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Using Names

Lesson 14 from: Powerful Communication Owns the Room

Bill Hoogterp

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14. Using Names

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Lesson Info

Using Names

All right, guys, have a seat now let's talk about names as if they're real names and this gold around the names very quickly and I'm going online give you guys a challenge and how can you use? How can you move three people with one sentence your very first sentence? So first we go the names and online I must see if you can come up with a sentence that would make three people in the audience move in the very first sentence using their names so first let's go through the names very carefully everybody understand follow through shauna, british jennifer, jennifer, nori, laurie, richard, richard carey, carey gina, gina, jack, jack and of course, everybody knows russ and john. Ok, so when youre in any community, you want to learn the names, names or the sweetest sound in any language, what if you have a thousand people? You know you don't have to learn a thousand names, but just learned five walking in the door and then the beginning of the speech, you some of those names we'll see so let's ...

see if anybody in the online community can come up with their special challenge and for you guys, why do you want to use names you want to triangulate, so let's say jack and laurie are working together on a project those two would drop their filters because they heard their name and everybody in between you would drop because you're caught in the plane between them real name's pull everybody in any thoughts from the online community so we have a shrew me who has come up with john retention lorrie I love your accent really brings an international flair very good on dh david g barnes the same gina jack and gary please move to the stage because I have some jobs for you your next career move or yes ten girl rakesh can you please show gina and richard how do you know sounds like a good module in it of itself thinks so that's a great way to start anything and this something pat riley a lot of the other great speakers to do that right off they learn a few names and they used them in real life you can walk on the stage let's take a scenario we're talking about sales let's say sean and jack are calling on a client and a client is richard even if it's a thousand people they don't know those three people subconsciously the mirror neurons will tell them that's three actual people in the audience today and everybody's filters drop okay who hasn't gone yet who hasn't been on stage for the game yet bye gina you now get flagged from eyes or names so if she makes solid eye contact with you you move including me and brian you're fair game camera crew can't leave but roberto and brian are fair game and if you use the name but this time you have to move four people okay? And your topic is music ready begin I love music because it's a great way for people to look at the creativity and I know some people here might play music I don't know if gary reattached or maybe even jacked you guys play an instrument for people very okay all right so now let's one more level and each of you can get flags you have to get three flags but you have to use a least one name at least one eye contact and you have to pick up a flag so you're gonna be moving around you might take a flag from in front of ross might take one off of here, but they have to make it fit into the flow of what you're saying I understand I'm gonna give you all the same topic we're going to a rapid fire, a community issue that you think is matters locally. So think about where you live in an issue that you just think we should all be paying more attention to something that's wrong that we should all be fixing or something it's good we should be promoting but any local community issue you talk very quickly and you have to capture one through the eyes one by using their name and one that you've picked up but you don't just run around the stage for no reason you have a reason for it you might say I think we should all watch a lot less television there's too much tv and you pick one up while you're over here everybody got the idea say let's let's you know russ has been such a great host you have a reason to walk over there same with job okay who wants to go first richard all yours I think we're here today to talk about something very important um what I'd like to do is raise a flag on this community issue that rakesh had uh talk to me about earlier today and that is the lack of a topic to discuss good whoever finishes you get to pick the next person by name so he picks by name the next person next victim any local communication now folks online what would you two be doing the same situation what issue would you pick feel free to type it in and what might be your first opening sentence knowing this crowd do you think that you can capture a lot of flags even in the first sentence if you want guys uh I'm here to do to discuss a very important community issue in our great nation off australia the kangaroos have become a real pest problem we need to do something about them so to take care of that I have appointed jack polar is the commissioner off our three past commission this's gonna go down in history you're gonna have a I have a dream speech you're going to have the famous kangaroo problems nice job protest so when I think about communities they think of neighborhood and I'm gonna talk about ten different ways you can improve the neighborhood so one way to do it gina is you could keep your porch light on you make the neighborhood feel more safe uh you could go see also go walk around and pick ups and trash that's in the neighborhood you could do your part and laurie, I'm sure you have neighbors that you could make a case that job theory picked the next person uh jennifer people who are online today he was not implying that your flag is trash I don't even know what that flag was and you knew that thank you. Our friends from bosnia all right, I want everybody to hold up your thumbs and show me with their thumbs comes up being I like and thumbs down being I doubt how much you like squirrels yeah shot uh I hear you on that. Yeah, and jack to umm natasha you really you really like squirrels all right, that's three get better, better picked the next person um laurie I think has not high most of you by now I know I come from fatima this is my flag but I actually my family half my family is from lebanon so how many of you have our descendants off somewhere that is no the u s the most of us do actually unless you are in american indigenous people you are a dissent channel where you from your family we've been here forever you know comedy what about jack uh eastern europe eastern europe bill holland ireland and a little native american great awesome. Thank you. Ok that's three nice job already picked the next person raise your hand if you haven't gone yet so our biggest issue in san francisco right now is public transit the bart strikes keep happening and I know jack from oakland probably has uh experience some of the parts strikes that had happened and so what I want to do is get you guys input as to maybe some issues that we um or some solutions to our unique problems come on, help me out help me out for the public transit issues bicycles I suppose that's good bye contact who hasn't gone yet for second round sorry, but it hasn't grown yet. Okay, this pause there so what have we learned so far from my name's and flags? People need to move when you do what you need to move the first few times you move how does it feel awkward, but I can't eliminate that step. You can only reach the mountain of success by going through the valley of awkward. Don't be afraid of being under