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Overcome Writer's Block

Dave Ursillo

Overcome Writer's Block

Dave Ursillo

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Class Description

If you’re a writer, you’ve most likely experienced writer’s block in some form or another. And you’ve probably also tried lots of ways to combat it, like exercising, reading a book, listening to music, drinking some tea, calling a friend or doing random Google searches.

The problem is that none of these solutions address the core, underlying behavioral causes of writer’s block. Author, yoga instructor and healer Dave Ursillo will help you figure out what’s at the heart of your issue, including your emotional influences and creative struggles. He’ll then guide you through the development of an actionable plan to treat your condition so you’re able to achieve your literary goals.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Conquer the fear, guilt and shame that block your creative writing.
  • Focus on your inner game instead of fixating on your outer game.
  • Side step your tendencies toward indecision and overwhelm.
  • Source your voice from other writers, creatives and teachers.
  • Overcome “imposter syndrome” by being seen, nixing self-comparison, and yoking into your whole true self.

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Ratings and Reviews

Jessamine Storm

I love Dave's style of teaching. He comes across as very warm, real and welcoming with a good dash of humour. I've read many books on writing, studied English and taken writing courses for over thirty years. What Dave does is to find the gift in the resistance to actually heal the source of writer's block. This is not just a course about writing, but about living a life with increased freedom and joy.

a Creativelive Student

Terrific teacher uncovers what is stopping you from writing. Feel encouraged, hopeful, ready to own the word "writer.". Thank you​ Dave!

jane ursillo

This instruction offers a unique approach using common sense tools to help conquer creativity roadblocks for the writer. Excellent speaker who knows his stuff.

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