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Working With Raw Images

Lesson 11 from: Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics

Khara Plicanic

Working With Raw Images

Lesson 11 from: Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics

Khara Plicanic

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11. Working With Raw Images


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Working With Raw Images

the next thing that I just wanted to talk about briefly before we get into file formats and stuff is working with raw files. And how do you work with Raw and Photoshopped? I am not going to spend a lot of time on it because it's just not a big part of this course. But let's touch on it because that's a question and should have an answer. So here's a raw file, and I'll just open it now. What makes a raw file a raw file is that it's not process yet, right? So a lot of people, when you're new to this, you hear Ron, you're like, What? What is that? Do I have to do it? No, you don't have to do it. It's a choice. Um, it comes with benefits, and it comes with ah, limitations or drawback. Same like any other choice. So it's just a setting in your camera when you decide to shoot raw. It's a choice that you make because it's an unprocessed file format, so that means that you take the picture in your camera. The camera does not process it. It just goes straight to the camera card and then you bri...

ng it into photo shop or light room or wherever you want to deal with it, and then you have to process it before you can work with it. Essentially, that's kind of how it goes. If you're shooting J pegs, you capture the image and the camera cooks it. I call it cooking. Um, the camera cooks it a little bit and puts it on your file, and then you bring it into photo shop, and then you can do more stuff to it, or you couldn't just be done with it. So, um, the difference is that it's just nothing has been done to this. It's just captured. So your cameras, white balance setting has not been applied to it. Um, your color balance has not been applied, so there's going to be some stuff for you to tweak and in photo shop when you open the raw file, unlike a J peg or another already processed file, it doesn't just come into photo shop. It sort of gets date checks at the door. It's like, Hey, stop, and this is what you get. So this is adobe camera raw. You get this little window well It's not Linda. Little is big, it takes over your whole screen. And then you're like, What is this? Where am I? I'm not in footage shop anymore. What's happening? So, uh, you just do your initial processing here, so we're not going to go through all these settings and how to do them and everything, but it's It's similar to light room. So you can. You have all these sliders and you can adjust exposure and contrast and vibrance and all of those things. Um, you can actually you can do a lot. So there's probably a whole course somewhere about camera raw. I imagine I may be making that up, but I'm sure somebody is taught Kamerad is not going to be me. Um, and then when you're happy with it, you would click open image and that will apply all those changes and then bring it into Photoshopped. Or you could just click done, which would just apply them and close it. So I'll just click open so you can see and let's just do something. I guess so we can see so we'll just adjust the saturation and contrast just visually so you can see that So then I'll say open image. So now, Now it applied those little initial adjustments, and now it's and finish up. And now we would proceed as normal. That makes sense. We have a question. So if you have the row files in light room already that the same process, Yeah, then you will. Then you can just process it in light room, uh, and then just bring it into photo shop and it'll put it at the tiff. So you're sort of skipping the raw file here because they are already there rolling light room, right? So this is sort of like if you just shot raw and you were not using light room. For whatever reason, maybe you're just like I just shot. These photos were I just need to get it in photo shop and do whatever this would be the process that you would take. But if you are using White Room, you would process all that in light room, and then it would be the process. Like what I should do earlier. Yeah, good question. Okay, so that's kind of like it is far is what we're gonna cover for raw for this class. But you know, that's up to you. And there's other courses I'm sure on raw if you wanna go all in Toronto. I think my only comment about raw is that, um, you know, use what helps you. So if if Roz useful for you, use it. But also don't feel like you cannot C j pack if you want to like, it's OK. My hang up was with raw is just like the sheer volume of the file size is so big. Um, I just I have a hard time with it, but anyway, um, that's more of a personal preference thing. So that's just a look. Just so we address it so that people know what to expect when you try to open a raw file, so that will always just pop up. You can also do multiple ones at a time and process them sort of like light room, like as a group. You can do that, and then you could open him as a group. So you have a lot of options. There

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Kim Williams

I tuned into this class hoping to glean what I cold since it was free. I ended up purchasing the class because it is FILLED with so much great information in a fun and easy to understand format. Khara is an amazing instructor - I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Worth EVERY penny. Thank you Creative Live for offering such great material, at even more amazing prices.


What an unbelievable teacher Khara is. I have wanted to learn photoshop forever but was intimidated, overwhelmed, then I watched this course. OMG I learnt so much, more then I imagined. I am so excited now to start using Photoshop, I can't wait to try out everything she taught us. With the skills we learnt over these two days I think this course provides everything I need to know to feel and more. She was outstanding, the absolute perfect teacher for someone who has never ever used Photoshop. Also great moderation by Kenna. Thank you for this awesome, amazing, wonderful course. I am sure anyone who watches this course will agree it is incredible. I couldn't recommend it more. This course was just Smurfy!

Roz Fruchtman

I would highly recommend Khara Plicanic's Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics. The name of the class, implies that the class is for beginners, but that's not exactly true. Most of us learn Photoshop by the features we need to know at any given time. As many will agree, there are a number of ways to get to the same end. I can only speak for myself, but... I would bet that many of us don't know all the strategies that are taught in this class! Check it out, I doubt you'd be disappointed! Khara brings a fun and relatable approach to everything she does. She is very entertaining, while being a superb instructor. Last, but not least... This class brings with it a ton of useful bonuses. Warm Regards, Roz Fruchtman aka @RozSpirations

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