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Outdoor Sessions with Props

Lesson 18 from: Newborn Photography Bootcamp

Kelly Brown

Outdoor Sessions with Props

Lesson 18 from: Newborn Photography Bootcamp

Kelly Brown

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18. Outdoor Sessions with Props

Newborn sessions don't always have to be indoors -- but there are more safety precautions with working outside. Kelly walks through outdoor session essentials, like what temperatures are safe for baby and dealing with factors like insects.
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Lesson Info

Outdoor Sessions with Props

during this lesson we're going to talk about going outside and photographing newborns this is something I absolutely loved doing especially where I live way have beautiful temperature wouldn't do it in winter but definitely during the warmer months I love introducing this into my sessions with my clients and getting a feel for whether or not they're they're interested in it or yeah heading out heading outside is something that's really quite fun and I absolutely love doing it there's a few things that we need to be careful ofthe number one is definitely the temperature so as I mentioned you know in the warmer months you have to be careful that it's not too hot so where I live obviously it gets really hot and you can sort of reach temperatures up to about forty degrees celsius so that is too hot for a baby but then you've also got to be considerate off the colder months as well like when is it too cold to take a baby outside so if you have a session planned with a client and you have a ...

beautiful day and it's going to reach around twenty eight thirty degrees celsius then you could potentially you know offer a session outside or part of a session finished the session outside which is what I do so I tend tio go through the normal session and then say hey I've got this beautiful park around the corner and I would love to take you outside is that something that would interest you and that's how I would sort of incorporated in that way but making sure that the beginning of the day you know that you've got that that nice warm temperature another thing to look out for is avoiding the direct line so if you've got a warm day in those one month but you've got some beautiful cat cloud cover that would create a beautiful environment to shoot outside so ana really sunny hot day blue skies direct light is something that I would avoid going outside on those overcast days or under the shade of a tree or something like that you can get some really incredible images so you know like in this one you know I've used the cappy of a tree teo to provide shade and keep the direct light off the mother and the baby and another thing to be considered off is creepy crawlies so that's good that's going to sort of come into play wherever you live having having outdoor sessions you know there's so many things that you've gotta be consider it off like and since biters and bugs and flying in six and even snakes in australia and I'm not quite sure here in the states how behead payer but there is some places where I probably wouldn't go deep into the bushes eso keeping it sort of you know philly in you know traffic areas so that there's nothing sort of lurking in the bushes there that could cause an issue um creepy crawlies I use insect repellents and things like that but I'll explain that a little bit further on in the video that you're about to watch another thing that I do which is what I do in the studio so the rules apply same safety rules apply is definitely using a spotter so when you've got a spotter close by you know you if you're on unstable ground or anything like that you know nothing's going to tip for anything like that and if the baby moves you're nice and close so definitely having somebody they're really handy and again you know just making sure that your side got someone really close by and the time of day which comes back down to the temperature so if it's really hot in the mornings then you probably wouldn't go out there but if it's beautiful in the afternoon when the sun seemed to set and it's calling off that could be a really incredible time to go outside as well so yeah but now we're gonna play a video that I've shot at home which is in a park not far from where I live we're heading outside today which is really exciting to take some photos of little baby girl called imogen I'm really lucky where I live at the moment because I've got this incredible park it's about five hundred meters from my house so if I do want to take some outdoor photos at the end of the session we usually come down here and then afterwards my clients dressed their baby and they hit off so it's nice to actually add on to the individual ishan especially around summertime in australia because the temperatures really lovely it's just getting into summer at the moment so is staying in around twenty seven twenty eight degrees and that's celsius so it'll it'll start to get harder as the day goes on but it's in the morning so it's a it's a really nice temperature and it's actually really overcast today as well which is it perfect for shooting outdoors because we're not gonna have any direct light coming onto our baby and if we do it won't stick around for too much longer because there's lots of cloud cover behind me is probably where we're going to spend most of their time just under the shade of this canopy it's really beautiful leafy and we're going to shoot down on a problem then we're going to shoot side on a prop and we're gonna have some fun with little imaging it's really important that when you're photographing babies outside that you you have in place quite a few safety measures number one who in australia I'm not quite sure in other countries but we have a lot of insects and bugs and flies mosquitoes and things like that so we want to make sure that none of those come anywhere near the baby or on the baby so I use an insect repellent and I don't put it directly on the skin of the baby but I put it around the outside of the prop and on any fabric that's near the baby so it deters any bugs that air in the vicinity I also have a spotter that's close by at all times that's extremely important in my studio I use the parents which is great today though we've bought mum down and she's going to sit in a nice comfy chair and I have my admin assistant melissa here and she's going to stay nice and close and be my spotter which is exciting for her because she hasn't got to do that before um yes so we're gonna have some fun and see what happens so turning my prop towards the light that's what we're going to do is put baby imagines hit send and her bottom at this end and this is going to be a background textures now before we're prospering here I'm just going to put some um insect repellent around the outside of the prop so that nothing crawls in and it's not on her at all I don't wanna put insect repellent on her skin okay sleepy baby it's a fairly overcast day today which is actually quite good because we don't want to need to rick light hitting image in but it's it's summer here in australia so it's nice and warm it's not too hot it's around about twenty six degrees I think at the moment it's in the morning but I probably wouldn't come outside to do an outdoor shoot if it was over thirty degrees I think that would be too uncomfortable for the babies to hot theo she is absolutely tiny going back off the slate now whenever you are photographing outside it's you know it's so important to make sure that it you always got a spot close by the baby's not in direct light and it's nice and warm you do not want them to get cold at any time is going to turn her slightly bit long to her side here so she's facing the cameras and my hand is just going in down behind her hips and I'm just gonna pull her slightly towards me turn weigh a little toes ah wei was gonna pop a little booth get ready to take this time to wake up miss imagine so I'm keeping this tie away from tickling her and I'm gonna just bring it up to the side okay bring little face so we can see way keeper in position it was going to bring this back son was just poking through our clouds there in filtering through the tree so I've just got melissa holding a reflector up there at the moment is to keep the sun off her so she's nice and comfortable way don't want any of this will outfit in front of her face you want to be able to see along the face turn so I might just getting exposure shot here and I'm gonna come back this way so I'm going to shoot this at two point eight still so I get a beautiful soft back ground and I'm coming down nice and low so you conceal that beautiful greenery and behind we're still waiting for this cloud to go in front of this son it was lovely and overcast before but since just speaking through I'm shooting it to two point eight and my ire so is two fifty because we've got lots of beautiful light out here and I've born to two thirds of a stop over exposed and I'm focusing on the eye that's closest to the camera just in the little dark bit in the inside there so we make sure way get that focus just gonna pop this up underneath your chin so we can see all of her little face melissa standing nice and close to imagine while she's in a prop but she's in her back she's not upright she can't fall out because it's a nice firm dropped below the ground but she's lovely in closed so that if imogen does knew were you know not going teo to risk her going nto another language you could go that is just adorable but the next thing I would probably do is come in nice and close and while she set up like that get a beautiful close up of the little face with a little bit of that greenery in the background lovely little legs so now that you've seen the outdoor video I would love to see some images that you create outside and love to hear some feedback on your experience with shooting outside it's such an incredible thing to offer your clients and so different and if it's close by their house or or in a beautiful park or near a beach even it would be lovely to see those

