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Camera Menu: 3

Lesson 18 from: Sony A7 Mark II Series Fast Start

John Greengo

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18. Camera Menu: 3

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Lesson Info

Camera Menu: 3

All right, so we're under the third page in the camera settings we have are flash modes, the's are the same ones that we saw in the function menu, and so if you know you're not using flash very much, you can take that feature out of the function menu program, something else in that spot and win, and if you need that, you can dive into the menu to make these settings, but we've we've already talked about these, so we'll move on flash compensation, same thing we saw it in the function menu. I think minus one setting is really good if you're using tl flash, if you don't have a flash on there, it's not going to do anything, so you don't need to worry about it for right now. All right, I dislike redeye in photos a lot. I think it looks horrible when people have red eyes, but I really hate red eye reduction in how it's implemented on the cameras. What this camera does is, if you remember there's a bright light in the front of the camera, it turns on, and it tries to get your pupil of the sub...

ject, the subject you're shooting to construct so that it gets less red eye, it ends up just being annoying because you're shining a bright light in your subjects, eyes and I don't like to annoy people when I'm shooting their photographs they let me shoot less photographs that and so I tend to want to turn this off even though I don't like red eye I'm willing to get it because nowadays in digital it's so easy to fix there's so many programs that have an auto fix on the red eye I'm willing to get red eye in the field I'll fix that one later that's weird getting the shot I think is more important than trying to futz with the camera and have it do something and so I recommend turning that off focussing mode on this camera so this is what we talked about earlier it's the custom to button it's also in the function menu I think for most photography single shot a f is going to work for those of you who like to be able to manually focus your lenses from time to time I think d m f is a nice way of doing that thea other option is back button focusing which is kind of in a completely different area and we will talk about that in a little bit focusing area this would be a really awkward place to come here this is where choosing the focusing point I think you should have a much more direct focusing point on the camera one of the custom buttons that allows you to do this right now the what we have, I think we have the sea to button that does this. The focusing mode was the c three button on the back of the camera. And so this is choosing the different areas that you can focus. And so I would definitely keep on active point, focusing, unless you're satisfied with one point pretty much all the time in your photography.

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Diane Schulman

INCREDIBLE Class! I couldn't find anything on the internet that truly explained this camera, explained what it can and can't do and what accessories would work with it. I have had my Sony A7II for awhile now, but was so overwhelmed by it, I rarely even took it out of its case. It was just easier to use my Canon 5D III. After this class, I am so excited to finally practice with and use my Sony. John is an incredible teacher. He is thorough, professional, fun and knowledgeable! Buying this class was the best investment!!! I feel like I just got the gift of a new camera because I can finally use my Sony!!! Thanks John and Thanks Creative Live!!!

Enrique Vega es

I stored my Sony A7II for more than a year since I've been Canon's user for 7 years and I felt unsure of taking this new camera which implied a different menu system, different functions, a little bit intimidating. Finally, I took a bit of valor, put my camera next to the computer monitor for then start watching this guide and I spent a great time actually. I'm amazed at how helpful and clear is the sequence of the chapters. It was enough to get to chapter ten to know all the basic controls and start taking pictures with an equivalent confidence of my good old Canon, or even better since in the chapter 8th I learned how accurate and easy to use is the focusing system, either, manual or auto (For stills I've always used manual focusing). Very informative, enjoyable and now I became a new fan of the mirrorless cameras, at the point that I'm considering to buy another two :D


John is an excellent teacher! In fact his Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014 was the first ever class I watched on CreativeLive, and since then I'm in love with his teaching style as well as with CreativeLive! I bought my Sony A7II in March 2015 and when I found out that John is giving a class on it I was very excited! As I expected I learnt many secrets about my camera which I had been using for 9 months already. For example about the option of focusing on the eyes, setting the buttons, making panoramas etc. The camera is still smarter than me I must admit. I am enjoying my Sony even more now since after the class I feel much more confident. Thank you John and CreativeLive for such an opportunity! I would recommend to everyone who has a Sony a7II camera and the other cameras in this line to watch this class. It's a concentrate of useful information, very detailed and to the point. I spent two days just watching the class and practicing new knowledge with my camera straight away. I had to postpone all the other life chores. And I would be ready to watch the class again after some time as it's a professional camera which needs a lot of practice!

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