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How to get 10,000 views of your message

Lesson 20 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

How to get 10,000 views of your message

Lesson 20 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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20. How to get 10,000 views of your message


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Chapter 1: Introduction


Personal Branding


Course Organization is Made Up of Strategy and Tactics


Personal Brand Manager Inputs and Outputs, Repurposing Content


Personal Branding Framework in Action


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How to get 10,000 views of your message


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Quiz: Chapter 6: Visual Content

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Making Money via the Ascension Ladder


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Quiz: Chapter 7: Ascension Ladder

Chapter 8: Fiverr Gigs


Using Fiverr to Build Your Personal Brand


How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers


Using Saved Gigs and Templates on Fiverr


Quiz: Chapter 8: Fiverr Gigs

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Lesson Info

How to get 10,000 views of your message

We're going to talk about, how do you guarantee 10, views of your interview or podcast now when you reach out to other people and let's say it's a celebrity and you want to be able to interview them on your podcast. How much stronger is it to say, Hey, if you come on my Podcast or my interview, I can guarantee 10,000 views, 10,000 people will see it versus just like you have a podcast that's brand new and no one's there because you just started then who's going to want to be on your podcast if nobody's watching it? So you defeat the chicken and the egg by saying, hey, I'm gonna guarantee you 10,000 views and what you do is you take that episode like this from my friend Mark lack and you boost it. So in this case this is actually the profile. Mark lack. But remember we got a little trick here where we set up a public figure page also in the name, same name, right? Here's Mark lack as the page man. He got me so full actually went to his profile instead of his page noticed this is a page.

