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Lesson 38 from: Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics

Khara Plicanic

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38. Glyphs

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One of my favorite things about fonts is some funds contain what are for many people, like Easter eggs, hidden little gems. Of course, if once you learn about them, you can choose to buy fonts based on those things that are hidden for many people, Um and we're going to take advantage of them here. So I happened to have two typefaces here. This one is called a think Sweetwater, and this one is called Street Light. So streetlight happens toe have some really cool features. And if, for example, I put my cursor here and I click and highlight this p Look what pops up on my screen? A whole bunch of alternative pease. Let are kind of fancy there. Like fancy peas. These are stylistic alternates. So it's the same character, but their alternate versions that are just stylistically different for you to choose. So maybe instead of this regular p here, I decide. But I want this p so I just click it. And my regular P now has turned into a fancy p with a little doodle on it. Yeah, Question. Where did...

you get it? To the little books for the extra hopped up automatically. I'm just using the type tool, and I just highlighted the P. And because this font is built in such a way that it could make use of this feature know the full, it's not all the fonts do it and what we will see momentarily, even the funds that have all of these fancy not all fonts have all these fun character, stylistic alternates. But even fonts that do some of them, depending on how they're structured and built, they won't pop up in this feature, so I'll show you alternatives of how to get to them anyway, So there's a way around it. But the funds that have this feature are so great because it's just easy to find those characters. Okay, so let's see over here, if I come to the s, let's highlight the S. And we look at all these fun versions of the s. Now, these versions may or may not be usable in this instance, depending on where this character's falling in the word. So, for example, this s is at the end of the the phrase is at the end of the word, so I wouldn't want, for example, to choose This is so tricky. Sometimes I wouldn't want to choose this s version because it has this funds washy thing coming off the side, and it's coming off to the left. So if I click on this, it just pushed my s way over here. You see that? So that would not be a This would not be a good instance for this s so I would want an s where the swirly nous and all the fun dude Holiness is happening to the right of the letter. So maybe, like, this s and then I could commit. Okay, so that's really fun. So we just were able to take something and turn it into something a little fancy and extra. So let me take this a few steps further. Close. Well, we'll leave those up in case we need him. OK, so here's another example that is just gonna blow your mind when you see what we do to this. Um, these look like just innocent fonts that nothing special. And and here is also the thing. If you don't know what how to do this stuff, you might buy a font because it looks incredible in the samples that you see, And then when you get it, you type it out and it looks like this. And you're like, Why did I just I mean, like, That's nice and everything, But when I buy fonts, I'm usually buying them for all the extra stylistic things that exist. All right, so let's come up here and we'll start up here at the top and I'm gonna click and highlight this H Now I happen to know because I know this pond. I happen to know there are multiple H is available stylistic alternates. But this find is not bringing up that little box that we saw a minute ago in the other image. And I don't know what it must have something to do with the way it's coated. And what's even weirder is an earlier versions of Photoshopped. It did do that. It did populate that little box, but I don't know if they changed somehow in the coding of all of that. This font. Maybe it's just not compatible with the little box, but that doesn't mean we can't get all those letters. So one way to do that is to open that character panel. Oops, this one, the character panel that we have been using this earlier again, if it's not on your screen, confined it with the type tool active. You'll find it up here in this in your options bar and in the character panel you will find, um, something like this. If again, it depends on your font. Okay, But at the bottom of the characters panel, there's all these little things here, and these are different types of cool things that fonts can have. Okay, um, they might be ligatures, which is what you call in the example. They show you in the icon. It's a lower case F and an I next to it. So ligature is win the lower case F like the tip of the F is coming over and becomes the dot of the I. So it's win two letters better side by side, interact in a way that is different, then just placing an F next to an eye. Okay, so when they interact, we'll see that in a minute. But those air called ligatures. So there's all kinds of different things, like fancy things your fonts can have and one of the things that it can have is this. This little icon represents stylistic alternates, and we see that it's available these