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Go to Poses that Most Newborns Can Do

Lesson 11 from: Newborn Photography Bootcamp

Kelly Brown

Go to Poses that Most Newborns Can Do

Lesson 11 from: Newborn Photography Bootcamp

Kelly Brown

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11. Go to Poses that Most Newborns Can Do

In this live photo shoot, learn three go-to poses that are comfortable for babies, easy for beginning photographers, and, of course, cute. Watch how to safely pose the baby on the back, side, and belly.


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Go to Poses that Most Newborns Can Do

now we're going to move on to my go to poses and these are my three basic pose is that that is the same as in my flow posing but they I find that they're the safest poses that I do they are the most comfortable oh for babies and they're the easiest poses to do so we're gonna work with two little babies in this sum a sexual segment I'm going to start with one on their back and then we gonna transition onto the side the exact same way of doing my floor posing I just there's so many reasons why I have my go to poses because number one our clients are paying us to document their babies you know they're not paying unless they request it they're not paying me to create these wonderful elaborate setups and you know that take a ridiculous amount of time to do they want to remember their baby at that time in their life you know the beginning of their life and it's such an incredible time to share with their clients so for me the simplest of poses air often the best because I can get beautiful c...

lose up photos of their face and you know little curly positions like when they're on the back all tucked up or laying on this side and they look natural and they're comfortable so these are my go to poses which means I can get quite a few different image is a little bit of a variety out of them before I start moving onto props and things like that but all of my go to poses which are the baby on their back baby on this side and then the baby on the tummy I do them on my posing bag but I can also do them in props using the exact same way that I opposed them on my bag um there's a few other little things that I like to do like to go over a swell when I'm teaching these type of things is that we can never be too safe and we can never go over those safety measures and make sure that every everything's in place you know as much as we can so I have a couple of a couple of people that I like to call on for advice there's a friend of mine in australia who is a photographer but also usedto work in neonatal care so she is you know an incredible source of information so if you're looking for more information about babies and what their cape double off I strongly recommend you know sourcing someone someone that does actually have the qualifications to give you advice because you know the more we know about these little babies easier they are the handle and you know the most the smoothie your sessions are going to pay so when it comes to getting advice on babies then you know there are different they're different fields their gps and things like that there are people that work in near natal nurseries wei have recently been in contact with the lady in australia who is a she's a professor and electra in neonatal intensive care and physiotherapy so she you know she has so much information and and the more we know about that the you know the more confidence our parents are gonna have in us a cz well in handling their babies you know these these little things this is somebody's world we can't you know take that for granted for the sake of an image so they're you know everything you know falls back onto all that information um so I've got like a few tips that I've talked about before in my previous classes but you know to go over them again really briefly you always have to have a spotted nearby it doesn't matter if they're on opposing bag and there in the middle close in the center and you can see that they're actually not going to go anyway you can't leave them unattended you know and being able to do that in your session for your clients and so say all de mined just coming and sitting me my bag will grab a couple of things showing them that you are you know holding that child safety in the highest regard is just going to impress them to no end it's going to make them feel secure it's going to make them feel confident and then also you know what we talked about before about keeping the room at that constant temperature the twenty eight degree mark for may celsius which is eighty fahrenheit not very good with my fahrenheit but that is a great constant temperature if you feel it start to heat up a few using just base heaters with no thermostat and it hits at twenty eight degrees but it continues to rise your going to overheat your baby gonna overheat yourself but you're also going to make your parents and anybody else that's with them during this session really uncomfortable and as I've said before babies can't regulate their body temperature so keeping them warm is um is important but not overheating them either and if you do use this base hater make sure that you've got it at a safe distance for me sometimes in winter like if I'm sitting in front of my bag I'll hold my hand just to the outside of the bag to see if I can feel that hate hitting it and if I hold it there for five to ten seconds in my hand sewn into bone it's way too close you got to move that back occasionally when I'm using props in winter I might pick up a little space heater and