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Lesson 1 from: Making & Using Drum Samples

Sam Pura

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1. 12 Pre-Show

Lesson Info

12 Pre-Show

Welcome to creative live here on the music and audio channel my name is drew councilman and you are here with sam pura making and using drum samples today and that we're excited that you're here we are in our pre show right now we take about fifteen minutes to check our microphones and make sure all the cameras are working so that you can see and hear everything that you need to see in here. So if you're tuning in, this is an extra special bonus, and we have a really cool appreciate it, and I'm pretty excited about here are creative live. We love people who are first creative and people who are successful and and carrying that creativity through toe completion and one guy that has really done that really well in the world of audio is mike, my friend here from a hairball audio, how you doing this morning? Have you good, good to see you think should be any of these, so we have a piece of gear in front of us, actually a number of pieces of gear, right? And one beautiful little box. Yeah, ...

this is a five hundred series rack, we don't make the rack it's a p I five hundred series rack aa lot of companies make the five hundred siri's racks a p I just happens to be kind of the company that started it okay it's iraq that essentially houses modules which all fit this form factor essentially the rack supplies power to the module's ahs well is the io it's gotta accelerant and excel are out in the back well we do is we designed the modules off many companies designed models we happen to be a company that does modules primarily for the d a y market so we actually sell kits for users to build their own modules that's awesome so how did so give me the background on this you like now you own this amazing company that makes amazing products that sam and a whole bunch of other people use and we've found out I found out about really hair but I had seen hairball stuff before but never really heard the back story and it's such a cool story on how how you started and you hear it based in seattle yeah we're seeing company with seattle yeah, you started it yourself give us just like the thirty second elevator speech on how that all I started really just really just dumb luck you know, I was just a d a white guy and I wanted to buy cool parts and nobody really sold them in one's or two's so I had to get three or four hundred of a certain obvious transformer on I just ended up with a bunch of stuff so I just started kind of selling off my extras and realizing that well, they started selling really quickly and people wanted me to get more so every like kind of backed into a business that has actually turned out to be quite good that's awesome. Yeah, you quit your job doing this full time yeah, we have one employee you know we're still a basement operation but you know it's de alli it's the women were not just a company that sells the ally parts we are idea why company everything we do is we figure it out and hope for the best yeah that's awesome that's awesome. So let's dive into the gear a little bit you have some beautiful preempts here and I remember from the summer year guide that we talked to sam was talking about a few of these different preempts and that we have a couple of new ones too. So right. So the two on the end here that the same pre it's our lola mike priefer we've had it out for about three years now sam is loyal user a lot of people are really starting to get into it. It's been very popular for us it's a great mike pre it's kind of an interesting design. It uses a fully balanced gain stage eso it's clean so what does that mean fully balanced game stage for it's essentially almost like, you know, usually in a pre amp uh it will be, you know, a balance signal comes in with two way forms. Those send one to ground, though though the transformer will send one to ground thegame stage will be l a it will be amplified. And then on the output they'll turn the signal single unbalanced line back to balanced. So essentially it's it's. What we've done is we've brought both the negative and a positive end, and we amplified both of them, okay? And then we send him out, so we never really he kind of ground that one sided signal. We amplify both sides of signal, which means it's fully balanced through the whole thing. Basically, it allows us to have a really low noise floor, ok? And it also gives because there's two circuits and parallel because double the current to the output transformer, which actually makes the upper transform perform a lot better. Cool. It gives more headroom. Yeah, so and critical. And the look of it is awesome on if you can get a tight shot on this one but it's like, how did you? Is that it's a secret? No, no, no. So a lot of the old transformers in gear used to do this hammer tone paint and I know how they did it the dad on if they literally hammered it out or whatever but this is a powder coat finish done locally here in seattle looks super cool that kind of gives the hammer tone finish we just kind of wanted to you know when we designed here we kind of design here like we're in the sixties you know like how did they do it back then so we wanted to give that aesthetic to our product so we thought having a hammer time finish on it would be pretty cool we're happy with the way it turned out yeah that's really really cool so if you're a musician that's just starting out and you want to get a hair ball product the lola sounds like it would be is that it's kind of it it's I would say it's our most balance pre it's it's it's it's our pre that it's it's kind of the swiss army knife of our priests it does everything well if you take ten mike praise and you record ten sources and do kind of a blind shoot up we're confident that the low baby top three every time it'll win a few of them but it will always be top three it always does well and basically everything it does ok, so where would that go in line like so say we're recording at a little home studio we have a little, um a d in it and converters into your laptop microphone where does this go? In the line for people who are just starting s o u you would have your microphone would actually go into the input of other rack so you would go insane and put it this channel. Thie output will go to your hd converter. Ok, mike and puts on the bag on a swing. Yeah, three. Yeah, so that's what the back looks like? Yeah, so you have each so there's this is a six channel right? The's racks come in one channel, they come in ten channels. This happens to be a six channel rack on it just has it. Xlr input and output for each lawyer. Your microphone is going to come in. Uh, your signals going get amplified and then that's going to go out roughly line level out, you're a d converter, which is then going to send it digitally into your dog. Beautiful. Pretty simple. Yeah, let's talk about these cool points down in the end. Yeah, I'm super excited about these. So these mike preempts just came out wednesday. Yeah, fifteenth, so