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Lesson 1 from: Logo Design Fundamentals

Mark Sposato

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logos. They're everywhere you look and while it's easy to take them for granted they're the most powerful and pure expressions of graphic design. My name is Mark Sposato. I'm a graphic designer. Art director, filmmaker and professor at the School of Visual Arts. Mm hmm. Believe it or not. I've been an artist and designer most of my life. Thanks to the guidance of both of my parents who are graphic designers themselves, I graduated from the graphic and interactive design program at Tyler School of Art, which I lovingly referred to as boot camp for designers. I've worked for large advertising networks like I PG WPP and Havas where I was an associate creative director at their flagship headquarters. I also maintained a steady freelance career working with small businesses as well as independent film and music projects. My work has been recognized by organizations like How C. N. Y. K magazine, creativity. Annual awards, Art directors club and logo lounge have been published in bright ideas...

and poster design logo two point oh in an upcoming bloomsbury book on posters written by one of my former Tyler professors. Have you ever tried to design an incredible mind blowing logo only to get stuck in a cycle of false starts and self doubt. If so you're not alone. The good news is I can offer a surefire logo design process that will enable you to confidently move towards the finish line without ever hitting a roadblock regardless of skill, talent level or experience as paul rand famously said, design is the silent ambassador of your brand logos are the most essential touch point of that experience. Logo design is one of the most in demand skills for designers today in this course I'll teach you the same process that enabled me to win numerous industry awards. I love logos because of their immediacy and their ability to be clever, eye catching and even tell a story in an instant. They're ubiquitous but rarely executed masterfully. Here are some examples of the most successful logos I've designed. Mm hmm mm hmm. The goal of this course is to walk you through a logo design process that's sure to hit the mark. We'll look at examples of great historical and contemporary logos. I'll share tips, tools, techniques, resources and best practices will cover how to get started navigating client relationships and proper file handoffs. But most importantly, I'll provide a framework for concept generation that will give your creative mind the structure and freedom to soar to new heights Using case studies of my own work. I'll take you through the process of designing three different types of logos will spend most of their time building a vector monogram and a handmade combination mark. We'll also touch on customizing a word mark by the end. You'll be able to confidently tackle any logo design assignment with precision and Grace. I'm happy to offer this course here on fiber because as a freelancer, I know how hard it is to find good resources and how important it is to never stop learning and to never stop growing. I hope you're as excited as I am. Let's get started. Yeah, mm hmm.

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Lily Osa

Amazing course, Really helped me a lot. Thank you

Udesh Designs

Great! highly recommended this course for all designers.

Agatha Munson

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