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Course introduction

Lesson 1 from: SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website Copy

Sarah Gordon

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Lesson Info

1. Course introduction

Lesson Info

Course introduction

Thank you and congratulations on purchasing this course. It's the first step towards creating amazing website content and you're going to learn all the tips and techniques you need to help you rank online to attract consumers and boost sales, Whether you're a business or an organization, are raising funds selling products or offering a service. You need website content that appears in people's google searches and convinces them that you're the brand they need in their lives. Everything we learn on this course is designed to be actionable, which means you'll be able to take all the information tools and techniques that we cover and apply them right away to improve your brand's presence online. By the end of this eight chapter course, you will have all the tools necessary to introduce new users to your business and build a strong brand presence online through your website. I'll be using a lot of real world examples during the course to help you absorb new topics and to show exactly how t...

o apply the techniques. We're learning to your business. All you need to complete this course is an interest in growing your business and a note pad and pen to note down those key points. And for the light exercises we'll be doing throughout. So without further ado, let's dive into the world of seo copyrighting. Yeah, mm hmm

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Arsalan Ahmad

Wonderful experience, practicable and precise. I really liked the way it has been narrated; it was easy to grasp.

Kenneth Ndlovu

I enjoyed the level of knowledge in this course!

Jose Wiliam

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