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Elements of a Powerful Facebook Page

Lesson 31 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

Elements of a Powerful Facebook Page

Lesson 31 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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31. Elements of a Powerful Facebook Page


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Chapter 1: Introduction


Personal Branding


Course Organization is Made Up of Strategy and Tactics


Personal Brand Manager Inputs and Outputs, Repurposing Content


Personal Branding Framework in Action


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Elements of a Powerful Facebook Page


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How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers


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Lesson Info

Elements of a Powerful Facebook Page

let's take a look at my facebook and see how I build my brand so that you can see that we're teaching from example and a lot of the things that I'm doing, you can do to, you can see I'm logged into facebook and through the timeline I can see kind of what's going on with friends of mine and of course if you don't like what's in your news feed then you need to choose who you're friends with, you need to choose what signals you were giving facebook so be careful about what you put into the system. Think of facebook is like a mirror that reflects what you see and who you are, my buddy woody Marks, you can see He actually, he owns 10 Ashley furniture stores in Alabama. So I'd like to click like on his stuff so I'm going to see more of his stuff and vice versa. Now this is me as a, as a person, there's a profile, just like you logged in as a user, there's 5000 Friends is your limit. I'm at 49 96 because I can always add a few people I want, it means I have to delete a few people too. So if y...

ou want to connect with me by the way, connect on linkedin. 30,000 is the limit over there and remember we talked about your goal sheet earlier, which is helping you form your y your mission statement, what you're trying to accomplish, you want to use that tag line here and use it on your linkedin, use it on your youtube, use it on your twitter, so here I say, I systematize your business, so anyone can be a certified social marketer, you know, be a strong entrepreneur and I've listed my positions right, you want to have a strong bio and if I come to my about notice, I filled it out with information that either I can see or other people can see, I've got a house in Gilbert, but I also spend time in Los Angeles and take a look at what what I'm posting. So most of what I'm sharing remember personal branding is a lot about content production, right? If you don't get out there with your content, you can't build a brand, there's just like having a car with no gas, you can't go anywhere, you need content. And the way I get around this content issue of having enough content is a lot of what I'm doing is just sharing other people's content. Now, check this out, here's dr Karen Sutherland and she's saying, I'm so grateful for Dennis, you and blitz metrics for providing digital marketing courses to our students and instead of saying, hey wow, I'm so awesome, look at the success that we have with this university, I turned around and I praise Karen Sutherland and her university and I said, you want to change the world and equip the next round of leaders, be an educator like Karen Sutherland, see constantly be saying thank you, show gratitude if it's part of your morning routine or whatever you need to do. That's what you need to do to get yourself in the right state to build a strong personal brand. Think just for a moment, if you don't have gratitude, how can you possibly have a strong personal brand? And also think if you do have gratitude, is it possible to have fear? Is it possible to be angry? Is it possible to have problems that get to you? And a lot of us when we're building our personal brands, we have the impostor syndrome because we feel like we're not good enough and that, you know, maybe I'm not worthy of sharing, maybe I don't know enough. Maybe, you know, I'm not, someone else is better. And when you're sharing, See, look, I shared this 12 hours ago May today be full of unexpected blessings for you frank. And I'm always thinking about how awesome other people are and the things they do in my life and that's actually how I grow my personal brand. It's crazy. A lot of people think that personal branding is what they say about themselves. Like look at me, look at my car, look at my lifestyle, I don't do any of that. Instead. I'm always elevating other people. So here are Doctors at the Royal Society of Medicine where I was at in London yesterday and I'm sharing the things that I've learned from these other doctors now, a lot of these things, I have no idea what's going on with these tumor markers and experiments on Drosophila, which is a fruit fly. But I'm interested in cancer and I'm interested in, I have a lot of friends with cancer, probably a lot of friends of yours have cancer. Half of The people in the United States are going to get cancer. Actually, it's 47%, but that's 