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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Mobile Workflow with Adobe Creative Cloud

Jared Platt

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1. Class Introduction


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Class Introduction


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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to Creative Live. This is Mobile Workflow for Adobe Creative Cloud with Jared Platt. My name is Chris Jennings, and I'm gonna be your host for the class. Now, if you are a photographer who's always on the go, you know how important it is to have a good, mobile work flow. Well, Jared is here to teach us exactly that. He's gonna help us organize our photos for whenever we are away from our home workstation, and what's even better, a lot of the features that Jared's going to be talking about in this class are brand new in the latest updates to Creative Cloud, so this is really exciting and really timely stuff we're going to be learning. Now, if you're not familiar with Jared Platt, I'm going to tell you a little about him. Jared is a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He has nearly two decades of experience as a teacher, as a lecturer. And if you search for him in the Creative Live catalog, you're gonna see dozens of classes. He's no str...

anger to Creative Live, and we always love having him back on our stage. So as I mentioned, Jared is going to be teaching us about mobile workflow, and as you can see, we are mobile right now. We've gotten out of our studio. We're up on the roof in the San Francisco Studio here at Creative Live, and right now, as we speak, Jared is actually doing a little photo shoot to kick things off from here on the roof, so I'm gonna check in with Jared. Jared? A class is starting here, hate to interrupt you. (laughs) But you are taking some photos right here. We've got a subject. We're up here on the roof, and, yeah, we're ready to get this class started. Anything you wanna say before we get going? Well, we're just gonna finish a couple shots here, 'cause she's on a roll. Sure. Lookin' awesome, by the way, very perfect. So, we're gonna take just a couple more shots, but the purpose of this class is to teach you how to take images from here, put them into your mobile workflow. So right now, I'm just traveling really light. You can see that there's no computer with me. I'm not tethered to anything. And, quite frankly, when I travel, I don't want to take a lot of stuff with me, especially if I'm on vacation. And the thing is that this class is not only for professionals, although professionals are gonna get a lot out of this class. It's for anybody. If you're a vacationer, and you want to take your digital SLR with you, and you just want to take an iPad, and you don't want to bring all the other stuff with you, you can still get your images, you can edit your images on the go, you can secure 'em, so that by the time you get home, they're actually in a cloud waiting for you, so that you have, like, let's say you lost your iPad, you lost your cards, and you lost your camera. By the way, do you want to know how my career started? Tell me. So, my career in photography started in Florence, Italy. I was this graduate student in photography, and I was traveling, and I had a whole bag full of camera gear and film, 'cause back then we didn't have digital, but I had a whole bag of film, and I had my cameras, and I had a Lyca camera, and it was an M2, so if you know what that is, it has no, it doesn't even have a light meter on it. You have to attach a light meter to the top of it. So that's how old school it was, right? And I had bought it for 1200 bucks, but the list price for a brand new Lyca, which I think at the time was an M5, something like that, maybe it was an M4, but anyway, so it was five grand for that same camera, and my insurance had to pay me replacement cost, right? So that's the stage. I get into Florence, and some gypsies steal my cameras. I lose every camera I have and all the film, by the way. And there was no cloud. And there was no cloud. There was no cloud to save it. No cloud to save my film. So I lose all my cameras, have no backup for the film, but fortunately when I get home, my insurance company had to pay me 10 grand for the lenses and the cameras, and at the time, in order to be a professional photographer, you had to walk to the wedding with a medium format camera. You didn't have to use it, but you had to have it with you. And so I had enough money to replace my camera with a 35, which I like shooting with, and then I bought a medium format Veronica, and I would shoot a couple portraits every wedding with that, but because I had it, then when the bride came and asked me that dumb question, "Do you shoot with medium format?" I could say, "Yes." So, voila! I was a professional, just like (snaps) that! Because of a couple gypsies in Florence who stole all my cameras. So, but the point of that story is that I was traveling in Italy, and I had a bunch of pictures, not on a cloud, I had 'em with me, and when a gypsy stole my bag, all of the work I had done was gone. Two weeks worth of travel and the most beautiful photograph I've ever taken was on the riverside in Paris of a bunch of old folk dancing to like a little stereo that they had brought, you know, it's like the old French music, you know, with (hums). And it was the best photo I've ever taken, and I can't show it to you because it's on film somewhere that a gypsy stole from me. So I still think that's the best photo I've ever taken. Wow! So, in my mind, anyway. So, the point is that you could get in that situation, where you have all these great photos, and you lose 'em because someone stole your cards, someone stole your camera, or, heaven forbid, you put 'em on something and then that something dies, right? So the cloud that we're gonna talk about today actually allows you to not only work on your photos and share your photos to social media right off the bat, but it'll also allow you to transfer the images that you have in Paris, after you get that amazing shot, you immediately go to the cafe, and you work on that photo, and the raw photo, the original, raw photo is gonna go from your iPad to your home computer in America, or vice versa, if you're a Frenchman and you're in America, and you're at the Grand Canyon, you get this amazing shot, and it goes back to France. It's just waiting for you. It's just waiting for you, right? When you get home, all of the work that you did on your iPad is actually done on your home computer, as well. You don't have to redo the work, either. So that's the kinda connectivity that we're talking about when we're talking about mobile photography. Now, we'll talk a little bit about taking a picture with your phone, too, and what the advantages of some of that are, but mostly what we're talking about is the idea of getting amazing images, being able to review them on location, as well as being able to edit them and work on them in a raw format, and then also securing them, and then sharing them all within the span of minutes, as opposed to waiting 'til you get home from your three week trip to start working on the photos. Then it's like a job, right? You might as well work on the photos while you're on vacation because they're fun, okay? So let me finish a couple shots here. You can keep shooting, I'm gonna go take a seat and check in with the online audience, but, yeah. All right, well, I'm gonna go jump in the chat room and check it out, and you can take it away, Jared. Okay, just a couple more shots. Are you ready, you feelin' loose? I know we kinda slowed you down there. Your mojo was like, yeah, okay. Are you ready? Okay, so remember to tilt that, yes, just like that! That's perfect! Just like that, I love it. Good, nice, now just warm it up for me. Nice, very good, good, even more. Warm it up even more. There you go, good. I'm gonna get a vertical of that. Okay, give me some of that warmth, there you go, nice. Tilt a little that way, there you go, good. Excellent, I'm loving the horizontal on this, good, nice! That's it, good, good, good! I like when you kinda put up, yeah, yeah, that's right. It's cute, that's your dating profile right there. By the way, she's single, so... Right, you're single, right? No comment. All right, I'm just trying to help out your social profile here, like, single, we're gonna post it, you're gonna... I'm telling you, soon as you get married, you owe me. Okay, here, turn, there you go, good, just like that. Good, excellent, oh, I love it! Love it, a little too much on the, just kinda bring that chin out a little bit more, there you go, good. Nice, give me that smile, there you go, good. Okay, now, serious as a heart attack, ready? Here we go. Tilt that head over, there you go, that's good, nice. Nice. Good, okay, I think we got it!

