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Mastering Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Fundamentals

Andrew Kearns

Mastering Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Fundamentals

Andrew Kearns

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Class Description


A workshop designed to get you the editing results you want. Learn from the wildly talented (and entertaining) Andrew Kearns from Wildist – whose distinct viewpoint has caught the eye of clients like Airbnb, Polaroid, and Sony. Walk away with the in-depth knowledge needed to control every aspect of your image to build a consistent style. Andrew Kearns provides the in-depth knowledge you need to control the contrast & color and create distinct images.


  • Plan a shoot and direct talent.
  • Control targeted contrast and color.
  • Understanding of curves, split toning, and lens correction.
  • How to apply color to your edits.
  • Retouch like an advanced professional.
  • Accelerate your workflow with keyboard shortcuts.

Class Materials

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Sonora Edit - Before and After
Mountains Edit - Before and After
Edit 01 - Before and After
Edit 02 - Before and After
Edit 03 - Before and After

Ratings and Reviews

Ratul Dutta

This class is really like a good investment. It's gonna help you step by step and you can come back to it multiple times when you need to. Been watching Andrew Kearns on YouTube since 2018. Massive fan of his editing style. I wanted this class as soon as I saw the discount rate. Being a student from a different country, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford it at it's original price. This workshop goes in real depth towards the "approach" of editing a photo. I learnt a tonne of cool stuff. So many new things. Subtle yet so powerful.

Mack Woodruff

Incredibly Eye Opening This workshop truly opened up a whole new world of editing techniques that I didn't fully realize existed. I'd recommend this workshop for anyone who has a basic understanding of LR and PS already and are hoping to take it to new levels. I will keep coming back to it for a long time!

Veronica Ettedgui

Very very nice!!

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