50. Right? And I'm sharing what I'm learning. AM I selling anything? No, I'm sharing my why and I'm sharing knowledge from other people. Isn't it amazing when you don't have to rely upon your own knowledge, you can share someone else's knowledge and thus I'm documenting instead of boasting and because of friends of mine. So here's dr robert Lyons, who is the founder of cocoon Technology and I'm associating with him. So his brand becomes now part of my brand and I'm here with two other doctors and we're hanging out and having lunch, right? Fantastic. Am I saying how awesome I am? No, but you're known by the people that you work with and you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, You know that. So if they see that you're associated with other people, then they think you must be at the level of these other people and look now you're sharing knowledge and remember we talked about why how and what I'm sharing a lot of how content. So here's how we got 600 likes for $1 and I'm not just boasting, I'm actually saying, here are the different pieces that go into how we did that. And then all these people are commenting and liking and saying how awesome it is. And then look, they're tagging other people, they're saying, hey friend, go check this out. Hey, can I buy your course? And you know, this guy said purchased And we made $1,000 off of this one post. But notice in here Nowhere in here are are we saying, Hey, come by my course for $25, right? I'm not selling at all. I'm teaching. And only then when people say Holy moly, this is so good, how do I find out more than I say, oh well you know, we have a link here or even better other people are saying, hey, if you really like this, you should become a member because I'm a member and it's working fantastic for me, right? See how other people are doing the selling for you on and on. Right, here's two days ago, I'm having lunch with my buddy who's very successful as a financial services consultant and he drove 2.5 hours to come visit me in in in London here And instead of saying, hey look, I'm hanging out with people who are really successful. Um, this guy drove all the way to come see me instead. I'm like, hey, I love hanging out with my friend and eating dumplings, dumplings and then you can see that here. He said, you know, heading to London to meet my friend Dennis, looking forward to spending a couple hours together. Right? So notice what I'm doing here, that's different than everyone else that's building their brand on facebook. I'm actively actively uplifting other people. We share a lot of the same topics. Have you thought about your why and the different wise that you can share with other people and how that maps to your, how remember the topic? Well, what are those different components that you can use to have other people build your brand for you? Okay, now this is my profile, but let's go to my page and remember a lot of you, we'll get this confused on your page versus your profile. They're not the same thing. The page is a business page that's called Dennis. You, there's a blitz metrics page two, it's a business page. This is me as a profile of the blue checkmark. Right? So let's go to my page and look at the content here, a lot of people ask. So what should I put on my page versus my profile? You can put the same kinds of things, although on your page, I would put more educational content and I might even put some sales content if the brand right now is just you, then you can actually function as having a single page instead of having a business page as well until you start to have more people and can start to maintain multiple profiles. I'm sorry, multiple pages, you might want to do it off of a single page and then later make one about your company. I've got a pin post notice here of the one that I think is most important. Of course I'm boosting it to get the most engagement that way, the first thing people see is Holy moly, there's a lot of engagement on this particular post and it shows who we're working with. Right, all good stuff. You always want to start with authority. Now look at this another way to start with authority speaking on stage, but maybe you're not speaking on stage and have a video real. That's okay to share the best items that you have, the best knowledge, the best things that people have to share about you and then you can have fiver do that editing for you and I'll show you another screen share module a little bit later how exactly you want to choose the right seller on fiber to be able to execute this based on the brand assets that you create? Biggest problem, I'll tell you right there is that people don't have the right brand assets. And if you don't have these assets mapped out, then you're whoever you can hire the best seller on facebook, they're not gonna be able to get what you want done. Why? Because if you have the best cook in the world, but you don't give him the right or her the right ingredients. They're not going to be able to work that kind of magic for you. That's why creating video. Like we talked about organizing it into your topic wheel based on your why how and what? It's absolutely critical to get in place before you go crazy on Fiverr buying lots of random tasks. But notice