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Posing For Puppies

Kelly Brown, Jade Schofield

Posing For Puppies

Kelly Brown, Jade Schofield

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Class Description

The most popular images that people post to social media are the ones of their pets. And puppies definitely melt everyone’s heart, especially if the photograph captures how cute they really are.

Whether you are looking to grow your client base, add a unique offering or simply test new techniques, internationally-renowned photographer Kelly Brown and Jade Schofield can show you how to photograph those adorable puppies.

Kelly will show you how to:

  • Create a safe and clean atmosphere for the puppies
  • Handle any potential problems that may arise
  • Understand the different ways to handle the puppies based on their ages

You’ll also learn how to create a book of your puppy images. Kelly and Jade will show you how to develop an outline, determine what your artistic statement should be, prepare the proposal and what to do with your finished product.

Join the paw-ty at CreativeLive and you’ll walk away with a new set of skills as well as a big smile on your face!

Ratings and Reviews

Paula Ayers

I am not a photographer. I do compositing using Photoshop and was interested in seeing how they set up and pose such lively subjects. Such care was taken with the puppies and I learned a lot about getting just the right poses using different setups like muslin, bowls, etc. For compositing, it's important to know what you are looking for in order to bring images together correctly. This course, besides being fun to watch, has helped me, even if my images don't wiggle as much as these puppies.


I loved everything about this class!! It was so obvious by the handling and the way you interacted with the puppies how much care and thought goes into the artwork you created. I'm so excited to put all of your ideas into my own creativity. Thank you for providing me with the inspiration to move forward with pet photography!

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