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Making & Using Drum Samples

Lesson 9 of 15

Kick Drum Sample Prep

Sam Pura

Making & Using Drum Samples

Sam Pura

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Lesson Info

9. Kick Drum Sample Prep

Lesson Info

Kick Drum Sample Prep

We are going to start prepping their drums for samples here so I'm gonna get rid of these tracts of land for these full of things let me just delete those, all right? So now we are down over here so basically, now that we've got our drums happening, what we want to dio is actually before I do that, let me just go into selling this out for you because I didn't do this shit for you look, listen to carrie's drum performance on diana west and then I'm going to show you the drum performance in panda east so that you can hear the same life, same single chain and we'll just kind of go through and talk about the differences were quick before I start prepping these drums to be sampled so I'm busting my drums alone every bus that my next bus cold so it's all the way there's a hallway and diana west let's go that same drumbeat and let's listen to the warehouse mike and panic used way back over here again so when it was kind of cool what we want to set up to do the drums and panda west don panta e...

ast the reason I did it was so that we could make samples both rooms and be able to specifically sold out the warehouse samples and stuff what I was assuming I would find was that the rooms responded extremely differently but what I was really start to find is that both my rooms we're designed by this guy named jeff head back and he came in on dh two in the rooms made sure everything is cool so they actually sound pretty even because they're both tuned to be pretty even so thie only big difference is this hallway mike so I'll play I'll play back the panel west again and I'll introduce the hallway mike and you have no good panties and I'll introduce the warehouse night for you that like to me I cannot live with drum sounds unless I have that night going like it's divide it's basically my river I don't use any river I think we're kind of laying a cheesy used to do that in the eighties when you made like phil collins records or something but I think that experimenting and getting room sounds are much cooler so with that being said let's listen to the east one and I'll take down the if anything wait what the big difference between east and west is that you'll hear that the kick and snare sound a little bit more quick and country because it is so close and there's not so much to k these kids are bigger but they don't necessarily had as much punches the ones because they're not so dead so he was let's go back to the these ones and let's pull in that warehouse so I'm a firm believer in the wild card mike and trying to do really cool things with your with your hallways and stuff so now that we're on that note we're going to try to do they were going to start prepping these drums right now so that we can start making samples out of them so the first thing I do every time we do this is I basically take the kick and take the snare and I duplicate the tracks cool it's going to move the kick up here I name this what do you think slp kick because that's the kick that I'm gonna make actually hang on I was smart enough and I made these tracks for myself before I even did this year so usually I just duplicate the same track but I'll just pull back here was one all right cool so here's the s o p k track we're going to focus on the kicker on first we're gonna edit the kick so basically let's go over here the next tool in our arsenal that we're going to be focusing on talking about what to do right now is the time to use this place called strip salads strip science is the coolest plugging because it basically is going to allow us to just define what is our transit information from our kick and we're going to get rid of everything else when we use the trigger to sample it's going toe pick up all that extra bleed and we want to get that out of there so we can just sample on lee from the kick sound itself nothing else want anything else in that light so what I'm gonna do is I'm going take this kick and I'm gonna copy this down onto here and I'm going to highlight it with strips odds so let's zoom in a little bit here and as you can see is pretty much to finding every single kick transient that's happening so we're gonna slide these around until it gets just the kick nothing else my favorite number in the world is number thirty eight think it's the coolest number so I said everything as close as I can to the number thirty eight that's just my general rule of thumb all right, so let's make sure we get rid of everything here and just only have these kicks cool some that I'm gonna kind of just scroll through here and make sure it's cool but visually look at here and then we're gonna we're gonna double check everything here in a second looking pretty good doesn't look, I'm missing anything. We've got just enough heads just enough tales on this all right? So let's head straight awesome that's pretty much practice now the next thing we need to do is we need to open up a trigger here is my best friend trader uh this is the brand new version this version two it looks really cool and it actually is pretty convenient. I before yesterday I've only used the first program I've never actually used the second version but I actually really like he's in this you know, last night when I was prepping in testing so this is a cool one basically the way that this plug in works is that it's going to want to find the library of samples that we just made so I'm gonna go to my browser and it's gonna look for, uh we're going, uh we got these kicks and was pulled up here they say we're going to settings were going click on set based directory when I pull these new kicks samples that we just made some would do that perfect browser it's got this really cool feature called audition that u turn on so it's trying to touch these it'll actually hit it and play it now it sounds big, so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to track this down into this grave are here that's what we're gonna use fried chicken right now cool so let's solo out this trigger and let's listen to this trigger so first thing that you could see is that we got the blue waves right here blue wave forms that come back