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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Market Your Service Business Without Spending Hours on Social Media

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

What is marketing actually supposed to be doing for your business? Find out and let Tara show you just how simple successful marketing of a business can be.

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I think most business owners when they get started, they're trying to do too much, too much marketing, too much sales, too much too many products, too many offers, they're just trying to put too much into the business when really the strongest, most profitable business owners that I know keep things super simple. We're gonna market your service business. My name is Tara McMullen and I love marketing and I cannot wait to tell you about how to market your service business. But first I have been working with small business owners like you for over 13 years, I have helped hundreds and thousands of small business owners build more sustainable, stronger businesses and help them with their marketing as well. I'm also a service business owner. My husband and I have a company called Yellow House media where we help small business owners produce podcasts and together we produce over 40 episodes per month. So not only do I know marketing from a coaching perspective, I know marketing from a servic...

e business perspective and I love marketing just in general and that is what we're going to be talking about all through this class. So what are we talking about when we're talking about marketing? What does that really mean when you think about marketing, what do you think about? My guess is that when you think marketing, you're thinking two things. One tactics for self promotion. You know that there are certain things you're supposed to be doing on instagram Tiktok linkedin, facebook, your blog, your email newsletter, youtube, you are thinking about all of the stuff that you should be doing and probably just don't have time for or couldn't care less about good news. That's not marketing. Second, when you think about marketing, you probably think of constant anxiety, anxiety that you're not doing enough, that you're not reach enough people that you haven't gotten enough likes enough, saves enough shares. Again, not marketing and we can start to let some of that anxiety go. So if that stuff isn't marketing, what is Well Seth Godin actually just wrote a great little tiny blog post about the difference between marketing and promotion and this quote is a little long. But it sums up everything that I believe about. The difference between marketing and promotion. Seth Godin says marketing is creating the conditions for a story to spread. So you can help people get where they hope to go. Marketing is work. That matters for people who care a chance to create products and services that lead to change. If you have to interrupt trick or coerce people to get the word out. You might be doing too much promotion and not enough marketing. So often when small business owners and especially service business owners talk about marketing, they're really talking about promotion. But this class isn't about promotion. This class is not about how to get more likes on instagram, How to find more followers on linked in or how to get more views on youtube. This class is about the mechanics of marketing and how little you actually need to do to make your service business a marketing success. So the good news as I said, is marketing isn't what you post on social media, it's not how much time you sink into list building or the trendy new place to hang out online. In my world, there is no fomo when it comes to marketing because marketing isn't something that you can miss out on. Marketing is the process that you use in your business to connect with the people who want to buy from you. Marketing is actually so much simpler than we tend to believe that it is. So in this class, we're going to cover the basics of marketing. We're going to cover the three key objectives that every marketing strategy needs. First discovery how to new prospects, find out about you and your business, second evaluation. How do those prospects learn more about how you can help them? And then third conversion, How do we start a sales conversation with the right people. Those are the three questions that you're gonna have clear answers to by the end of this class. Now, we're also gonna talk about a few other things. We're gonna talk about the difference between finding clients and building an audience. We're gonna talk about why marketing ecosystems trump sales funnels and we're gonna talk about how to construct a simple marketing strategy without endless content creation. This class is for you, if you're tired of hustling for clients. The good news is that the right activities mean you do not have to hustle, you don't have to reach more and more people. You can really focus in on exactly the right clients for you. So if you are so over social media and constantly creating content, you are in the right place. This class is also for you, if you value strong relationships, if you want to really sink in to the relationships that you have with your prospects and your clients, this class is going to help you set up a marketing strategy that really facilitates that kind of intimate relationship and this class is for you, if you want to focus on what you love rather than focus on being a marketer, I think as service business owners, we don't really need to be marketers. We need to be people who are doing the right things to find the right people at the right time and get them into our businesses. And that looks less like what you think market looks like and a lot more like doing the stuff you want to do. And so that's how we're going to really structure this class. Now, our objective in this class is to create a simple, effective and sustainable marketing strategy that connects you with the perfect prospects without relying on fickle social media platforms. So if you're over social media, you are in the right place. This class also has a workbook that's going to walk you through step by step, how you're going to create your particular marketing strategy, the one that's right for you and your business and your clients, and you can use that to follow along with this class and create your own plan. So without further ado, let's get into it.

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Matthew Whitenack

Tara is great. I have been looking forward to new content from her. This class is major departure from her earlier classes. In it, she essentially argues that we spend less time on marketing, doing fewer activities....because that nonstop whirlwind of content creation didn't actually help her business (which makes me question what I learned in her earlier classes). I think this new class could greatly benefit from more specific examples of where she suggests we meet our ideal clients since she's suggesting it isn't on social media or in their email inboxes. I don't think I have enough information to actually "do" anything after taking this class.

Onyinye Onyejiaka

Wonderful class. I love that her practical tips are realistic.


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