changing this exposure compensation it's not changing anything on the flash if you want to change something on the flash you can and you will do it on the flash and you could do him separately at different levels and so it kind of depends on how much into flash photography you are doing reset evey compensation and so this once again depends a little bit on your experience level for a basic photographer it's kind of nice when you set exposure compensati...

on and then you turn the camera off and you come back to it it's reset back to zero because you're probably not doing that same exposure compensation but for the more serious photographer who's more comfortable with their operation of the camera and they don't want it to change on them they would put this on maintains so if you set a plus to exposure compensation it's going to be on plus two the next time you turn that camera and so do you want your camera toe automatically reset that and so if you're a little unsure I would probably put it on the reset its the safe for of the two options face registration this is something that we saw in the video where you can go in and you can register faces and you can order exchange depending on the importance level of that person one over the other and then you can delete or you could delete all of them in there so we can kind of skipped past that so a psc allows us to work with the smaller frame lenses from sony designed for their crop frame sensor light a six thousand the whole in the x series of cameras and we can shoot we can force our camera to shoot in this mode now we're not going to be able to get as many mega pixels as our camera can inherently shoot with the full frame but we could shoot with those different lenses we can shoot with a cropped area if we want to my guess is that you spent a lot of money on a full frame camera to shoot it in full frame so this is not going to be the standard on it I will would leave this in auto because what happens at when you have it in auto is that you can stick on the lens from the smaller frame sensors and the camera will sense that that lands is designed for the smaller area and will automatically go in and crop that area. And so I think that's gonna be the best option there a f micro adjustment is something that you're not going to I need to worry about unless you own the l a e two or four, and these are the face detection adapters, which allowed you to use other sony lenses from there a series of cameras with their aim out on this with a face detection system it's not nearly as necessary, especially with the our model because it has so many phase detection points that you probably don't need to need this. This was more or less designed for previous versions of the camera that did not have as good a focusing system on it, and you can go in and you can adjust how the camera and lens are calibrated because with face detection systems, uh, this style and of other sl ours, they sometimes are misaligned and their front focusing or back focusing on a regular basis. And if you had a lands that was front focusing by a little bit, you could go into the micro adjust and you could adjust it, but if you don't have this adapter, you're not going to need this feature

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Diane Schulman

INCREDIBLE Class! I couldn't find anything on the internet that truly explained this camera, explained what it can and can't do and what accessories would work with it. I have had my Sony A7II for awhile now, but was so overwhelmed by it, I rarely even took it out of its case. It was just easier to use my Canon 5D III. After this class, I am so excited to finally practice with and use my Sony. John is an incredible teacher. He is thorough, professional, fun and knowledgeable! Buying this class was the best investment!!! I feel like I just got the gift of a new camera because I can finally use my Sony!!! Thanks John and Thanks Creative Live!!!

Enrique Vega es

I stored my Sony A7II for more than a year since I've been Canon's user for 7 years and I felt unsure of taking this new camera which implied a different menu system, different functions, a little bit intimidating. Finally, I took a bit of valor, put my camera next to the computer monitor for then start watching this guide and I spent a great time actually. I'm amazed at how helpful and clear is the sequence of the chapters. It was enough to get to chapter ten to know all the basic controls and start taking pictures with an equivalent confidence of my good old Canon, or even better since in the chapter 8th I learned how accurate and easy to use is the focusing system, either, manual or auto (For stills I've always used manual focusing). Very informative, enjoyable and now I became a new fan of the mirrorless cameras, at the point that I'm considering to buy another two :D


John is an excellent teacher! In fact his Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014 was the first ever class I watched on CreativeLive, and since then I'm in love with his teaching style as well as with CreativeLive! I bought my Sony A7II in March 2015 and when I found out that John is giving a class on it I was very excited! As I expected I learnt many secrets about my camera which I had been using for 9 months already. For example about the option of focusing on the eyes, setting the buttons, making panoramas etc. The camera is still smarter than me I must admit. I am enjoying my Sony even more now since after the class I feel much more confident. Thank you John and CreativeLive for such an opportunity! I would recommend to everyone who has a Sony a7II camera and the other cameras in this line to watch this class. It's a concentrate of useful information, very detailed and to the point. I spent two days just watching the class and practicing new knowledge with my camera straight away. I had to postpone all the other life chores. And I would be ready to watch the class again after some time as it's a professional camera which needs a lot of practice!

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