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Thank You Machine

Lesson 25 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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25. Thank You Machine


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Thank You Machine


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Lesson Info

Thank You Machine

So now you're starting to build your library of content through interviews to be able to build your network. I'm gonna tell you one of my favorite little hacks that almost nobody does and I think you're gonna think back to this moment and I remember when Dennis told me this and it made such a difference in my professional career. This is called the thank you machine and the thank you machine is away on, How do you say thank you in lightweight little ways that builds your personal brand and here we have the six phases of the thank you machine phase one is notification of a positive mention. So whenever someone says something positive about you, especially online, I find that twitter and facebook and linkedin tend to be where I get the most positive mentions, but when you set up your monitoring where you set up a google alert in your name, where you set up notifications on twitter, you're looking when people are mentioning you on other social networks, your results may be different depen...

ding on where your network is and what your industry is. But whenever you get a notification where someone says, hey wow, thank you so much Dennis you. That was awesome. That favor you did for me or thank you for sharing that article or explaining that one thing to me, Then what do you do next number two is you asked for lightweight permission. So you literally reply to them and this is what I'll say on twitter, I'll say thank you so much, Jason miller, can I quote you on that winky? The key is you have to put a winky to show it's like kind of fun. But what you're actually doing is you're getting something that's called lightweight consent from a legal standpoint. I'm not a lawyer, so don't sue me over this. But when you ask somebody, hey, is it okay? That awesome article you wrote, is it okay if I share that? That was so cool. And they're always gonna say yes, I can't remember the last time I've had someone say no to that and it's been several 1000 times that I've asked this over the last few years. So when you ask for that lightweight permission, they almost always say yes and usually that results in another positive thing. So let's say you spoke at someone's conference and they said, wow, thank you so much Dennis for speaking at my conference. It was great seeing you in tel Aviv and I'll say, oh man, you guys are so awesome. I can't wait to do it again next year. Let's throw in a workshop to and they'll say, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, we should also do that as well. So they always want to extend it, especially if it's something that's public. So when they gave you that initial positive mention and then maybe you get that that additional thing on top of it, You're going to add that to your content library when it's in your content library as part of your personal brand manager. Now you can use that particular asset and Sprinkle it to your website, you can add that as an endorsement. You can add that to maybe a brochure that you have on the services that you have. You can add it to your linkedin company profile. Think about any time someone says something good about you, where else you might be able to distribute that because you already have your plumbing in place. Remember we said that first stage of your personal brand framework is your plumbing all those different places that you might store your stuff anytime you get that positive mention, that's another opportunity to distribute and to be able to enhance the assets that you already have and if you have assistance and sellers and virtual assistants and other people, whoever is doing that behind the scenes work on your machine running the machine for you that happens while you sleep. And if you really want to get clever you can have people that are logged in in your social media accounts, maybe they can speak in your voice that are responding and doing community management for you. Step four of 6 is client love. And this is also where I like to use fiber, let's say that I just got out of a meeting with my friend who runs a digital marketing for Microsoft office in Seattle and he said something really clever and I don't really have time to do something that that would really be reflective and thoughtful. So instead I just go to Fiverr and I have somebody speak thank you or or have a particular gift message in the voice of morgan Freeman or Bart Simpson or someone like that. Or another thing I like to do is I'll grab their linkedin profile and I'll have one of the fiber artists actually sketch it, do a hand sketch and then below it say Dennis you is thinking about you or or something clever like that and have that sent right away or I'll have someone compose a song in that person's name based on the topic that we talked about and I find it's always fun. Like I also go speak at a conference and have someone on fiber compose a song about that particular topic or that particular conference weaving in the names of the other speakers and the other organizers just so they know that it wasn't something that I ripped off of Youtube, but it was made specifically for them. That's the kind of stuff that might be $5. dollars, $20. If you want the video edited on top of that, you can start to combine different fiber gigs to make something nice. You could hire one fiber person to compose, compose the song for $5 you could hire another person to sing it on the guitar, you can hire another person for $10 or $20 to edit it. You can have another gig where they distribute that and turn into a blog post and run ads against it. So you know, maybe now you're out $100. But you can see how you can stack these things together to be able to say thank you to be able to amplify, to be able to run your machine without you having to do the particular tasks yourself. Maybe you don't want to become a pro at facebook ads and building websites. That's okay. That's why you hire out all those particular components. But you need that overall process to make that happen. Then step five of 6, create follow on content as people start to respond as your community manager or whoever is gathering this content in your content library. Start to create blog posts start to figure out where you can do things like a top list, the top 10 things that we see will happen in 2000 and 20 in particular topic. Remember you have your topic will of your six topics. You can do The most amazing things that will happen in 2020 predicted by these particular experts. So you can curate this kind of thing. You can hire someone someone on fiber for example to reach out to people on your network and ask them, hey, what's one thing that people need to be thinking about in 2020 around this particular topic and then you fluff up their ego a little bit because in the beginning you say, oh because you're an expert in this thing. I wanted to ask you for your opinion on this for my expert summary that I'm gonna be putting on my blog. And the beauty is you didn't have to do any of it. You just had someone go out there and send out the different notes. It could be sent out via email sent out via twitter. What have you? They gathered all of it and probably another person is there to compile it to make an infographic to turn it into your email newsletter. That's the beauty of using distribution through fiber and other networks to be able to push that stuff out. But you need to process to be able to do it. And then step six is amplify. So let's say you create that newsletter or that blog post on the 12 things that you need to do in 2000 and 20 and you sourced all that now. You need to get it out there. But what if you don't have a big email list? What if your website doesn't generate a lot of traffic? What if you've just gotten started? Because you're going through our personal branding course here, That's when you spend a dollar a day on facebook and you can target people that work in your industry, people that work in your hometown. You can target anyone, your email list because you can upload that as a custom audience, right? You can target people that work for the Wall Street Journal. You can target people that work for, let's say I'm speaking at the market a conference. I can target all the people that work at marquette. Oh, I can target all the people who are in las Vegas during a four M in december and their doctors. Right. I can target all that kind of stuff on facebook youtube twitter linkedin linkedin allows me to do job title targeting. Did you know that? You know, facebook got in all this trouble for this crazy targeting Cambridge Analytica stuff. But linkedin's got way better targeting and no one seems to be complaining about linkedin. So I quietly let just let facebook get the speeding ticket and then I'm just right behind here. You know, drafting. That's how I see linkedin. These other sources. So that's the thank you machine. It starts with the positive mention. You're trying to do everything you can to squeeze more juice out of it and you're coming all the way down to where you're able to amplify. I hope you're able to apply that. Now start by setting up filters and alerts anytime someone mentions your name or your company's name and I'll see you in the deep dive

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