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Posing a Large Group

Lesson 8 from: Posing 101: Couples, Weddings and Families

Lindsay Adler

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Lesson Info

8. Posing a Large Group

Lesson Info

Posing a Large Group

So, I'm going to show ya adding depth and triangles. I think this is like, you guys getting the point, but we'll give it a try, okay. Come take a seat. How do you want to be posed? However you want to do it, you're the judge. I wasn't so sure if you were going to do the Seinfeld look. Oh yeah. (both men laughing) Like this? Perfect. Yes, that's, I mean, I could build a whole shot around that. (other man laughs) Alright, so-- I have no doubt you could, Lindsay. I definitely could. Can I ask you to bring that, yeah, bring that forward a little bit. Okay, cool. So what I would like to do is, generally, actually, do you mind if I stand you guys front and center? So, generally, you wanna stand people up if they can't elongate while they're sitting. And guys don't elongate well while they're sitting, unless they do what you just did, and I think we're not gonna, (lady laughing) we're probably not gonna do that. So I'll have you guys stand up behind. And I'm gonna have you put you...

r hands in your pockets. Buttons, two? Um. Button? You can unbutton whatever, I mean, whatever you're comfortable with. Put your front hand in your pocket with your thumb out. (laughs) Microphone. Ignore that. We're done. (laughs) That's cool. Okay, perfect, actually hands in, thumbs out. Alright, here we go. So, okay, hi. So who else should I have front and center? I'm gonna just bring you in. I'm just gonna start stacking. Alright, so, I'm gonna have you leaning on one side and I'm gonna have you actually just sit here, and lean out on your arm. and cross your ankles, and instead, yes. And so I'm gonna have you lean even more. Right now your knees are coming too far towards the camera. So I'm gonna have you elongate this way, okay? Oh yeah. Alright, alright. (whole group laughing) Glad you like that. So I'll just bring people out here. Okay great, so I need, right now we need a triangle behind her. So I'm gonna have you come stand over here. Okay? Mmhmm So this will be they're triangle for right now. Who's next? Who wants to be a floor, lying down person? (group laughing) I know there are floor lying down people. I think I'll be the floor person. Nico does, okay, awesome. Yeah. (laughs) Okay. Alright, so, I'm going to pose you eventually I'm gonna have you stand here for a minute. We're gonna figure out where people go and pose you. Okay, so I bring you back in. I'm gonna have you sit on this side. And I'm going to have you pose, not matching her, but a similar style, so maybe you lean out on your hand. You feel comfortable? Hand over. Perfect. Okay, so kinda symmetrical, but not too much. And you can cross your feet. Alright, let's take, I need a guy. Okay. Alright, perfect. I am going to have you stand behind. I'm gonna still move you. Right. Okay, you're gonna stand right behind her, and get right here. So I want triangle, I don't want him lined up behind her, because then it's stacking heads look. So triangle, good, next person. That's a nice tie. Can I sit you right there? I'm gonna make you their head triangle. (woman laughing) So I'm gonna have you sit on that, you can put your feet over. Sit on it? Yeah. Okay. (group laughing) Okay, good? And then you can lean out on a leg. Perfect, okay? So, it looks nice, triangles doing good. Send me more people. Perfect. I will have you actually sit over here, behind. So you're gonna, you're-- Just don't kick her in the back, too hard. (group laughing) She can manage it. Okay, triangles, alright. I still-- Do you care if you're a floor-layer? I can do it. Okay, I'm gonna have you be a floor-layer here, but put your legs out. But flip the legs that way. Like, on the other hip. Yeah, just like that, perfect, great. And you can put your arm up on her leg, okay. So then I'm gonna, I got-- a little, scoot that way just a little bit. They're too lined up with their heads, I wanna separate it. Okay, I'm gonna need somebody to stand over here. Do you wanna stand over here? Okay, cool. I'm gonna have you stand right over here. So you're a triangle here. Oh, sorry. (laughs) Okay, more people. Okay cool. Um, let's see. Do you mind sitting on the floor over here? Not at all. Okay. Sit on the floor comfortably. Actually lay on the floor kinda like you're watching t.v. or something. Like out on one elbow, or whatever. Okay cool, yeah, that's awesome. Alright. Hi. Oh hey. How are you? Good. Let's put, oh, are you a floor-layer? Are you a floor-layer? Why not? I'll do it. I could see you, yeah totally. Yeah, let's do it (group laughing) Sprawl. I can totally see you being a floor-layer. Alright. Okay, but gimme drama, (group laughing) and I'm actually, (group laughing) you can do that, I'm actually gonna turn you the other way. Okay, good. And then just kinda lean out on one elbow. Just be comfortable. I can't get comfortable. (laughs) Do you need to kick your leg out a little bit? You know, kick him? That's cool. He doesn't mind. Okay. Keep coming. I'm going to put-- I'm gonna need a couple chairs and a stool. I'm gonna sit you front and center, okay? Right here? Yeah just step on her, that's okay. (group laughing) On the edges. Okay. Just on the edges. Can I have Kenna? Yeah, and on the far side. I'm gonna have you stand over here, and I'm gonna look for your triangle. Okay? (group