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Ratings and Reviews

JIll C.

I was able to participate in the live taping of this course in the CL San Francisco studios, and it was a great experience. Jared is an enthusiastic, entertaining and very knowledgeable trainer as well as an accomplished photographer. He not only understood every aspect of the Lightroom mobile technology, but was able to advise us on how to adapt it to our needs and develop an efficient workflow to leverage the capabilities of this emerging technology. There are complexities of the interface between your mobile devices, the LR Mobile Cloud, and your primary computer that would be challenging to figure out on your own, and I highly recommend this course as a way to provide a clear picture and help you develop a path to adopt this very useful technology. Whether you're a high volume professional photographer or an avid hobbyist, you will find ways to incorporate LR mobile into your workflow as a result of this very informative course.

Tracey Lee

Great course for those who are new to Adobe mobile products or for those who want to understand how to implement an organised and efficient Adobe Mobile Lightroom Workflow. I was in the live audience and over two days Jared covers everything from beginner to advanced in a logical sequence with clear demonstrations, excellent supporting visual materials, detailed Q and A and a fun and engaging delivery. I'm really excited about what is possible! Definitely worth buying and watching from start to finish.


This class is ESSENTIAL for anyone in photography. Jared's teaching style, humor and sheer knowledge have me so excited about everything I can do with Lightroom Mobile and all the FREE Adobe CC for products that go along with it. I am currently reorganizing my entire LR catalog in order to utilize these tools for my past, current and future work. I cannot emphasize enough the amazing value of this class. I was lucky enough to be in the audience for this class and had such a fun time. So many aha moments. He really knows how to make a seemingly complex subject simple and easy to use.

Student Work