other ones air grayed out, which is confusing because the spot has these other features. But for whatever reason, the way it was coated photo shops, not acknowledging that. So I'm gonna click this button and when I click it, if we zoom in here, it's now I have just screwed it up. When we click this, you can see that my age got a little fanciful wide. Now it has a little loop on it. Hi. So that's one way that some fonts will let you access one style IQ stick alternate. So the H has a stylistic alternate and I think was at the tea. Yeah, the T kind of has has one. Um, so you could go character by character and see, Is there silex sick alternate? Oh, there is so you can kind of decide if you want to use it or not. But it's kind of tedious, and also I'm only seeing one choice, and I know for a fact the spot has more, So we'll come back to working with that in a moment for right now, I'll commit my fancy little H and my fancy little T and will move to this line of type. So this fund is called Suzuki Swash. This is a newer one to my collection. I might have actually bought it specifically for this course. So, um, it's really fun. It have lots of fun doodily things. And, you know, I want to say these fonts are there really reasonable. I mean, on my linked to them all in the guides, but I buy most of them for, like, 20 bucks or less. A lot of them some can be really expensive, but a lot of the ones that I use in classes are very, pretty reasonable. So we're gonna be changing each of these characters to really make this something new and exciting. Um, and we're going to do that by taking advantage of, ah panel and photo shop called the glitz panel. It's a newer, newer panel. If you're in, like photo shop, like pre creative cloud or even maybe early creative clouds. I don't think they did. They didn't have the cliffs panel. I think this alone is worth an upgrade if you're in the older versions. But I can highlight this l, for example, And if I open my glyphs panel, which can be found by choosing window Google ifs, lifts. Of course, if you think of higher Olympics, that's where we're getting this word from Cliff. So glitz, they're just symbols. And that's all that type is. So they may be letters, or it may be something else. But when I highlight this, l and I open, um, my glyphs panel and it is not showing me the font that it thinks that it is. There is definitely some funny business happening. Um, on adobes end here like it's it. Says what? It's showing me Dukies Wash. But it is not. So, um, this is the fun that is up here, and we'll come back to that in a minute. But right now I need it to show me zoo keys Wash where you Why are you lying to me? Photo shop? Wow, I'm not even sure what fixed that, because it's, um it's trying there. I had just basically forced it toe update the preview. Okay, now it's working. Weird. So all I did to fix that was zoom the preview. So, anyway, what is the glitz panel Now that it's working, what is this? This is a basically a map off every character that your fund your typeface has so foreign characters you'll find. Here you'll find all the punctuation characters. If your fund has it, you'll find the stylistic alternates. If it hasn't, you'll find ligatures. You'll find swash is if they have it all. The neat things that have fun can contain that may or may not be accessible in other avenues of photo shop you will find here. So this is kind of like the I don't know the home base of all this stuff, regardless of how it was coated. So with this letter highlighted, it's showing me that character right here, and I see that's when I have. But if I scroll through all these characters, I will see so many different alternates, including Look at all of this and some some people do a better job organizing this panel than others. Designers. I mean the people who make all this stuff. Somewhere in here we have a swoosh. She lower case L right here. So I'm going to replace this l with this one. I make sure this is highlighted and then I just click and it replaced it and I could do the same for the E. Here's the E that I have and I can scroll through here and find another E. So it's a little bit tedious because you have toe look. And, of course, like when I'm on camera, it's so hard to see what I know is right here. Um, but you can go through and just swap out these letters. Where are you little e with a lying? It's so, darling, I'll skip that one for now because I hear it iss flow. I just had to get it all right. And the m I mean, you get the idea so you can go through here and and have some fun really playing with these characters. And what I want to show you is that if we scroll over a little bit, um, and Dio, let's do let's do the d because that one's easy to find and pretty fun. Um, but what I want to point out are all these extra things that you see in here like that aren't letters at all. They're these fun, like swirly doodily type things. So What I'm gonna do is let's say that we've gone through and I won't do it on camera because it takes too long. But let's say we changed out all this type. So when I'm happy with it, I'll click the check. Mark and I want to create a new type because I want to add some of these doodily bops to the text. So I'll put my cursor over here and I'll just give it a click to add a character. And then I'm going to scroll through here and grab one of these, uh, sua she and things like this. So I'll just double