hot off the press. This is our elements line of mike priest um we have gold copper, bronze and silver they're all based off the same circuit there just a single op amp transformer in transformer out much like a lot of the classic consoles like the ap I console of three twelve stuff like that it's a really simple circuit what we found was that if we if we use different transformers and different op amps and each one we could get just a kn amazing wide variety of sounds like just shockingly different and that's kind of what we've tried to do here with our gold we've just tried to make the cleanest mike pre possible it's a jensen and put transformer jensen output transformer with the oath and nine nine pam it's a super clear transparent pre it's not dull though like you know you would find in like, you know, like a stock pre that can't comes with people tend to think of transparent praises is kind of other boring this isn't that way because it's just such it's too high five sound it's it's kind of more like a millennia or grace pre or hardy pre something like that and yet the cost of those pre yeah, I mean, we're so most cost prohibitive yeah, you know, several thousand dollars and we're selling these in the three hundred dollars range is a is a deal like it that will take you about an hour and a half to build okay, they're super simple if you ever saw turd cables I'm quite confident you could build one of these in like an hour and a half our copper pre is the next one it's kind of based off that it's it really shoots to be like the need ten seventy three channel strip we used our own version of uneven put an output transformer with the with an iv style op amp and we selected a lot of capacitor we found that like capacitors kind of attributed like to maybe twenty five percent of the sound in these in these units so we really took the time to lean on expertise that people you know to find out what the best capacitors would be and then they're pretty pretty odd onlooking capacities in these and they're and they're really really interesting and they sound amazing and we feel like we've really got that kind of classic seventies you know british consul sound on that bronze we just love the sound of the three a compressor we thought it just adds so much be so much weird like this is a really aggressive midway range and so much low in and this kind of really really interesting sounds so we were like why not make that and know my pre so we essentially use cinema and put transformer in our custom uh put transformer which is based off the three oprah transformer and then we designed an op app um with the help of eyes, an audio in new york city who's, a super talented designer to make a replica of that you you aria hbo put stage and we think we've got it. It sounds scott that total lay three a sound it sounds just amazing on base, just like super thick guitars. It's very cool. It's it's it's interesting both the bronze in the copper just sound amazing on electric cars, but they're different. So, you know, this is kind of that more classic sound and this is just a little more gritty. A little more colored, awesome and in our silver is basically it has nothing in it other than the base components to run. It is just the guts and she's got all the support circuitry doesn't have a transformer, doesn't have an import transformer doesn't have enough power transformer doesn't have an off ramp, you build it. Basically, we wanted to give people the opportunity to design their own pre in this format, kind of in a safe environment. You know, the great thing about these is, you know, the power supplies already built. All the rails on our pcb are fused with it with a it's a fuse that essential trip and then you just turn the unit often to reset so basically is in no way to blow yourself up there's no way to blow up your rack there's no way to damage anything else in iraq we've tried to make it super safe so it's it's it's a nice palate to kind of attempt to be your own like pre designer that's. So cool if you're just tuning in to creative live right now you're on the music and audio channel and we're here with mike maybe from a terrible audio talking about some of the awesome little preys that he has built he and his company have built so let's talk just just last thing I want to touch on is the box so this is a five hundred series the advantage is like you said, you could fit a whole bunch of different preys in one one case three it's a three you space okay, think about if you had one that was fitting in nineteen in track and I was three you you could fit ten mike preys or accommodate you know people do compressors they beacuse that would take up in a kind of the old nineteen inch space barack you could fill like two twenty year racks bases so the full size yeah with full size here you've got up to ten units or eleven units in in three united new track so cool so how did people find is a hairball idea dot com nobody that okay and they can just email I email mike and he responded I think that day that's awesome so if you're interested in this stuff check out hairball audio dot com they're doing really really cool stuff and super glad that you're here awesome absolutely like sam's gonna be using a little bit of our stuff today sandra loves your stuff yeah that's awesome and I'm going to be working on the project here in a few weeks or about a month and I'm going to try some of it's pretty super excited very excited about it. So go for me all right, thank you so you're just tuning in you're on the music and audio channel here creative live making and using drum samples with sam pura you are on the music in audio channel hair creative wives were thrilled that you're here I'm thrilled about today's course I met sam a few weeks ago and actually about a month ago I think a little over a month ago he was here for the summer gear guide and just a really neat dude passionate about music and passionate about excellence in music, so we're happy to have him here and we're going to start today's course off with a little video that was awesome that was totally rad. So we are here if you're just tuning in. This is the music and audio channel here, creative live. And we're here with sam appear a talking about making using drum samples. And sam is in the house. You had breakfast this morning. You flew to seattle yesterday. Welcome. How are you? I'm great. I'm really excited to be here. I'm real excited watching that, just pumping out your love drum sounds. So what was that? What? We don't want to see that, my friend devon. Ok, he's in a band called trash talk. And when I found out that I was going to doing this course, he was like, hey, man, can I come in a film age run playback video and we could put up on youtube was like, perfect let's, do it. And I will also make samples of your dream kid so we can offer those for free for you guys to download if you are to stay in this class that's awesome will welcome to creative life. Thank you were excited that you're here and there is it up to you and let's dive into this awesome.

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