just hold it above the prop toe warm that area but then move it away if it's too hot on that baby you will burn them and it will unsettle them and yet you'll end up with not being able to do too much with it baby and washing your hands and using a hand sanitizer like here between every change over with babies every time we go to break we wash our hands were washing them constantly especially when we're eating we're going outside of the room and we're using hand sanitizer as well like a little babies a subject to so many things and we just have to make sure that we take every precaution right right down to that and when it comes to port posing you know any baby even like a little girl with a mme the lost seventy six year old I think she was molly like she was getting uncomfortable I didn't want to force her into any particular pose at all so yeah you can't do that with babies you're going to hurt them and it's gonna unsettle them so you have to gradually transition them into every pose and like us we have a comfy space when you lay down in the lounge you lay down your bid you have your comfy space babies have the comfy spaces well you try and force her over extend any of their little ligament their arms their legs their nick you're going to injure them and you're going teo make them very uncomfortable if you don't injure them as well which will unsettle them so yeah a few more tips it just like I was saying before always support their head having your hand there or having a parent that's nice and close by just placing their hand there and if you do have a parent that's got a hand that shaking or hand that's tense show them show them and put your hand on their hand and say this is the type of pressure that I would like you to have its not hard and it's it's it's firm but it's soft so your hand becomes an extension of them because if you're trying to hold a baby's head up like that it's going to feel that it is going to respond to it which is not what we want um and taking extra care when you're using props I mean I've spoken about that for the past few years over and over again you know there are certain props that you should you you shouldn't use and then there are some props that you can use but using common sense when it comes to props if it's going to break if it's a breakable object like ceramic like glass or anything like that it's I'm sorry to say it but it's stupidity like it's just it's common sense that you would never put a baby into a breakable object and I have noticed in the past that it was fairly common practice but in the last few years you actually save less and less of those images online which is really great so that means that the word is spreading but when it comes to other props even n'est ce and baskets and things like that if they're twigs or you know anything so this sticking out and the baby's arms and legs go flying out they're going to hit that and it could cause a scratch will cause them to start you know stir or become unsettled anything like that you don't want that to happen so I'm making sure that you've got precautions in place for that as well I like to use my cloth nappies tow line the inside of every prop and when they're nice and settled there in that pose that's when I take this coffin it is a way to get that shop um talked about glass and composite images were necessary so even when you don't need to doesn't necessarily I have to be a composite image but if you feel that a baby isn't going to stay in that pose you know then take a photo with the parents hands appear and then another photo with the hand down there and put them together in photo shop because the safety of the baby or just even the contentment off that baby is going teo to make your job so much easier it doesn't make you any less of a photographer for having to clone outta hand or you know compass it a couple of support hands just to sort of keep them they're like even if you've got a baby on its side and its legs are constantly moving and if you put the legs in place and in the hands of moving photograph it with a hand up there and then move that hand up there and put them together um if you've got a baby that is stirring um and reading your baby so the first the first time I hold a baby when it comes into the studio it gives me a really good opportunity to sense the way it's moving or squirming or anything like that if it's some completely sleepy and dead to the world than you've got a great chance of getting some beautiful shots without waking up but if you've got a baby that sum awake when it arrives and they're stretching you'll start to see that you know babies like to sort of be positioned a certain way some like arch their backs unliked around the back so reading that on them and if they are squirming in any way and they're showing signs of discomfort there is something wrong so reading those cues is going to help you sort of flow through recessions a lot easier and another thing that I get asked a lot about what about premature babies and we do get a lot of those into the studios so when I take my bookings you know months in advance will have um you know a couple of phone calls or a couple of emails from people saying there are babies arrived early we're going to be staying in hospital for a certain amount of time things like that knowing a little bit more about premature babies is it's very important in your job because they're you know they're subject to more than than a full term baby um I had twins obviously if you've watched my my previous class I had them at thirty one wakes they spent six weeks in hospital they got to know a lot