click and I'll set my type. So I have a new type player that just has this on it. I'll grab my move tool. And maybe I put that at the end of the word like here, and we'll scale it all down in a minute. But let's come over here now. Maybe I want to add a little doodily bop up here so I'll get my type, tool and all. Just click somewhere. Now here's the thing with type tools. Um, when you click to make new layers and such, you gotta be careful where you click, because often, if you're not careful, you'll create what I call a rogue type player. So you just want it. Or in this case, I'm trying to create a type player, and I would accidentally maybe click on this layer instead. So the rule of thumb with type tool is when you see this butterfly cursor like the open book with wings that makes a new type player. When you see this cursor like this, where it's just like a spine, it's inserting the cursor so you can think of it like a book. When you have the spine of a book in, the book is closed, you're gonna insert it on the shelf, and when it's open, you're going to read it. I don't know that analogy fell apart, but the spine thing works. You're inserting it into existing type, or the butterfly makes a new type player. So in this case, I want a new type player, so I'll just not click in here because it's just too messy and I'll click away and then I'll make my thing and I'll move it over so we'll go back to my character panel and I'm going to get Let's say like this little doodily bop thing and I'll close that down and commit that. Now, once I've got this out here, I can scale this just like any other object. I compress commander controlled t and then shift drag from a corner. And I'm just going to scale it down because I want to fit it right in here. It's going to be like a little splashy splash coming off the E. And I can use my arrow keys to nudge it till I'm happy with the placement and I'll just committed. Okay, so we've fancy fide, this type now. I've also increased the space that it takes up, so we need to readjust my alignment of all this stuff. So in my type player, I'm going to select the lemonade layer and then all shift click on this layer. Now here it's showing me a question mark because it doesn't know what to show me for those doodily box that we added. So they're shown here as a question mark. If that doesn't work for you, you can click to rename it and which one is. This will turn it on and off to see And those air the little bursts on the E So maybe I rename it and call it like splash And maybe this one I call it swoosh. So I'll click and shift click to highlight all those layers, Grab the move tool and just move him over. So now there, back in a place that makes sense. Question Yes, as just as long as you have, like the layers selected. You move everything together, right to group group or no, you doing exactly so as long as all those layers are selected together. No grouping, none of that You could link them if you wanted them, like always. Together you came, select them, and then you click this link at the bottom and now they're linked all the time. So now even if I select one, it will all be linked. But I don't. I end up not using that much, cause I just group. I just select him when I need him. But you can also put them in a folder and group them. So with them selected, I can come down here and click this folder, and now they'll be grouped in a folder. So that's a good question. It's good to know. Yeah, that's another thing you could do. And sometimes I do that when I'm building these things. Like if I have a lot of these type players that just have doodily bop sauna Very technical term. I have a lot of New Delhi bumps on guy. Want to keep them? You know, it can be hard and messy. Your layer panel. It can get out of control fast. Then I might just group them all with that word. So, you know, then I could call this lemonade. And I know that those air all the layers relating to eliminate yeah, and you can open and close it to see it by just twirling it here. And if you need toe ungroomed pit, you can drag the folder to the trash. I lied. Click the trash and then it'll ask you if you want to delete the group only, like just the folder itself or the folder and everything in it. So I could say group only. And now I just have no folder, so that's a good question. So they're good things. The learning never ends with Photoshopped, but that's another tip is don't ever think that you'll know it all cause it never happened, like just never I don't know. It's always there's always more to know. And everybody kind of has their niche that they, the areas they know well in the area of like, not so much. Um Okay, so now that we know how to use the Cliffs panel, let's pop back up to this layer because I want to show you ligatures because this type has a lot of great ligatures and even like whole words that we could use here. So I'm gonna zoom in so we can see really well. And, for example, I happen to know that there's a ligature for the K in the E that we could be using and in the character panel groups, this one, uh, it's not giving it to us. If I click this button right here, it's giving me stylistic alternates. So it's showing me a different K and a different E. But it's not showing me a ligature, which is a special combination that is possible when a K is followed by an E. Did you know all this stuff existed in type? I mean, it's kind of