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Adding Images

Lesson 6 from: Making Compelling Video in Adobe Photoshop

Rafael "RC" Concepcion

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6. Adding Images

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Lesson Info

Adding Images

All of the stuff that we're doing right now we've been doing with transitions from one point to another point to another point. What about pictures? It's Photoshop. How do we edit pictures? Inside of here, I tell a really bad joke, all the time to people. Right? I tell people, 'how do you catch a unique rabbit?' You neek up on them and catch them. Alright? How do you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way. (laughs) Sorry. So, a lot of the time you'll hear me do that inside of classes because the cool part about what it is that we do in Photoshop is that all the of the stuff is tame way. It repeats itself, it repeats itself, it repeats itself. Like, how do you add images? Well, the exact same way that you added media, right? We go inside of here, and I'm gonna come over here and I can either add one picture or I can add a series of pictures. Highlight all of them, hit okay. And now, look, there's a picture. There's a picture. Urgh, there's a weird spot in that picture over there, look at that. U...

rgh, boo, not good, right? So, how would I fix this? This picture needs to be a little bit bigger. How do I fix that in Photoshop? Free transform. Just the way we do anything else in Photoshop. Command+T. I'm gonna hold down the option key, and I'm just gonna zoom out, just a hair. I'm gonna come over here to this one. Command+T. Zoom out, just a hair. Look at this picture, right here. It's a little dark, I wish it were brighter. I'm gonna do a Command+T first over here. I'm gonna drag this out. I wish that picture were brighter. So what I'm gonna do is, having that picture selected, I'm gonna come over here and make an adjustment layer. Just like we would in Photoshop, and I'll drag that picture right there, just make it a little brighter there. Not bad. (clicks fingers) How do we add transitions to the picture? Same way that we just did it for the video, tame way. Click on the black and white. Go to your cross fade. Now you have a cross fade. Oh we got to do a fade to black right inside of here because we're coming off of that into this. (upbeat jazz music) He's so happy. Brought to you by Linea, purveyors of the finest coffees. Inside of here, grab this guy, I gotta do some transitions. I'm gonna cross fade. Put that in there. Cross fade. Put that in there. Cross, I usually don't mind cross fading pictures. I'll grab that, and then I'm gonna fade with black move that all the way to the very end. So now (upbeat jazz music) Picture, picture, I shot all of these with a Fuji X-T3. Done.

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a Creativelive Student

I am so excited about this class! I knew there had to be an alternative subscribing to a pricey service that allows one to display images and video clips in a video format. This class gives you all the tools you need to whip out a custom video showing shoots and images taken during them. I cannot wait to employ RC's excellent instruction. Great class!!


Wow! I had no idea that you could do video in Photoshop! I have been wanting to incorporate video clips into my client gallery slideshows. This was such a cool walk through, and at a manageable pace too! Great class!


great class. This is one area of PS that I am sure most people are unaware of. Great class. Practical applications. Love RC's presentation.

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