about premature babies and what they were capable of bond what they were sort of you know susceptible to at birth so knowing things like you know they can have breathing problems and bleeding on the brain heart conditions all of those things everything that I've listed there is checked at the hospital before they leave so they're not going to come to your studio and not know that those air there but just keeping in mind that doesn't matter how long that baby's been in hospital it could have been traded or could have been cared for for a number of reasons so talking to your clients and getting as much information from them as possible so you know how to handle the baby and what to do and and you're just keeping it as comfortable as possible and something that's really really important to me I have a lawyer friend and and she has you know told me about a couple of court cases that are happening around the world and it's actually incredible how many babies they're injured you know from the like fools related and things like that and during a session when moving babies constantly from you know opposing bag teo props to parents to children if the baby was to fall then you know that's that's gonna end your business and it's also kind to be potentially critical to that baby so taking every safety measure is so important because and you could lose everything you could lose everything so making sure that you are aware of those statistics and that the potential harm and dangers that could could happen during a session which is always again why have my go to pose is because they're on my posing bag I'm sitting around it they're safe this simple and I'm not moving the baby too much um so yeah pretty basic common sense is is it's all it is really when you're working with them using your head about how you're transitioning them where you're moving them too and like again not forcing them into any pose um and when you moving them around you know and attempting poses where they potentially hanging from something always having something at least you know no less than an inch or two from the beanbag or from support underneath I think we've really really covered that that's what we talked about before with us with those compass it's and just making it safe and easy it's really really simple I don't need to go over that again and now we have a baby to photograph so we have this little girl called maddy coming out and she is eleven days old come and have a sage and she sound a slave and she is beautiful oh my goodness hi so I've got my cream blanket on and creams a color that I like to use but that's me so I do a little creams and girls I just think they look really pretty and clean what I'm gonna do is just grab my little box of girls hats and I've got some wraps a swell so when I'm posing them on their back which is the one that I'm going to start with I'd like to have my well in the middle of my bag she's having a big stretch that and she's arching her back which is what I was talking about before when you're reading their cues um just keep in nice and snug then use this crane and we're gonna go in the middle okay can I get you to come and just bring the hate her a little bit closer over here for me thank you actually if you leave it there and just turn it so that the is going to blow in this direction perfect um yeah maybe a backdoor the perfect thank you so much so if I was in my studio and things like that were sort of a bit of an issue than would have been silly not to fix it before I started but I'm working in a new environment for me as well so even if you are working in in somebody's home in a new environment making sure you've got all of those things set up before you start is really important so that way you know having to get up and down to go and fix them it is not time to wake up did she have a little faith before she came down no no no she didn't want to wake up what's a bit she does now so when I popped them down for this part I always like to have them slightly on this side I'm gonna slip her nappy off but I just wanted to pull that blanket around her before I do so she's nice and secure thank you did I not say she was gonna wake up she has been sound asleep up there well hang on a minute the isa closing yes come back to sleep she is like a little dol soe I wouldn't like she had that big stretch she looked right up at me I wouldn't start to undress her now or move because I'm getting continued to wake her up to keeping my hands this soft but firm keeping them there just while she drifts back off into that slave um is where I wanted to be see what she does because of the way I'm going to wrap her I want to take the nappy off they can't see it you're pretty I would always have this kind of I'm done before I would stop but here creative lively I'm trying really hard not to um you know show bits and pieces that we don't need to see would you be able to grab my mobile phone for me what I'm gonna do is just pop a little bit of white noise on that might help her drift off to sleep I think it's on the desk over there was gonna bring her legs up pull this nice and tight around way have a hungry baby actually she she had a little bit of a mess in her nappy so thank you could you grab me away like a tissue not a wet what am I gonna get a tissue because I don't want a wet what teo wake her up even more because she may drift off back to slay people just see how she goes I'm not gonna put this on loud so you can still hear me but just enough you're distracted in there for me thank you there was an article written not so long ago about white noise and how loud it