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Who I Am

Lesson 1 from: Mixing Electronic Music In Ableton Live

Isaac Cotec

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1. Who I Am

Lesson Info

Who I Am

My name is Isaac Co Tech. I have traveled all over the United States and the world as a musician going by the name Sub Korea's. I played a lot of electronic festivals in Australia, Canada, America and so on. And about four years ago I started producing music as sub Equus and during that time I started What was it? Live five. So I started way before that. Like eight years ago, I started learning able to and there was nothing. There was no YouTube videos. The manual was in German, there was no information at all. And it was a wild West sort of thing. And as always, learning, I spent countless months learning all the different parts and wanting to be able to share that to other people to save them that amount of time that I spent. So that's why I began to teach other people. About five years ago, I started training people unable to live, and then we got a manual and then we got YouTube and we got all that stuff. But, uh, through the years of training, I've been able to distill this knowle...

dge and I can take someone through learning live in a month that would normally take me an immense. I think it took me two years to get to the point where I can teach people. Yeah, that's me as a trainer and a musician. Now we're going to start going into the class and talking about what the class all about. So the scope of the class today is mainly around mixing, right. We're gonna talk about creating a final mix how we can prepare your studio for a mix that's really important. If you don't have your place set up, then you're not gonna be able to know what your music sounds like. Getting punch out of your volume and dynamics. Getting a balanced mix using the power of the compressor. Really gonna go in deep on the compressor, from the basics to the much more advanced usage of it. Advance acute techniques giving the mix dimension with panning as well as adding depth with advanced missing mixing effects. So this is all about polishing. You were your tracks to make them very professional sounding so that when you put them out in the world, it sounds like you know, a completely professional studio. Put it out even if it's in your bedroom or if it's in the studio. Either way, it's going to sound fantastic. Just going to show a little example here, I've got this track of mine and I put it together. I'm just gonna a be real quick the track So you can hear with all these mixing techniques that we're gonna use and then without, So this is without. All right, so now I'm gonna turn it on. I'm just gonna go back and forth a little bit. So off much dolar that's a whole bunch is an entire track and then on much more clarity, granite. So let's just turn it off and on. Granted these air kind of subtle things, right? I'm not changing the story or this song at all, but I'm making all the elements come out more. I turned that bond go down just a little bit through some e queuing. I made all the parts fit together, and I did this through a lot of queueing specialization. I also have all these different return turn tracks, which I'll go through all the different effects, and by the end, you're going to take something that you might have. It's a little bit dull and turning into a very punchy, loud, perfectly balanced mix

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Ratings and Reviews

Jose Gerardo Rendon Santana

Excellent Course, Isaac Cotec is a great instructor and a great producer. The course is very well organized explaining each important step of the mix. as well as great tips and techniques. He also includes a great deal of support material with the course including an Ableton Live Pack with tons of great presets and tools to put to practice the knowledge acquired in the course.

a Creativelive Student

Isaac covers an amazing amount of material in a clear and concise way. Great intro to mixing with Ableton or review for the intermediate user who wants to solidify their best practices, DAW knowledge as well as gain some production tips.

Ian turner

this is the best thing money can buy in my life. Isaac makes it look easy and the way he teaches makes you understand everything and makes it easy for you as well. its exactly what i wanted to learn in each video! i cant even sleep because another video loads and im like "ohhhh i need it" lol. i thank god for this class being affordable and the real deal.

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