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Using Color As A Cohesive Tools

Lesson 26 from: Mastering the Art of Photography

Chris Weston

Using Color As A Cohesive Tools

Lesson 26 from: Mastering the Art of Photography

Chris Weston

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26. Using Color As A Cohesive Tools

Photography isn’t always about the single image. There are several reasons you may want to consider building a portfolio of work - from exhibition to competition. Chris reveals how he set out to create a unified set of images for display in his gallery.


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Lesson Info

Using Color As A Cohesive Tools

there's another aspect to color. I want to touch on here not so much in relation to the single image, but in terms of how to build a cohesive portfolio of work, a unified set of images through consistency of color palette. Now, sometimes I set out with this intention in mind, and I create each image specifically to match my color theme, choosing specific times of the day or contributing weather conditions to shoot in. But you can also create a unifying color palette across a collection of images in post capture. Because my project photographing Japanese cranes was intended for my gallery, it was important I create a unified color palette across all images. Now, even though the images were shot over several days, each was photographed under almost identical overcast lighting conditions, and this helps to balance contrast across the set. I used the same exposure technique for all the images, setting an exposure compensation of plus three, and the timing of each shot was planned. So the b...

irds are always against a backdrop of snow, and in every case, I was mindful of making sure some amount of the red Crown was visible in the shot so that a splash of color can be seen in every frame. And finally, I process the images as a set to create a continuity of tone when they are viewed hanging on a wall. Together. We do tend to think of photography in terms of the single image, one off frames and desperate moments in time. But there are times when we might want to bring a set of images together into a single body of work in the professional world. For example, I have done this for exhibitions, and many of the photographic competitions around today have portfolio categories. In both examples, color is a powerful tool at your disposal.

Ratings and Reviews

Gary Hook

Wow, what a wonderful journey. I love the concept of telling a story with one's photos and as I go through past images, I'm seeing them in a much different perspective. That's the good news, The bad? The lost opportunities I never 'saw' before; however that is a good thing. There is so much to internalize with the material so that it can get out of the head and into the 'heart'. I also found the concept really helps me with composition, both in camera and post. Biggest take away, as Chris underscored in his closing, is to slooooow down, take the time and feel it. Don't be so quick to leave one scene as there remain other aspects, yet to be discovered. A great experience that I truly enjoyed Thank you


I loved this course - in particular the latter part of it in which he demonstrated how post processing lets you really tell the story of the image. Another fabulous course. Thanks Chris & thanks Creative Live.

Abdullah Alahmari

Thanks a lot to mr. Chris Weston This course is great and It is a 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 course for me. Beside the other course ( mastering photographic composition and visual storytelling) both courses are Complementing to each other and highly recommended.

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