here I'm making one minute videos and some of them, I'm just posting straight up and I'm relying upon, you can see the captioning that is already provided by facebook and instagram and you can see people are already engaging. We haven't boosted it yet. Right. Facebook says here, you should boost it. Um, yeah, facebook always wants me to spend money. But when I'm putting this stuff out here on my page and I maybe cross post that to my profile or I posted my profile and cross post it to instagram or linkedin Like I was showing you before look what happens here. Somebody says, hey, come to Israel for coffee. Now, maybe I'll look at this person and see is this someone I want to meet or maybe not. It's hard to say right? But you can see when you're putting stuff out there and you're just sharing interesting experiences. Like here you see these pigeons that are flying around. I thought that was pretty cool. I didn't realize that these were trained pigeons that they're not wild pigeons that actually trained? And there's one guy who's whistling, giving the commands to these birds to fly left and right and come back. And there's one lead bird that guides all the other birds. Like, wow, that was really cool. I didn't know that was the case, right? And I'm sharing that and people are engaging. And these are people that are going to become your customers that are going to invite you to speak at a conference that are going to do great things for you that will endorse you because you're constantly sharing, which gives them an opportunity to see who you are, see what you believe in and you want to be honest and who you are because you'd rather do that now than take someone on, for example as a client or customer. And later you find out that they don't agree with you. They don't share the same values. They, you know, maybe they do something that you don't like. Maybe they don't honor one of your customs or cultural traditions, you want to get that out now because if they don't, if they don't resonate with your brand here, Believe me when they're a customer when they're paying you, it's going to be worse. Right? So I'm doing the same thing. I'm, I'm sharing things that I believe in I say, hey, you know what? This is the, this is not the colosseum. What is this? I think this is an Athens somewhere where the first olympics was being held and I just recorded a one minute video saying, hey, here's something I have for sale. Would you like it? Right? Our black friday sale because he noticed I'm selling but I'm also providing value at the same time and I'm doing it through a video that's engaging and I'm not just providing a link saying buy my stuff and boosting it because nobody wants to be sold like that. They want to feel like it's a friend that they have known for a while that they've engaged with. Maybe you had lunch with, right? You want to build that relationship. You guys know on average, it takes 7-10 touches before someone buys from you. So they've got to consume at least half a dozen pieces of your why and how content before they get to your what content you're what is what you're selling, right? You're wise stories, your how is knowledge that you're sharing. And then look, this guy says, are you in Athens? Well, I was, he asked a bit late already left, right. And you can see I'm constantly promoting videos and pushing stuff out here and I'm showing, I'm saying things that might, it might be uncomfortable, might reveal vulnerability, right? I'm saying my goodness, I just turned 45 holy moly I'm not so young anymore and all these people are engaging. See now I wrote this one actually I didn't even write this here on facebook. He was published by books, metrics, which is by one of our assistants and you could hire an assistant on Fiverr an agency on Fiverr to do this. You know what? I think I wrote this on linkedin and got cross posted here to my page and then cross posted to twitter and look at this guy, I have socks older than you. If it makes you feel any better. I'm with you 50 next year. Never felt or looked better. Very cool. We should engage on that. You can hire an assistant to engage with you on that. Right. And just moments that I capture with my phone. So here I was in the church of the Holy sepulcher where jesus was buried and rose from the tomb three days later if you're a christian, you believe this and here these people are singing. See listen, I was just so inspired. No, it's not. I wish you were there. You could hear the acoustics. It was just, it made me want to cry. It was incredible. Right? Notice how I'm sharing. Thanks. Here's another one. Look at what this guy has to say. The military by 13 years have come to an end and sharing his story. It's a wide video and I needed an edge and that's when I saw Dennis, you speak at social media day san Diego and I saw an opportunity to really stand out and set myself apart through his dollar day strategy of micro targeting influencers and decision makers and people who could help me get my foot in the door at these companies that I wanted to work at and that's exactly what you can do to if you're transitioning, whether it be civility see now we can take this and we can boost it. Notice the difference is that he is doing the