comfort zone it's a natural step that means you means you're doing it right. What happens after a little bit of a little bit of practice? Exactly so it's ok, but each of you think about the positives I've been throwing crazy, random topics that you where you have to get up in front of thousands of people with no notice, and every one of you has done it every single time. Fantastically, what does that tell you about yourselves? You can do anything you're capable of doing so much more, and your real personality is coming out and every time it's your ideas, it's your thoughts, it's your topics in your angle on those topics, so no matter what situation you're in, keep moving, keep making eye contact and keep triangulating the audience. Other thoughts quick. Ah ha's every doesn't have to give one and then we'll ask him online. What are some of the oz from eyes, names and flags? Whoever wants to share one before you walk into a meeting or conference that time before you even got to do your speech, you should be engaging with people in trying to memorize their names very good. Very good comments on live some very good feedback individually for everybody who's taking part I just have to read this one because it really made me laugh from andreas who's saying that it's a very good thing to have a doctor who makes you laugh but adam in the uk saying is your specialty the funny bone that's humorous wait do you have becca's saying the more we do something the more comfortable we get with it which I think is important um and then brucie knowing something about the audience members not just names is very helpful just pulling in different ones and if you're online you know you've got people from certain certain folks so you could just begin to pull them in lots of different ways let's talk about names I get this question all the time. Well, how do you memorize these names? How do you learn all these names? Eighty percent of its just practice practice just make your and I can prove it. Roberto can tell you we have tech assistants who run the dials for us as we go to companies all over the world to run their own the room training and sometimes texas like wow, I could never do that I could never learn one hundred names as fast as you do and I just keep trying after three or four training's they're like wow by lunchtime he had learned fifty now they're trying to hit a lot of young women in that, so maybe that motivated him even more? I don't know so, but just practice but here's a couple little tips if you can't see the name it's hard to remember it who can spell? Rakesh isthe name how do you spell it? E s h so seen it spelled above them is a easy way to do it. So second one is thinking about, like a balloon. So when you someone offers you a name, especially a lot of people at once, they're handing you a hot air little helium balloon if you don't tie it down it's gonna float away. So if jack comes up names jackie's handed you is balloon if the next couple people come up and say, oh, and I'm richard and I'm gerry if you don't tie down his name it's gonna float away he was home. I can't remember names that you can't remember. You never actually learned it in the first place. You never actually tied it down. So one way you tie down the name is bi tying it to short term memory by using the sentence. So if you meet john john, is that j o h n r j o n joh joh n and that's that a family name or where'd you get the name john I'm actually named after the president john kennedy really fantastic so every time I used in the sentence I've made another lupin another not with the balloon and now it's gonna be solid gonna stay in my short term memory later I move it to me a medium term memory and then long term memory if it's important in that context so the more you practice the more you use it let's do a quick example who thinks they would like to be better at remembering names all right so jennifer's first so I want jennifer to come on over by the stool and I want the four guys to come on over here okay huddle up alright tash come over here you're gonna walk in the studio and you're gonna introduce yourself quickly by your middle names ready tell him okay you guys go over by brian and way have some new guests I'm going to ask our new guest to come on up introduce themselves to our leader and then have a seat go ahead clark kent that's right exactly l know yes how do you spell that letter? L literally just the letter or did you ever get made fun of like all the time I'm gonna sh ganache? Yes is that like gilgamesh or good nash similar from yeah it's um it's indian god's name indians got named gyanesh. What is he a bit of this a superpower? Um he has an amazing memory. Amazing memory and ganache amazing memory. I want that memory. Hi, I'm kumar who are like harold and kumar that's, right? Hey, actually, the, um are no, unfortunately not. I wish I wass maybe not such a bad thing. Okay, so ronon applause that's really? When I pointed out you could remember the name sam all out louder online community who is this? And by the way, we give them the assignment to use the real middle names when they introduce themselves over here you are very good. So then normal meeting when people come in fast like that, junior people won't stop the train. People say their names fast and they all sit down and they can't remember senior people interrupt way slow down can you can you give me that name again? No one is ever going to be insulted about being asked their name again, but you have to feel comfortable stopping the train interrupted I didn't get the name. Can I get that again? If it's, a huge group scribbled them down let's say there's twenty people in a roundtable enterprise going around the room doing their names, just take a piece of paper in front of you and just write their names in a circle and then little by little you should go back and remember them in a sequence that's, this person that's this person, it will help round of applause for all of our name people, you haven't seen one question building this maybe coming up to later, but three. Eighteen media is asking is setting up a minimum onek eyes helpful. I think I think I said that right either. So anything associates a picture with the word is going to help you. Some people like to say something about their face. Some people like to come up. Monix some people like to have a backstory, there's. Lots of different things that can work. You decide what works for you, but most of it is effort. Well, I can't remember names. No, you just gotta put in the effort effort. Just you focus if you really want to learn them. But it's a sign of tremendous respect. I only learned the name but learned how to pronounce it properly. Even if you get wrong two or three times, let me make sure I got it right. Did I say it right, it's? A sign of great respect. Okay, so let's, pull some of this together got thirty minutes left and I want to do many team presentations. So what you're gonna do is teams of two, you have two minutes to prepare, two minutes to present, and I want you to incorporate whatever you decide you want to incorporate. Do I involve the online community? Great, you want to use an audience involvement technique. Great. You want to move the stage, modulate your voice, tell a story, you decide you're gonna have two minutes to prepare and two minutes to present whatever you want on any topic was just practice. It's, not a new technique. It's repetitions more, more. You do it, the easier and easier it gets. So I'm going to send you out. You're gonna go with roberto picket. Somebody haven't partnered with yet, or lately. You have two minutes to prepare. Everybody understand what you want to achieve in it, it's up to you. What you want to practice is up to you, and then we'll give you feedback.

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