and there's three main controls that we're going to focus on here was the sensitivity and this is basically asking how sensitive trigger's going response has not responded and out because it's not it's it's assuming that things are way too sensitive and I need there's too much information going on that's possibly triggering it but that's not happening so let's go ahead and try it with sensitivity again what's my favorite number thirty eight and giving pretty cool all right sounds pretty good now the next really cool feature about sugar is that if you go into the view curves here we can control the velocity of the dynamics of this. So right now the dynamics are one hundred meaning that it's got a one hundred percent we represent all the dynamics of the kick we kind of don't really want tio I have this fall of the dynamics completely we want to make this a little bit larger than life and hit a little bit harder so I'm gonna go with my favorite number thirty eight and I'm gonna reverse it. I'm just going to hit eighty three here word that way we just have a little bit less dynamics a little bit more consistency cool so now let's go ahead and let's just listen to this great now the next thing that we're gonna want tio is we're gonna want to blend in are really kick but we need to make sure this thing is it phase with it phase and most important thing so let me go ahead and just play both the hair out of place in a very clear difference, right? That sounds terrible that sounds so great we got a sample going it's both attend a good level work we're ready to go through this and start double checking this entire song and make sure that we're not misfiring so the way that I do this as I turned my well where is it? Everyone knows growing other options and I go to continue this this way I can basically watch a movie happen in front of me so again we're looking for here is we're making sure that no, no spare hits are being down here we don't want any tom hits all we want in this thing are the kick it's nothing else so far there's been no states so let's keep going that one is a perfect example he just did a double and that didn't pick it up so it's going to copy that down we just turned this sensitivity up or the sad detail down just a little bit there we go perfect now is gonna grab that and it's going to make sure we're checking into that all right cool, awesome, almost done with the song here all right um but with this is a perfect example notice that the sample sounds weird stuff it all these other kicks down get accepted that was going on there right it's because one of these other things is tricking off of it so we kind of have to fake trigger and we have to find a different point so I like to just play around with the trim tool almost there better oh that perfect perfect so what is actually happening there and why that's happening if you look the snare is being hit two he's hitting his kick and it's there and it's triggering off of that snare instead of the kick so the's air the things that if you want to use samples you have to be able to really one understand that we can't have any misfires into all these hits need to be in face so what we're really doing right now is we're just checking to make sure that we don't have the misfires and we're going to check the phase after we make sure they were not misfiring cool perfect now last part of song yes far there cool so that's step one of this any questions so far on that cool making sure that we are isolating just the kick and we're making sure that none of this is misfiring ana listen to the entire thing one more time and we're going to fix any of those weird phase hits that we hear all right one I started a third one hello one of those seven work make sure you're all right perfect. Hee hee sam yep tom from online just asked is there a reason you don't use triggers built in leakage suppression future from here with that? Because it's I don't like using a plug in automation and ratting plug ins to do this what I want to do is I want to make sure that every single time that I'd go to my kick drum and I change samples at any time it is not going to miss fire and it is not going to have an issue so I cannot stress the importance of double, triple and quadruple checking these things and making it prepped so thatyou congrats these in print these at all times because the ideal situation is when I finished choosing my samples I'm going to bust this trigger to attract so I'm not using sugar anymore and I print my sample and it's living on the outer track cool thanks cool the bridge so now that we've got that happening let's have fun and let's listen to it and our mix here is the dry drums way to be these guys and try to replace our sound let's see how that sounds if you could see on air basically got both the samples running up plus six aboard and let's just stole it let's listen with the outside kid too weii prepped, archaic, trim. It's. Totally ready. All we now have to do is prepper, snow drum, and then we could start choosing and blending samples.

Class Description

Drum samples are a staple in modern music recording. Drummers can’t deliver a pitch perfect performance every time – drum samples free you up to make small mistakes that you correct for in the recording studios. Learn how to use them.

In Making and Using Drum Samples with Sam Pura you’ll learn all about recording, editing, and placing drum samples in a mix. Sam will help you identify weak spots in a performance and show you how a sample can reinforce your tones, add depth to a recording and fill in the gaps. You’ll learn how to record samples from a drum kit, edit them, and then place them in your mix using Beat Detective and Slate Trigger. You’ll master the art of integrating drums samples that sound authentic and natural, not copy and pasted.

If you are ready to get solid drum tracks that cut through the mix, this course is for you.


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This is actually money well spent! A good deal of knowledge to be learned. Much better than the Eyal Levi class, that I spent nearly 8 times the cash on!


Crazy useful knowledge on Making & Using Drum Samples. Sam is the man, and throws in tons of tips and tricks along the way on building gobos and room treatment and other random production ideas, this class is definitely worth it!!

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