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Facebook Public Figure Page

Lesson 7 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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7. Facebook Public Figure Page

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Facebook Public Figure Page


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Lesson Info

Facebook Public Figure Page

eight a public figure page. So I'm over here in chrome and let's go full screen and I'm on facebook right now scrolling through the news feed and if I come over here to my profile, this is my facebook profile. This is not a public figure page. This is the number one mistake People make and you can't repeat it enough because people seem to get this one wrong, but this is my profile. I have friends here. That's the limit on the 5000. I don't have ads and analytics off of my profile. But if I come back to facebook and I go to facebook dot com slash pages slash manage or I can just navigate, you can see that there is a Dennis you page, a public figure page which has fans or followers. This is me as a person on facebook, right? This is what we just looked at. These pictures are slightly different. You should probably make them the same, but I like to know what the difference is. So I know which one is which. And if I come here to my page, you can see that I've got business manager here and ...

I can, by the way, all your pages should stick and should be stuck inside of business manager. Do not do it on your profile alone because if you lose access, sometimes you have multiple business managers, right? Don't put it here, put it over here. Right? And that's a business duck facebook dot com. Then you can see I've got all this stuff here. So when you have a page, you have a lot of the stuff that looks similar where you've got you're thumbnail your timeline cover, you can put a video here, right. Everything looks just the same as a profile. Except you have. The main thing is the ability to do ads and analytics and that allows us to take any of these posts and boost it. It gives us insights into how our posts are performing. You don't get that with your profile. So let's scroll down and take a look at some of these and then a couple other differences. So you can see here, I'll make it bigger for you that I've got this post, I can pin, I can schedule, can't do that on a profile and I can see how my boosts are doing and have multiple boosts against this. This is probably the number one reason why you have a public figure page because people say, I understand why you need a public figure page when you already have a profile. Well I already have a business page. In this case it's metrics is our business for training and running ants. Why would I need a public figure page? If the company is just me, then that's just more work. Well, maybe. But as you're growing, you're going to want to go beyond just your own personal brand. You might have multiple people in that case you have multiple public figures that tied back to a company page. And the other thing part of growing your brand as you're learning here through fiber is that when people first get to know who you are and they learn about your story and they are developing relationship with you. You wanted to come through people. I think I told you before or if you haven't heard it yet, when we started doing this for Nike, we found the engagement rate was way higher on Lebron James as a public figure than it was on Nike basketball than it was on Nike because you're going to engage more naturally with the Lebron James than Nike as a central brand. So allow people to engage with you as a person, which means showing pictures and videos of you that you can then boost and then you can re market from people who have seen any one of these videos or all of your videos as a single re marketing bucket then to what you're selling on your business page. Okay, so your two primary facebook pages are going to work in tandem. Where these posts look at this like this is literally shot on my cell phone, not even done fancy intentionally doing it this way. Look, you can see it's a testimonial through and learn and apply real world scenarios into their businesses or for their companies they work for. And as a result, we've really been able to create a dynamic force that helps these adults and she's using our checklists, which is fantastic in that way, I can boost that to other people who are professors that teach pr social media marketing, right? And I have post to go on and on and on. I'm interviewing other people. You guys already understand how this works, right? Facebook even tells you which ones are doing better than others. This doesn't happen on your profile. You have things like reviews and you can notice my reviews here are pretty good. I don't have a lot of reviews but the star rating is pretty strong. I think you'll notice on the blitz metrics facebook page our rating is low because Somebody bought star reviews and it's been hard for us to crawl back past that and there's nothing that Facebook can do about that. It's not to the sophistication of like yelp or google. So I wouldn't worry too much if you have things like negative reviews, I wouldn't hide the review section which is something that you can do. I wouldn't get mad at the other people that by that I suppose you could buy five star reviews just like you can buy one star reviews but I wouldn't even worry about that. All right now I'm going to exit full screen so you can see the RLS here and I want you to be able to see these different U. R. L. S. That I'm going to to be able to manage. So if I go to facebook dot com slash this is really sad, I kind of know this stuff. Huh slash pages slash manage. This is where I'm going to see all my pages And I can even come here see like I got a ton of pages I think in the main business manager I have many business managers. Main business manager has like 473 pages. If you want to create a page, see this button here, create page, click on this now you can choose what you want. So facebook has made it simple. You'll have one business page for the name of your company and even if the company is named after you, you still probably want to have one of these unless you're just so small. You're just getting started. You have no content. You could start with your public figure page and then later moved to your company page because people don't really, if you're new people don't care about the name of your company. I could start an agency called purple frogs. Doing jumping jacks incorporated and people still buy from it because they buy from my story. So you select that category. Given a name of course for your public figure page. Do just your first