mind blowing. Anyway, we confined that. If we go back to the glitz panel and we make it, show us the correct Funt And I'm actually gonna pull it out of this bar because I want it, like up here. And I'm going to just make it big so we can see. And you can change the size of these previews if you drag the slider around. But all right, so what we're looking for is a combination k e. So here, for example, we see a combination O m a l a y f o. So there are this find has, ah lot of these combinations and somewhere in here is a Is that it? No, that looks like a k a l. There is a k ee and maybe it's easier to find if I zoom out a little bit here. So when I double click this, it changes. What was two characters? It was a K enemy. Now it's one. It operates as one character. So like, if I put my cursor here and I hit delete it deletes both letters because it's one character now, but we see that it's like a special little combination of K in the and the only way to get that combination is to use the ligature that is part of this and apparently only accessible in the cliffs panel. Another thing that's neat is this font contains entire. I mean, I guess you could call it a ligature for entire words like the word the If I scroll down here through all these characters, I can find it right here. And I can change that to be this fun little word art Same thing with, I think to can highlight to and I can do that. Okay, so we'll close this out, tuck it back where it was. Um, we can set this type. And now if we let's go to our history panel and we'll just take a quick snapshot and then we'll toggle back and forth. Look at that builder, the same fonts that we had before. But I mean, if you were selling fonts, you would want to show your font like this. But if the buyer of the fund doesn't know what they're doing, they would end up with this. So there's really a lot more that you could be getting from your funds. You have a question. Yes, in the I think it's a character panel where you find the ligatures, right and the estate realistic alternatives There. Those Yeah, yeah, the the older legal things where they four. Okay, so these are all for different types of fun stuff. Um, like, I think these air or journals, Probably if you have her over it. Yeah, it'll tell you. So these air Ordina Lisey's air fractions. So, like people who here's something you probably never thought about the people who layout and build like textbooks for math. They have to have all kinds of special fonts and special things to be able to create all the symbols and stuff that exists in math formulas. And so they would be using this stuff a lot. But they would also be building textbooks in something like in design. But these are just different things you can access, but it will be highly dependent upon how that font is coated or how it's built. And I mean, I don't know what changed, but I can tell you that this the same font in in an earlier release of Photoshopped it did pop up like we saw earlier with that little box that was just so handy. And now it doesn't. So I don't know what happened, but it's a living, breathing thing, I swear. So that is a look at fonts a little bit deeper. And again, that was the character panel and the glitz panel that we were working with. And the glitz panel, I will say, is a little bit. I want to say buggy is kind of just honestly the word to use for it. Cause as I showed you, it wasn't displaying me what I thought it was. And it it would be great if I could type in here to change the font. Maybe you just want to look at some funds. You can go in here and type the name of it, but it won't let you like once you hit the first letter, you just get whatever font comes up first. And that's a Sfar lets you go. So you have to actually click and then scroll, which, when you have a lot of funds, that's not very helpful. But hopefully that'll get better with time, like so many things. All right? Yes. Question. You just showed out. Somebody really likes that font. Which one? It was the name of that photo, and I just changed this. This fund is called Ride my bike pro, and I have links to all the stuff in the resource guide. But if you're just like googling for it, it's an expensive fun. You can buy fonts often as a set or you could buy individually. So if you google around and you find ride my bike pro, you're probably gonna find the whole set, which is I forget what it costs. But it was maybe, like 100 bucks or something. But you can also buy individual versions of the font like you could buy. I ride my bike pro dingbats. They actually have a dingbat fun, and they have ride my bike pro. Let's see if I hear so like you can buy the italic versions separate. You could buy the regular versions separate, um, etcetera. So just so you know, fonts can be sold and broken down into all different kinds of ways. Thank you. So if that makes it more accessible than there you go. This one was called Zucchini Squash. Suki Squash. This one was much less expensive, and, um I chose it for this class, actually, because of that, because it's less expensive. But it still has all these fun. Doodily bumps And, um, yeah, there's just so much out there and there's a lot of great resource is. So I highly recommend that resource guide because I even concious you like my favorite places to get the fonts and all that kind of thing, so it's a valuable tool.

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