should be in your baby um and someone was sort of talking about you know the potential harm that it could do to the hearing but um she's having a really good school him hand she's waking up hi everybody does what she does if she continues to wake up I'll give it back to him mom because we have another little baby that we can photograph and when I went to visit her in the room she was sound asleep and we tried to undress her and get it a wake up for a fee but she just wouldn't so so what is so funny though always appearance come in and they say you're good luck with that baby it never sleeps and they'll sleep or you'll have a baby that comes in and be sound asleep in her sleep all the time and then they're awake for the next three hours so you can never judge or estimate what's going to happen they have their own agenda and they're going to do what they want to do but she's not gonna she's not showing any signs of wanting to go back off to sleep so we might see if we can get on next baby he is a slave way did I'm going to get you to give her a little feed outside in the nice warm mother's room she now she does not have enough eons so you can leave this around too so she stays nice someone were you doing with that leg wrapper up so she's nice and secure you wanna open that blanket out because it's big cold when you go out of the stream one cookie so our next little baby is a boy and I was going to use a nice grave but things we haven't used the white we'll use that and we'll change it up when when little medic comes back kelly what do you do with premature babies what poses won't you do with them I'm with premature baby I think it's all got to do with the baby at the time I've noticed over the last few years that working with them they tend to be you know a little bit stiffer not used to being wrapped up in a tight ball but they are used to being wrapped so it would probably stick to more wrapping techniques because when they are in hospital for periods of time I noticed with my two that the such of routine and a schedule with how everything is running there because you know they can be up to depending on the hospital that can be up to like you know fifty babies in the nursery so they have tio keep on time with feeds and all of that kind of stuff so they are wrapped and fed and put down eso understanding that indecision is really important because if you are over handling a baby like a premature baby that's not used to being up and down and up and down I mean they are used to being handle because they have been out longer I'm not like a brand spanking new baby but they used to being wrapped and secure hospital wrapping techniques are incredible way have little william oh my gosh candace late use okay going back just fall asleep its nappy off going back to talking about that white noise um there was a really interesting article and there was no evidence that um you know it could potentially hurt their ear drums and in it but you know I think again using common sense if it's really really loud you wouldn't put it right next to the baby it's just a constant sound because when they're inside the way they're surrounded by noise the whole time and when it's really really quiet and you start talking or total is running around and dropping stuff a lot of the times they won't flinch or move but sometimes they do look at this little boy how much did he weigh good size he's kurt shub I love it hey and he's been circumcised has he yet and it's all healed nicely sleep circumcision is also another thing I get asked about a lot in australia it's not something that they do often now um but obviously in some places they do do it regularly still but the one the babies that I have had to deal with you know they have they have had a lot of gasoline and things like that to protect the women because we're working with aa lot of fabrics and textures that have got um fibers and loose fibers I tend to keep the nappy on and work around it only because I mean if they've covered in vessel and you could only imagine how much fluff would stick to passionate it would be a nightmare for the parents to try and keep that clean so yeah I am I tend to you leaving that beyond we've got little things like pants but he's is healed and I want to take his nap because it's wet so it will be bulging through the pants yeah I keep at home in my change table um like a few newborn nappies for me um not everyone sorry just know the newborn tiny size and I also have like tissues and what wants and nephew sacks and all that kind of handy so you can clean them up but I'm gonna pop your pants on him because it's all healed there's no snow no vest lane down there at the moment now there's nothing it's it's gone so I'm gonna just start with the back pose again because it's where we kind of left off but I'm going to show you something a little bit different like a variation all of it without wrapping them but creating that nice well in the middle and using some nappies around them to make it really natural and soft so these will pants my mom knitted before I came away she spending some great little outfits but she's been using patterns by monkey muumuu and there's a cute little designs a little bow them okay I'm just gonna push my bag down in the middle there create that nice well on what I'm going to do is pop him onto his back but I'm going to bring his head up here and his bottom down here so he's gonna have his face in the direction of that white once we oppose him this blanket is so snuggly I'm using my forearm of my hands to keep you legs in place and I'm keeping him really close to the beanbag