name last name. Do not do john smith Los Angeles orthodontist resist the urge to try to add those extra things because you're trying to make it look like a regular human being and then select the category right? Which is a public figure. You can choose three categories. And some of them are really weird like church of christ or weird like you know, health care clinic that does weird procedures. Like I don't know why there's these different categories. If you're not sure what the category names are, you can just literally step through all the vowels A E I o u and see which ones you want to do. I think the funniest one here is not a business. I would just like that. No one's gonna search on that facebook will say that if you select more categories, you can be found in more search results. I don't think that makes a huge difference. Mm hmm. But I find that. Thank you. Let's see actually. And I want to create another page because then the facebook is going to get mad at me and I want to delete it. But once you have the page, the category will somewhat dictate what items show up on the left side. By the way, facebook shortens to FB So I could do FB dot com and I chose get found. You can choose whatever you are l you want. I don't think it really matters. Some people think it does. But these items here, you can change what the layout is, what the order is of these other things. I don't really think it matters a lot. Let me show you some of the settings. There's a lot of stuff that's here that most people don't know about. Even just here in this general tag a tap. I like to have everything as open as possible allowing people to message me allowing them to tag me in stories. I tie this to instagram so that I can cross post from my facebook or sorry from my instagram and automatically post to my twitter and to my facebook you can see here with restrictions on country and age and whatnot. If you're selling things like Alcohol, then you have to abide by legal drinking age, which is 18 plus in most countries, 21 plus in the United States or maybe you're in a protected category. I know that if you come here and switch this, let's say right now it's visible to everybody but you know, I don't like certain certain countries because they have a lot of fake fans and then I switched to just the United States. I will lose all the fans. So be careful about doing that. Especially switching back and forth. I think in general just keep these as they are. I wouldn't worry too much about the profanity filter because of people using their real names. It's not like youtube was where you'd have these flame wars. You can certainly import lists and your shoes a moderate filter where facebook already knows kind of like, you know what the words are. I like to keep these other ones open and just as they are. If you have several pages then of course duplicate the page instagram, I like to connect, You can see that you can have multiple items tied to in this case my instagram is Dennis that you as a business profile and I post on instagram and across post to my facebook page including stories, which is really cool, right? I published an instagram story, it's going to show up here. Page rolls don't have too many admins but make sure you have at least one which is you and maybe another one. Be careful though of having, if you have a ton of admin, anyone admin can kick out all the other admin as you can see here. So this could be dangerous if you have one admin or you have too many admins. If you have one admin and you lose it, then that could be bad. So I have this one as a backup which is a generic name and then I have other people who can do certain roles. I'm not even worried about the analyst role, analyst role is just being able to access the stats, which okay, I mean I think the more important ones admin or like an editor role where they can actually do things like posting and make sure you keep this stuff up to date. Sometimes, you know people come and go or you trust a friend and you forget a couple of months later, you know, things can change this branded content tool is very cool. We were one of the first, the first couple to be able to use this and this is a pro level trick where let's say that you're doing something with another business or maybe it's a celebrity and they they're promoting you from their page. Well obviously you'd love to boost that post because it's awesome when it's on their page but um maybe they don't want to give you admin access so then they can tag you here in the brand collaboration manager and then this allows you to boost that particular post without being in their business manager and get the stats on that particular post and you'll see that handshake as other people are doing that and you can add other pages that will allow you to do this. I'm surprised this one doesn't have more on it, right, you know because tag other other ones and gold go back and forth and they'll get a note on that. Those are the main things that you need. I wouldn't worry about WhatsApp yet. I think the Messenger integration piece is going to take awhile At least now in instant articles which are now called instant experiences. So they didn't update this thing here was pretty cool a couple of years ago as a landing page creator but I don't think facebook is giving much energy to that so I wouldn't really worry too much about that. Publishing tools are cool because this is where you can keep your submitted appeal once let me put this in here anyway here under publishing tools, I've got all these different tools to make it easy for me to do things like edit video cross post videos. I love boosting as you guys know and you can see here that there's a lot of videos that I can use in one post or even use it in other posts or even cross post that to other pages. And I think you find as you build out your topic wheel, it's going to be super cool for you to be able to recycle content and throw fuel on the fire. It's an extension of boosting posts meaning find something that's good. Then let's try to get some more out of it. So you can see these are some of the posts that I have here. I can filter by the type of post, Right? I think video is the most powerful, but hey, sometimes video is harder to get and sometimes people don't want to make video, especially if you're an agency and they're going to tell you, look, they're going to tell you which of these are doing better than the other ones. In fact, let me make a little smaller. So you can see more and you know, they're saying which ones are better and worse. Try to figure out. Like why why is this one doing better? So if it's, if it's doing better in terms of reach and frequency? Like this one is doing better? Well the .6, which is 60% better. Why