murmuring) Alright, perfect. Okay, so, I gotta make sure, so I don't-- So tip over this way, I'm watching for her, I don't know if the camera can see. It's too lined up, so I'm watching for a triangle, good. And put your hand on Kate, so you look cute, awesome. And notice I'm not worried about hands yet? I'll worry about that in the end. Who else we've got? Okay, perfect. I'm gonna have you stand on the end over here, and put your hand on Kathy, perfect. Who else do I have and do I have any other super tall people? Yep. Oh, please, I have the super tall person. (group laughing) That was easy. And Jane. Hi hun. Perfect. Yeah yeah yeah. (group laughing) Back. Back center. Okay, good, okay so that's enough of a triangle for me there. Let's see, okay, you're my last two here. Is this my last two? Alright, let me figure out what epic to do with you guys. Alright, I'm going to have, (group laughing) yeah, (all laughing) yeah, that's, I don't know how I feel about that particular look. Okay, cool. I don't see height. Where's another good triangle here? You guys are a little even in the back there. Can I have you just lean a little bit forward, Russ? Yeah, and they okay front and center? They look pretty good. Okay, I'm going to have you actually come around side here. Perfect, and let's see a perfect place for you. Do you mind sitting next to Kathy's feet? Perfect, alright, so. Alright, so I got everybody. You can just kinda actually lean your hips in with your feet out. So like, this way. Okay? Perfect. She's like, "I'm wearin' a dress." Don't worry. Don't worry. (group laughing) I can't see anything. And of course, your hands in front. Like, cross you arm in front, there. Okay, good. (laughing) Elbow up a little bit more. Okay, comfortable, perfect, alright. So, now I'm gonna worry about people's hands. And I'm gonna make sure everybody's hands are okay. You're good. You're good. Who do you wanna interact with? Do you wanna lean out on an arm? Do you wanna put your hand up on her? That's fine. Look friendly. Don't want your hand in front, doesn't know what it's doing, cut it across, and then just put it down, perfect. Soft hands, okay. That's good except for pointy fingers. Can you put 'em maybe like behind Kate? Like you're hugging Kate. Yeah, good. You can hug me. Okay perfect. (group laughing) You comfortable, you're good except for you don't look like you love anybody. (group laughing) I mean, I'm just being honest here, okay? I'm just being honest. Okay, so now I'm gonna try and squish everybody together. So will you all lean back just a tiny bit? Will you all lean forward just a little bit? And do your step forward. Okay, great, so I would say that I've got some decent triangles. Don't put as much pressure on your arms, a little bit softer. You don't look like you love anybody either. Will you put your hand on her shoulder? Perfect. (group laughing) Good, you look kinda like you love, and you guys always love people, okay. I'm gonna test this light; I might need to move it back. (camera clicks) And I see your palm, I'm seeing way too much palm. Soft hand. (group laughing) Turn, lemme see pinky. Okay, okay. Alright, lemme take my light here. Alright, I gotta move this, front and center. Okay. Let's try this. (camera clicks) Alright, so, this is CreativeLive, you guys are crazy. (group laughing) I need real expressions and love, okay? (camera clicks and group murmurs) Okay, on the count of three say, "I love CreativeLive, oh my God!" Okay, ready, one, (group shouting) Woo! (camera clicking and group laughing) Ready? One, two, three go! I love GreativeLive, oh my God! Can you sit up a little straighter? I'm gonna have you stand up and put your hand on Kathy, okay? Get in here. Perfect, good. Bring it. Why did you have her do that Lindsay? She's uncomfortable in her dress. She doesn't like sitting because she's afraid that I will see what's there. (laughing) And I can tell that. So, anything to make someone not uncomfortable. And, can you put the other hand on Kathy? Yeah, perfect, and drop your right arm. Perfect, just like that. Turn in just a little, good. And you look a little strained, lean forward just a tiny bit, good. Alright (camera clicking), I need a couple more. Alright, cute. (camera clicks) So that is how I would build kind of a large group. So, if you guys don't mind, I can let you guys go, and do guys wanna see, come around and do questions? Or are we all set? I think we are all set, if you're all set, we are all set. That's fine with me, okay, perfect. So you wanna end on a a big giant cheer? I think we should. (group murmuring) We should. Okay And you guys be crazy, do something. What are you doing? Testing. Oh. (group shouting) Bob! Get Bob in here, too. Bob! (group laughing) Okay. Bob, I'm gonna have you stand, back behind the ladies on this side. Perfect. Good. Make sure that your head is a little bit further this way, I'm looking for triangle. Who else are we missing? Everybody okay? (group murmuring) Okay. That is no bueno. Can you scoot this way? Nope. I'm gonna line you up that way. (group murmuring) Can I have you sit up a little bit more? 'Cause now they're too similar. So I'm gonna have you sit up just a little bit more. Maybe arm on the couch. Yeah, better. (group laughing) Okay, ready? (group laughing and camera clicking) Good, alright, last cheer. We're gonna end on this for the day. Ready, one, two, three, oh my God, go! (group shouting and laughing) (clapping)

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