moving quite slowly because I move I'm transitioning him onto the bag so I don't want him if I moved with sudden movements you know he could startle and wake up and I want him to stay nice and sleeping all that so cute so letting him have a little stretch and keeping my hands they were always doing that right and keep his legs up I'm gonna pull the pants up to cover his belly button I'm gonna use him michael nappies to put under and support and hold him in place so we're gonna go away the bottom again and then we're gonna give him some support in the back and I'm not pushing it under him but I'm just you can see that I'm just moving that caught napping in around the back of that arm there because I kind of want him to come towards the camera not away from the camera the moment he's lying really really flat and we want him to be in a really nice curly position giving him this time to kind of relax and drift off into that deep slate as we do this this is great because then we can start to really refine with hands placed and all that kind of stuff so at the moment where I've got him positioned with that light you can see that little line under his eye when you are lighting from that direction and your flat by lifting his head up we're bringing him into that line really slaton that light is hitting him that way and you've got these little wrinkles the shadow is going to make those more predominant see the lift their head forward to bring them into that lot I love how he's got his whole hand up there on the phone so cute okay so I'm gonna sit down here on the back on the floor just so I can get a good look at where he is cross his legs over again I'm gonna bring in one more coffee not be here to get him a little bit more support I flew with this bag away over here it's almost like they've let some beans out of the airport so I'm all the way at the bottom underneath my layers of blankets and I'm just folding that cloth nappy in underneath where I needed to to hold him in that part way don't want any creases in our blankets concede that little bo hand over the cute and sweet now I'm just gonna turn my beanbag you can see my blankets going a bit crazy there at the back but I'm turning him towards the light I would I would rather fix my light here now in camera been trying to fix it in post um because you know you're going to see what you're doing to that image it's a turning and I'm watching the shadows and the fall off on his little face wait wait can I get another couple of clams actually don't worry yeah online actually grab some clamps so I do love photo shop and fading blankets and things like that but it's so much easier when you get all of those wrinkles out in photo shop he's got a good startle reflex okay now we didn't get that nice smooth background with set up like this as simple as it is you know making sure that you're getting a little details everything perfect that's what makes them look so incredible you right there baby that was unsettled he's not he's beautiful and sleepy he's just got a but if a reaction going on there to me moment um you would get your safe shot right about now and then you would come in and start to refine all of these little things like hands and feet and things like that we're just going to give his head just a little bit more lift I'm just folding the nappy and underneath tilting him up to make him nice and curly waken start to take a fish shop when I'm I'm shooting with this particular lens I wouldn't come in and take thirty five mils and shoot this because I'm gonna create some terrible distortion I'm always gonna zoom into around seventy mill that beautiful focal length and I'm gonna find my camera angle get my strap on twisted trust I'm not going to shoot up his nose or anything like that and bring my appetite backed two point eight which is where I like to be because they're shooting on why I'm actually going to come up to around two thirds of the stop to a full stop over exposed I'm also looking while I'm getting my my angle I'm looking to see if I can if I'm shooting up his nose or something like that it does up all great look at that so that means I can actually come up a little bit higher now and start to get a look at my different angles because a lot of the times you know when I'm shooting I'm concentrating on so many other things that you forget little things like shooting up the nerves and all of that kind of stuff so being able to see it in in that type of size is great so I'm just gonna adjust his feet across this whole foot here underneath and bring this leg here it down a bit so we can see those toes just pushing a knot at the back so it doesn't roll backwards but you have to come and turn the heating down so I can feel it starting to warm up now thank you doing little things with their hands and feet and seeing where they like to full naturally he studies now with his tongue hanging out so a shot like this of stupid a favorite a room in my exposure um he's got his two little feet there together which means I'm now like able to come in here and get a close up of those shots obviously seems right and you come in as close as I can get and grab that so now I can move him onto his side into that next pose you could shoot it from above to get another angle you can shoot it from wherever you want just filling up your you know your camera with what's a simple shots so I'm gonna pull the cloths out and support him every time I do it so he doesn't get that massive startle just because okay we've got all those out now I'm gonna move him over onto his side was quickly swept slip these pants off okay so as