is it? Oh, it's because of the comments. You can see 3.2 More comments and shares more reactions, but a little bit less in terms of how long people are watching. Well, why it's only 17 seconds long and there's not a ton of comments and likes, but you know, at least it tells you something and you'll never really know what the winners are until you come through a little bit further. You can do the same thing on insights by the way to do this kind of analysis here. Just be careful about statistically significant data where you could have something where there's only Five people that viewed it and they're like, Oh, it's 10 times higher. Yeah, but it's only off of five. So it's really just around here, come here and look at what these ratios are. Like look at how many people are going to watch for a minute versus three seconds. Of course, you were making 15 2nd videos are not getting to a minute. Right? But you're going to find some of these winners and you're going to want to go into them and turned them into other posts or create derivative content or make another one that's kind of like that, Right? But just come here and look and see what's going on? Like look This 1 4.4 times higher, wow, well why is that? They said it's because it's got one way more comments and shares. Okay, let's go take a look. Right. Another thing that people miss is that they don't realize the number one factor that drives secondary distribution besides like having good content. Running ads is literally commenting back on what everyone else is saying. So when you see other people here that are commenting, like make sure except when people are saying bad things, like you can either hide them or say, oh I'm sorry or you know, whatever it is, you can see there's there's a ton of these comments, right? Sometimes the negative comments, but you know what facebook treats comments the same. They don't look for sentiment. So someone can say you're a big jerk and facebook is going to treat that as positive why? Because the negative feedback is any of the four types where its high posts, all posts report spam and unlike page, so there you go on this particular page, um, support inbox is different than inbox, where your, by the way, here's a, here's a single inbox right across facebook and instagram. You can see what people are saying if you are trying to drive leads in your business, you might want to look at this to see where you might be missing. I mean sometimes if you don't monitor this, you'll see someone who messaged you a couple of months ago saying, Hey, I'd like to hire you. Can we get on a call and crap? I wasn't paying attention. Right? So this guy said, what is this Allan Hills berg funeral marketing. Okay. He's saying he really likes our presentation. Okay. That's cool. What is it he's said here And when Josh for four years has programmed My Foundation, Blah, Blah, Blah. Thanks for the information. And I say, thank you very much. Alan I got keyboard shortcuts that I don't have to type out these common phrases over and over again. I could use labor. I don't really care about that. Maybe I can push them to other people to follow. Yeah, this, this gives you a pretty good idea of what's going on. A lot of what's here and These different pages in creator studio, you can see, Oh, look top 300 pages you can see here or directly and and business manager right? Looking at the pages that you have, if I come over here, oops, that's the outside. Where were we? This is where I created a page. Look, um when I am, when I first, I'm going through all the pages I have, the first thing I'd like to do is click on notifications. Well actually first go to business manager and then go to the notifications. If you have multiple business managers, that's fine. And the reason why I'm starting with these notifications is always have these silly warnings here is that I'm trying to get a sense of what's taking off and when people are liking and commenting, mostly it's people that are liking. I don't know how to turn just that part off. I don't think you can, but if people are commenting, people are mentioning you, if people are messages, these notifications are a cool place to just give you a sense of where you should be spending time. And then I head over here to the inbox. But look, here's somebody who just mentioned me now remember this is a public figure page. Not profile, A lot of people won't know the difference. So what did they say? Oh they're looking at our stuff saying blah blah, blah, blah blah. Okay, appreciate that. You see a lot of people that will be sharing your stuff, learn this on our fiber personal branding course. We'll look imagine that you guys are learning this stuff too. And here she is giving her a narration of that. I would so that's nice. Always say thank you. So thank you Bonnie. See do that. Always engaged with these pages. Let's see what's going on in the inbox. This is where you make money by the way, If you're some consulting or your service provider, right? You're going to see all this stuff here, just like you saw inside the creator studio, you should be spending probably as much time inside your page as your profile notice if I come back here to facebook to my profile as a user, right? Not as a business page. I've got notifications here, but this is a different set of notifications and I've got an inbox here. People are sending me messages but this is a different set of messages. So make sure even if you, if you're like me and your compulsive and you always want to zero out your notifications, Make sure you're not missing the in boxes on your pages. So here, look at this 20 plus on the dentist, you public figure page 20 plus on the blitz metrics figure page. Don't miss it. One of the things that's kind of silly is that this will say 20 plus and then you come over here and notifications and I'll tell you there's only a couple of them and then most of them are just people liking your stuff. I wish they could tell us which of them are actually like real things that you should be looking at, which is someone commenting or someone sending a message or something like that. But it's something that facebook is changing all the time and we notice changes every day. So if the interface is a little bit different than you have, they're seeing here, then hey don't don't even worry about it. Right. You know, it's changing all the time. I hope that you see what the key differences are between a page and a profile and if you have not set up your public figure page. I hope that this helps you set it up properly by looking at mine as an example, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress and seeing you in the next chapter.

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