promoting for me, not me saying, hey, you should buy my dollar Day course and if you're a young adult or you're transitioning out of the military or you're starting a new job or whatever it is, you should learn how to do facebook marketing. No, I have lots and lots of people that are saying this Okay, now, who are the people that can do this for you? Who are the people that believe in you? Have you mapped that out as part of your topic? Well you see videos like this, you can get this done on five or for anywhere from 20 bucks to 100 bucks. Ezra Firestone mollie Pittman, know what you think I'm doing this, Michael? Yeah, guess what? You don't have to choose because you get to learn from all of us at smarter traffic live, which is a three day virtual conference where we're gonna be sharing our very best tips. See if you're a speaker, you want to do stuff like this because conference organizers, they want to know that you're somebody who can speak well if you want to be a public speaker and you don't have a speaker real. Imagine if you are a conference organizer and you're deciding which speakers you want to hire, you're only going to hire the ones where they're well referenced and you've seen them speak and you've seen the feedback off of what they produced, right? You want to know that what they're speaking on or teaching is legit. And so I've got lots of these, see Promoting when I'm speaking, if you're speaking in 25th in Tel Aviv, we're going to be live and teaching you how to optimize your Facebook ads, all the latest and greatest that we've learned directly from Facebook. Alright. You see this? So this literally took me one minute of my time. There was no script. I basically just got behind the camera and I talked to you and your camera is your iphone, so there's no excuse and then bye. I'll show you in another module how you choose that right video editor or that right website to design it on fiber to produce these items. Remember the key is you have to have the right assets and a process and an example that you want to be able to share. So notice this goes on and on. Sometimes it's silly. Look, I'm wearing shorts in Beijing and it's not in the studio, it's not professionally with the microphone, you can see I actually published, published it through instagram, this is whatever three weeks ago. Right? Do you kind of see what I'm doing here? I just see an interesting situation and I'm posting it. Here's another interesting situation right next to me. Here are three queens. If you ever been to Southeast Asia, there's a bunch of little countries over there, right? And when you find these winners, you want to start to share them, start to cross post them and people can feel like they're a friend of yours. So here we're in Kuala Lumpur at the Petronas Towers. This is now a few weeks ago, right? Isn't that awesome? And then they're going to see these same people that in your topic will. So this is ah Nicole Brown, who is the daughter of Dr Lyons, the founder of Cocoon. So they start to hear her story, they hear his story, they see them in London at the cocoon conference and then they're going to buy the cocoon water, do the cocoon baths, right? And they're gonna see us again. There's dr Lyons, there's an echo, there's other friends and these are people that are in my topic, Wheel, who's in your topic? We'll start to map out those connections, map those connections against the topics, Remember the y to the how then to the what, which is what you're selling, right? So I'm embodying my topic will. And the number one question I get of the people who go through these techniques and they're making their videos and they're posting and they're boosting, look at this, I'm with the queen, you ever been with the leader of another country, even if it's a ceremonial leader, I know there's a king and queen in London, I'm sorry in Britain, right? But they're not actually running the country, but that's okay. It's still a queen and how awesome is that, right? Even though there's like crazy security and that kind of thing to, to sit next to the queen and have dinner and here I'm not boasting, I'm saying look an incredible honor and blessing to be able to meet the queen and look at all the people that have engaged on that, right? Because I boosted it isn't that cool, I boosted it and then it will continue to live evergreen because the people are seeing, wow, this guy is hanging out with the queen or he's on CNN or he's with this other person and you have that moment and you continue to have facebook and linkedin and twitter share that moment for a dollar a day, everything becomes so much easier once people know who you are just the fact that I'm with the queen, that must mean something right? That must mean maybe I'm valuable or knowledgeable or whatever, right? And so you want to take these moments because you have those moments too with being around other people or being in an interesting situation that you can share to try to really build your personal brand. So think about facebook as an extension of who you are, your relationships and your knowledge, and let the page and the profile work together to be able to build your personal brand.

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