Okay, it's a page before he went to the profile. Alright look, I'm an admin to full disclosure. These are all clients. Every example I'm showing you as a client. Okay, now look and pinning the posts and interviews that I believe having the most power. So this is one with Ty Lopez And did we get 10,000 views? Oh yeah, we got a quarter million views. Right? So this is what Mark said, He went to Tai Lopez. He didn't know him before and he said, hey, I'd like to interview you. It'll only be 45 minutes of your time. I promise you we will be in and out, we'll have everything arranged. I've got my videographer there, Here's a list of questions and I promise that you're going to get 100,000 views or whatever it is. Of course he's gonna say yes to that, right? And he's ready to go. He follows through on what he said he was gonna do and we take this video or a snippet of it and we boost it and it's that simple. And then a week or two later we send a link to the interview to Tai Lopez or whoever it is. We say, hey ty it was so awesome having you on the show and we got a quarter million people to see it. And then what's Tai Lopez gonna do, he's then going to share it with other people and this is the secret to boosting post is how you drive influence and authority and look bigger than you really are because admit it with personal branding, you want to look bigger than you really are and maybe you're just spending a dollar a day. Maybe you don't really have a lot going on yet, but you have big dreams, but you don't, you know, you're just starting, well start by posting items like little videos see like here's, here's something here where he can get this edited on fiber. I don't remember if he edited this one on fiber, but Mark and I are big fans of fiber. We run lots of stuff through fibers. I'll show you in a moment. But things like this, right? Will boost it and we're getting additional reach. There's only a couple 1000 fans on this page, But we got an extra 729 reach and 60 engagements and we can use custom audiences, like our custom audience list of subscribers. People who've been to our website, the people who are in our email list, the people who have attended a conference, right? Look at how awesome this is. This is something you can get edit on five or 4, Maybe $20, maybe $10 if you do it in batch and isn't this awesome. See like look at how awesome this is where we're taking these and we're boosting it and you can see the result here. 16,000 people reached. So we probably spent $40, Got 50 100 through place, which is people watching all the way through or at least 15 seconds if it's a short video and look, we're constantly posting and we're boosting. Do you think Mark is constantly posting stuff here? No, he's not. Oops, we got one rejected. See sometimes you have a boost and it's to whatever audience or maybe they don't like the content, right? And they reject you because they think you're selling too hard facebook is getting more and more quirky by the way. And look, Did you know that? 15 years ago Mark Zuckerberg invited five people to his room at Harvard and some of them became billionaires and some of them didn't come. Isn't that funny? The young Mark Zuckerberg and here, wow, 4000 people engaged on 28,000 got rejected. We might just posted again or maybe see why it got rejected. Edit it, post it again. Post on linkedin and boost it, right? This is where boosting comes in. You can boost anything that's from a page, you can't boost a linkedin profile, but you can create a public figure page on linkedin called Mark lack as well as one for his company. Shorten the gap, right? You have a page in a profile like we talked about earlier, I see how this works. You're boosting to be able to get more influence against the people that you want to see it. Not everyone in America, but the people that are in your crowd that care about your topics that go to a particular conference that follow other people that you aspire to, right? And sometimes it's just simple things like showing yourself on vacation or showing now he's not only he's using this as the hook, how he's in Sydney, you can clearly see the harbor bridge, but now he's sharing a lesson about how to succeed as an entrepreneur with your soulmate and how to balance having a happy life with a happy wife and having a great business at the same time. Right? So he's sharing value. Look here's a simple one minute video and it's being filmed on a DSLR. You can tell why because it's got portrait mode and video and you can't do that on a nice film. It's actually shot through one camera. But it's it's through Puncheon's as you can tell where they're zooming in on four K. So it looks like you've got two cameras. Isn't that cool? And we're boosting these posts and as long as it's working well we'll let it continue to run. And this one It has look boosted on July two finishes on January 22. The minimum budget is a dollar a day. So simple math, that's about six months. About $180, right? Not bad, $180. 8600 people to watch all the way through and from here. People who watch this look why you don't have the money that you want. And he's then going to re market this to his course. Did he sell his course in here? No, because he's moving from why to how to what? Right, see, Would you show shovel elephant poop for an hour a day. This is probably $20 on Fiverr maybe 10 if you've got a batch of these to get these edited. Wouldn't you love to take your video and get it edited like this. Now there's tools you can use if you want to use some of the apps, there's a ton of apps every day. I see another apps that allows you to caption here that allows you to put some kind of heading up here but I don't want to learn these tools. Maybe you do but I don't I just don't have time for that. I'd just rather pay someone on Fiverr to do it. Okay, you can see I've got these tabs on the top, I'm about to show you what these are. You get the pattern here, we've got lots of content but we need it edited. We needed to be made interesting, visually appealing because if it's not visually appealing, people are not going to continue to want to watch. And you can see even here of the 37,000 that saw it only 4000 which is north of 10%, that's pretty good. 10% engagement rate engaged. I bet your engagement rates two or 3%. If you're average. And look of the 2100 reached Only 3000 made it all the way through. Even if it was a shorter video, the average is a lot lower than that. Right? Oh and look here's one boost that completed. Here's another boost. 14,000 people reached 3000 people Which is actually not as good as this one isn't that kind of neat C 21,000 people to reach 17,000 people to reach 3300. You're gonna want to take this one and boost it again, right? You could learn, you can you can have multiple boosts. I can hit boost. Now, I got three boosts. All running right, learn. Don't just boost it one time. Try a different audience. Try a different objective. Try sending to another landing page. Try editing the ad. Try. There's so many different things that you can do. Figure out what's going on where you know, if you lose people in the first three seconds, what is it? Is because you have a bumper that's your name and your company name don't do that is because it's not interesting is they're not motion is there not? Right? Try to try to learn. You can see Mark is constantly boosting. This is Shawn Stevenson unfortunately just passed away a couple of weeks ago. What a shame You probably have seen him. But here he's interviewing someone who's really well known and he's listening look strong enough. I'm not rich enough. All of that anytime. I'm not enough shows up and that means your insecurities are bubbling up. So I think that's amazing. So he's using the authority of Shawn Stevenson, Shawn Stevenson's in his topic. Will. Why? Because he shares the same topic. Mark lack is the young Tony Robbins. So he's going to associate himself with other people that are public speakers that are motivational to talk about being happy, healthy and wealthy and organizing your finances and being able to grow your business and speaking on stage and building your brand right? There are all the people that are related to his topics. He's interviewing them. What a great example. Full disclosure I took him on about 10 years ago and you can see how far he's come. Mark lack is absolutely fantastic. Now some of this may seem a little ridiculous because he's showing the sports cars and the mansion and the famous people and all that, but hey, you know, I think that's still cool and if that's part of your brand then do it, it's not part of my brand. So you won't see me do that, but do what fits within your brand and this is his brand. Right? Here's another one. Now he's interviewing Louis house who is within his topic Will how did he get Lewis House basically he got three other people that are almost at the level of Louis house and once Lewis House sees, hey, he's with Damon john and Tony Robbins and other people, He's gonna want to agree to an interview and then we have 900,000 people reaching right who's seen this see how you can use authority to build authority. Now he's promoting louis house, He's promoting his book, He always promote the other people because then they'll promote you. Isn't that amazing cela talking about how awesome louis houses and things like that. Um but our new show, inspiring life on if you promote their book or show, they will love to get on your podcast if you don't understand the master wear. And then along the way, Lewis House is going to say, hey Mark, you're absolutely fantastic. I've been watching your journey and you're absolutely crushing it in terms of teaching entrepreneurs how to sell right, blah, blah blah. Now you've got an endorsement and you can use five to cut out those little pieces and edit them. So I hope this tour is showing you how to boost posts for profit, to be able to get those views to be able to build authority to be able to learn and really hone in on your audience is something that you can do on your facebook page. So the next time someone says, oh you don't boost post, that doesn't work, you can just kind of smile up and say, oh I guess that might be true.

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