I move him I'm going to make sure that I keep the elbow close to the body I don't want that coming out and then just with my hand on the back of the hips just a gentle roll you can see that bottom elbow is in really nice and close to his body tony is a nice cream cheese cloth don't tickle him as I go over the top so keeping my hands on him as a tech it in and bringing those feet in nice and close to his bottom so you could position them with the hittite this into the bag towards the light or you could do it at that end and just rotate your bag around to where the light falls across the trace now that's tucked in at the front there I can give it a touch at the back we're going to bring a couple of nappies in underneath just to help hold those feet with fix that up in a second a little hand here gonna bring up to his face the reason I have the elbow in line with the body is is that it's great to be able to bring that hand up to the face is the elbow is out in front the hand is going to go back towards the year and then in the photo when you're focusing on the face you're going to have this big you know piece of skin on object by object in front of the camera which is going to be blurry so it's going to be competing for the attention of the face and the face is always where we want the viewer to focus on I'm just gonna open up his little fingers here but my finger in inside the hand is in the stretch with that leg I'm just gonna turn his nose when he finishes wriggling up towards the ceiling do you use a pacify or anything like that no that's one thing I'm just keeping my hand on his see if he stops stop screaming good boy so this whole hand he he's got this hand will hand here like this and then this one's kind of in front of his chin we want his hand things to come out and he's come to go over the wrist so that his face is now clear and fully visible I'm just gonna push that thumb through slide it over the top of the wrist no he's holding on to his own honor and that he wriggles I'm not forcing it but I'm just keeping my fingers on the back of his wrist he's strong that was not made here boy just lifting his head off the blanket there we go and now when you bring the down good boy it's coming out but so good he's happy now but I can't even hide it because it's like go on everywhere let me see if I can hide it in a shot before we move in because then it gets actually on him I think it's like on the blanket okay I'm gonna get him up off here this is a deadly one this is how I would do it in my studio if it got to the point where it was you know you needed to get them off the bag sometimes when they go to the bathroom you can clean it up without having to move them on other times there's a lot there and it's quite hard tio to get it cleaned up I'm just trying to put something between him and the missus and I don't cry lll startle so I'm just gonna hold those in my hand for a second and warm them up I can't leave it there I'm going to go toe between him and the blanket are you hungry now I always tell my parents as well you know like at the beginning of the session don't worry if they go to the bathroom it's okay it's normal it's natural so I'm gonna sit him up here in my lab special face it's gonna roll him towards me hi everybody I think we got it all but there was yeah you can see that this there's quite a bit of a mess so mike giving back to his mom and we'll see if thinking quickly get through these go to poses a happy boy you go two seconds let me get cleaned up here come on my friend that gray gray blanket out yeah thank you if you hold that side for me nice wait come and have a seat again o que que so we'll go back to yeah aside pose again and can you turn that heater up again for me please thank you grabbed me bhaskar here that one there great thanks thank you so much so good nice cheesecloth is going to go with this gray I'm gonna leave him happy on because you won't see it anyway underneath the cheesecloth just make sure my hand is nice and warm letting her just relax into the pose I'm going to bring this hand here before I go lowering their hands got kind of caught up in there I don't know lower her head onto that make it uncomfortable she's lovely and sleeping when you're positioning the hand there underneath the face making sure that that thumb is through so it's not tucked up means the handle sit nice and flat and linking they thumbed their over the top of the wrist and positioning that hand up underneath the chin no way same thing taking the cheese course just under the front renal feet into the booth giving image a little bit detail into the distance I'm gonna come underneath her head but I'm gonna slide my hand in first again underneath here my hand is about their toe lift her up to slide the coffin happy and place we want we're positioning and like this we don't want to be sort of propping them imposing them so well we're pushing their face away from the light we want their face to go towards the light and by giving them that lifted either end it makes him look curly not slap shit this one really top those fade in I can't give you that thank you I'm not sure if you can see over there but she's fingers where her hand is she's just called the tops of her fingers over so we want to make those nice and flat if you have like a wriggly square me baby she's not you would take your safe shot and then you come in and fix those fingers and because we're running out of time here I'm just making sure that we get it right for the ship when you putting detail into the background like that with a bit of a rapper a texture or fabric you don't want