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The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners

John Greengo

The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners

John Greengo

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Class Description


  • Understand shutter speed, ISO and aperture and how they work together
  • Utilize depth of field
  • Learn to focus in manual mode
  • Understand different types of lenses and how they work
  • Create stronger images with composition
  • Use light to create mood and emotion
  • Learn about flash photography
  • Get an introduction to the post-processing workflow


Photography techniques, terminology and equipment can seem complicated and intimidating at first. But after a few hours with John Greengo, you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to go out and take amazing photos that you’ll want to print, share and treasure for a lifetime.

Designed specifically for beginner photographers, this course will walk you through the essentials of how to use your DSLR camera and all the key functions. You’ll learn photography tips about everything from shutter speed to aperture, depth of field to ISO. You’ll get a primer on how to compensate for bad lighting and how to compose your shot for maximum effect and better photos.

This class will help you:

  • Learn the most essential functions of your DSLR camera.
  • Gain confidence in putting new features into action.
  • Understand basic photographic terminology including the rule of thirds and the exposure triangle.
  • Get a solid understanding of lighting and composition techniques.
  • Figure out how to position yourself and your subject for optimal results.
  • Learn to take great photos with the DSLR camera you have without extra gear.
  • Feel prepared to move on to more advanced classes.

If you want to take more memorable and inspiring photographs of your travels, your friends and family, and the great outdoors, then this photography starter kit class is for you. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to take your photography skills to the next level and continue your education with a more advanced photography course.


  • Beginning photographers looking to up their game and understand their camera.
  • People who are finally ready to get out into the field and actually capture the shots they want.
  • Any seasoned photog who wants a refresher (or to fix old habits) from one of the best out there today.

Summary (Generated from Transcript)

The theme of this class is photography for beginners. The class aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of photography, covering topics such as camera types, shutter speed, sensor size, ISO, lenses, aperture, focusing, metering, exposure modes, lighting, flash photography, composition, and elements of design.

From these topics, students will learn the basics of operating different types of cameras, including point and shoot, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras. They will understand the role and impact of shutter speed in capturing motion, the importance of sensor size in image quality, the concept of ISO and its effect on exposure, the different types of lenses and their uses, the relationship between aperture and depth of field, techniques for focusing and metering, the various exposure modes and their applications, techniques for working with different lighting conditions, the basics of using flash photography, principles of composition, and the elements of design in photography.

By learning these topics, students will gain a solid foundation in photography and develop the necessary skills to capture well-exposed and creatively composed photographs. They will understand the technical aspects of operating a camera and be able to make informed decisions regarding camera settings and shooting techniques. They will also develop an eye for composition and design, allowing them to create visually appealing and impactful images.

The benefit of learning the topics in this class is that it provides a strong foundation for beginners to start their photography journey. By understanding the technical aspects of photography, students can gain greater control over their images and achieve the desired results. They will be able to confidently use different camera types, adjust settings for different shooting scenarios, and make creative choices to enhance the visual impact of their photographs. Additionally, learning about composition and design principles will enable students to create visually compelling images that effectively communicate their intended message or story.

Frequently asked questions about the theme of this class might include:

  1. What are the different types of cameras in photography?

  2. How does shutter speed affect the exposure of an image?

  3. What is the role of the sensor in a camera and how does its size affect image quality?

  4. How does ISO sensitivity affect the exposure of an image?

  5. What are the different types of lenses and their uses in photography?

  6. How does aperture affect the depth of field in a photograph?

  7. What are the different focusing methods in photography?

  8. What are the different exposure modes in photography and when should they be used?

  9. How can lighting conditions affect the overall look of a photograph?

  10. How can flash photography be used effectively in different situations?

  11. What are some composition guidelines and techniques to create visually appealing photographs?

  12. How can lines, shapes, patterns, texture, and color be used to enhance the visual impact of a photograph?

  13. What are some recommended software programs and storage solutions for organizing and editing photographs?

  14. What are some tips for capturing well-exposed and creatively composed photographs?

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Ratings and Reviews

Kanoelani Patenaude

I am a pro photographer in my dreams, where I know the in's and out's of my camera; however, reality proved differently, as real life would tell you, I was a deer caught in headlights just looking at my new 7D Mark II. I am a photographer enthusiast without the skills, but a lot of love for the moments one, or the profession/hobby of it can capture. I mostly shoot my husband, friends, and community surfers in the lineup, and of course, my children, who rarely sit still. Thus, I switched from Nikon to Canon, venturing on the 7D Mark II for the grand reviews of how stellar of camera it is for action shots (surfing, and kids, this was a no brainer). That said, and overwhelmed with the way beyond my skill set, but noted desire and aspiration to grow, I made the purchase, and sought help rather quickly as I wanted to feel confident with what I was utilizing to capture the best memories possible. I came into this John's courses knowing the "on/off" button, and "auto" shoot mode. I came out of the course feeling like the pro in my dreams, and ready to shoot manual. John's teaching style is on point, and his detailed visuals are a huge plus. My first shots post this photography kit course, I thought were great for my first educated shoot, and shockingly, I even received and email from one of the sponsors of the surfers I captured, asking if they could use my image for their sites and publications. Not bad for a newbie. Though, my intent was never a business purpose, I did not know if I should charge a small fee, or give it for free. I don't mind free as it's not my business, yet I don't want to ruin it for any professional photographers in town doing the same thing that are charging. Perhaps another course to help me with that. I highly recommend courses by John Greengo! Thank you so much, John!


I'm not sure my first review posted. But I LOVE this class! John Greengo is a great, engaging teacher who is really adept at representing the concepts visually and excellent at explaining them verbally. I love how he goes through examples with photographs he has taken. Even though I only have a Nikon Coolpix digital camera, it does have Manual, Shutter priority, and Aperture priority modes. Through his class I've gotten a really good sense of how to balance ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. It's a great overview for me especially since I am new to photography, I can play around with some of these settings, and I have a greater understanding of what I might need in a higher level camera in the future. Money well spend! (For $29, this is an absolute steal). John Greengo is an awesome teacher and I hope to take more of his classes in the future!

Megan Wagner

John is extremely articulate and is a great teacher with lots of visual aids and metaphors to help understand photography. I have been doing photography for a few years now and this class was a tremendous help in boosting my knowledge and refreshing my memory in multiple aspects of photography. The graphics that John uses are helpful and he even goes through images and asks which settings would be best to use and will go through the why. He makes things easy to understand and is very clear about the information he provides. I am so glad I took this course and I would highly recommend it even to an experienced photographer. Thank you John Greengo!

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