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Checking Your Work

Lesson 8 from: Masking for Composite Photography

Lisa Carney

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8. Checking Your Work

Lesson Info

Checking Your Work

I'm gonna suggest you always check your work. So how you check your work is with the solar curve. And with the bonus materials, you have a solar curve I will give you, and it is a curve that does this. And what that does is make everything whacked out. I'm gonna put a gray layer here. And what that will allow you to do is check your edges, and for the love of God, check your edges. Don't just check it on the mask, but check it with the solar curve so that there's not so whopping mistake that you miss, like a hard line, a cut line. Please check your masks. Please check your masks by looking at the mask, option clicking on it, or by putting a solar curve on it. And, then, I'm nearly out of time, but I wanna just talk about one other thing. I hope you guys have found this useful. I hope so. Let's just go through the handouts real quick. So, check your edges. This is empirically important, if I can say that. Again, the solar curve comes with the course materials, however, if you don't have...

the course materials, just make a curve that looks like this. All right, again, rim light. We talked about this, screening or filling. That's a fill, that's a screen. They're two different things. This is why you would do it. This is the kinda job you wanna do what we just did, any kind of back lit, and the thing is, you guys, you can do this even if she's not back lit. You could take someone who was not shot with the rim light, do that back fill screen, and make a rim light. And it's easy peasy lemon squeezy, and it's one mask. All right, please check with your clients, are you masking on dark or light, because if you look at this image here, that mask wouldn't cut it. So do you remember that curve I put on the girl, on the end, to darken her edges? That's all you'd have to do on this mask is darken the hair edges so it blends in. I will tell you, it's one of the hardest things, dark haired people on a dark mask, on a dark background, people mess it up all the time.

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Katie McLellan

Lisa is one of my favorite instructors on Creative Live. She is smart, fast, funny, and packs more great info in each class than anyone else I have seen. Admittedly, I watch her classes multiple times and often do a little side-by-side practice with her support here, but I have learned so so much. Highly recommend her courses.


Wow! I am so glad I bought the studio pass because I am going to have to re-watch that several times before I can pack all of that info into my brain! These masking techniques are so applicable in so many different situations. Lisa does a great job explaining as she goes, the how, what, when and why you would use different techniques for different situations and different subjects. What a great class!


I really enjoyed this class. It is fast paced though, and probably not for a beginner. But I really appreciate how much information is jam-packed in this short course. For anyone familiar with photoshop who wants to improve their masking skills fast, this is a great class. I would highly recommend this and any other class taught by Lisa Carney for advanced photoshop techniques.

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