it to be a distraction behind their face that I wasn't a big fan of how her little foot was crossed there so I just want to make it look a bit flatter and she's like pushing fingers together and I'm focusing on the I that is closest to the bag we gotta bring my exposure of a little bit that's a full stop overexposed because we're shooting on such a light subject on such a light background so she does have her nappy on here looking for something we can cover it with I was gonna bring the cost nothing at the end out slide that down here pick a pair of pants you could leave the nef aeon but because these are a little tiny pair thiss won't take long another little outfit my mom's maid I always find it easy to put the pants on when they're on this side yeah not from a little head out on the transition her over onto his tummy keeping my fingers on her elbows from both arms so she doesn't bring those out oh thank you I was going to give that a little pool I'm actually not gonna tire I don't need to tie it so we're gonna transition here over onto her tummy but you can see how I've got like a bit of a hill here would be like trying to push something help so I just want to try and flatten it down a little bit and because it's a beanbag obviously they just moved already so I'm not gonna turn her legs first but I just want to make sure that they crossed over so when they when I do turn her they kind of fall into that position that I want them to be and that means that the back leg the foot is gonna come over this leg so when I turn here and she tucks the legs up we're gonna naturally being that um that crossed over thing this alarm here at the bottom this's the arm that I need to come back here so it becomes a support home so at the moment she's like this I'm going to bring this bottom mom back here like that so she doesn't roll backwards so we're gonna keep this hand here underneath her face you can even bring it out into the bag and she's not some relaxed we can do that and just have it out in front and then with my fingers on this part of the arm underneath I'm going to grab a shoulder blade with the other hand and as I kind of rolled her over I'm gonna push with my fingers that arm through to the other side and they're a little on the back and elbow have come out when she crossed her feet over hisself the other way when I'm positioning their little bottoms and their shins and their legs I like to put my fingers underneath the shin bones cross the feet over and then by supporting this part of the body you can bring the bottom half around to meet that front half so their elbow and then nia meeting and that's how you get that beautiful curly look who are meth the back there that's making sure it's nice and comfortable before I start to proper up at the front I'm gonna put a hat on but I am going to give it just a little bit of support here at the back just to keep her feet in place I'm not lifting her just yet they're gathered up put it in place well I need to do is just with my fingers underneath this part of her hid here just take her head like lift her head just slightly off the bag so they can use your other finger to push down underneath to draw the other side of that hat down I'm not lifting here I'm just taking the weight of her head off the blanket there to slide the top of the hat damn tessa and have doesn't have to look perfect at the back as long as it's sitting really nice around the front of her face and then bringing the kessel again just taking the weight of her head off her hand to bring that tessa lt's through so comes in underneath the chin not tying it too tight because we can tuck things in was going to give it a little boat the top here tickling her no I'm just going to get her face right on her hand texas the kessel underneath the chin make sure it making sure her cheek is not squished like or pulled back like that time we wanted to be a nice soft drink on top of her hand way go I was gonna give her a quick lift up front and we can take a photo booth holding the blankets back here taking the weight of a head off the blanket and raising studying to kill her into that parts she still she's not pushed up as high as what you know the baby is for example on the course page but she's still in a beautiful little pose on her belly with feet tucked up in a hand you know underneath the face we could refine it a little bit more but we are running out of time here we go so that this type of pose I would shoot it from quite a few different angles and things like that

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I really have been so happy & blessed Kelly to learn from you! You are gentle and I love your spirit in which you share your "Art". I am a Nurse and worked Hospice for many years. Many of my co-workers and I recently lost our nursing positions due to department integration and have decided that my passion and love for taking photos of children and babies is something I would like to pursue. I am learning so much Kelly from the way you take the time to gently get the baby in position, follow the baby's lead and enjoy the parents and each moment of the creative process. I am not at all a professional and am just really learning, but am enjoying practicing on my friends children and babies and of course my 4 month and 4 year old grandchildren. Thank you for providing free classes as I would not be able to afford any classes at this time in my life. You have a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing so eloquently! You have made a difference in my life. Patty from AZ

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