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What an awesome class! I actually started watching this, not because I was interested in newborn photography, but because I thought I could pick up some good ideas for photography in general. Kelly is such an inspiring person and so professional and such a good communicator that she has a lot to offer any photographer. I actually have been inspired to try newborn photography and can't wait to implement the multiple ideas Kelly has so generously given. I think it is wonderful for the profession of photography that she has the spirit to freely share what she knows to help those who are seeking advice and knowledge. Thank you!

Jennifer Traylor

I cannot say enough to relay the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for this class. I was very fortunate to be chosen as a studio audience member for this course and what I have taken away from this class will never be forgotten. Kelly pours herself into this class both on the head knowledge of photography and the heart knowledge of building a business and making it work in your life. She is such an amazing soul and I will treasure this experience always. This class is so thorough and works amazingly both all on its own or as a supplement to her other classes. You will not be disappointed. Her knowledge, her demeanor, her care, is brilliant. She pulls you right in, and even as an online viewer/purchaser for the previous two classes, I was able to feel her connection with the audience. She is an amazing teacher!!!! Kelly rocks, Kelly amazes, Kelly loves! Buy it today!!!! You will not regret it!!!!!! And don't forget, purchases get TONS of amazing bonus materials including extra videos and PDF's and manuals. This class is a bargain!!!!!


I really have been so happy & blessed Kelly to learn from you! You are gentle and I love your spirit in which you share your "Art". I am a Nurse and worked Hospice for many years. Many of my co-workers and I recently lost our nursing positions due to department integration and have decided that my passion and love for taking photos of children and babies is something I would like to pursue. I am learning so much Kelly from the way you take the time to gently get the baby in position, follow the baby's lead and enjoy the parents and each moment of the creative process. I am not at all a professional and am just really learning, but am enjoying practicing on my friends children and babies and of course my 4 month and 4 year old grandchildren. Thank you for providing free classes as I would not be able to afford any classes at this time in my life. You have a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing so eloquently! You have made a difference in my life. Patty from AZ

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