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Keyword Research Tools

Lesson 7 from: Local SEO: Put Your Business on the Map

Alastair Dunstan

Keyword Research Tools

Lesson 7 from: Local SEO: Put Your Business on the Map

Alastair Dunstan

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7. Keyword Research Tools


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Chapter 2: Local SEO - What is it and Why is it Important?


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Keyword Research Tools


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Lesson Info

Keyword Research Tools

in the previous lesson, we created a huge list of potential keywords but now we want to know the search volume for each to do this. You can use a range of tools like SCM rush or the google keyword planner in google ads but today I'm going to show you a tool that's handy to use on a day to day basis and it's useful for business owners and S. C. O. Professionals alike. I personally like it because it integrates directly into your google search. Keywords everywhere is a keyword tool that you can download and add as a firefox or chrome extension. Just head over to google and look up keywords everywhere and you'll find the link to the crime store or if you're using firefox you can add it as an extension there when you add the tool to your browser. It will appear over here and once activated and it will do some great things for you when you head over to google and search for anything like diamond dog collars. Keywords everywhere is going to give you valuable keyword information on or in the ...

search results. It's going to tell you the volume or monthly searches for that phrase and it tells you that right here. It's also going to tell you related keywords to that to that term. Gucci dog collar designer dog collars, how many searches per month that has in the US the competition score and many other valuable pieces of information. People also search for. It's giving you valuable keyword information on the page. It's telling you how many people are searching for these terms If I'm interested in designer dog collars, click there, it takes me to that page and I can see all the results and keyword information and more sets of related keywords. When I open the tool itself, I can't import keywords in bulk so I can copy paste keywords here and get metrics and I can start any keywords in the search results like designer dog collars, replica designer dog collars and then I can come back into keywords everywhere and find them in my keywords. So it is a very helpful tool and and and and the example that we're going to use is very helpful when you're importing a large list of keywords and analyzing the keyword data that keywords everywhere will give us. Now we want to use keywords everywhere to take the keywords that we researched earlier for our physiotherapy business. We want to go and find the keyword volume and competitive scores for each keyword. This is the real power of the tool so we copy these. We head over to keywords everywhere, select import keywords but before that we do that we make sure that we have selected the right country. We can go global. We can go any of these countries listed. They are a little bit limited. But in this case we're choosing Australia. We're going to go import keywords, paste our keywords in here. Once we click the get metrics button we're going to get the keyword volume for each keyword along with a competitive score and that's what we're interested in. And you can see that information here include 100 entries. So if you remember we started with a list of Perhaps 80-90 different, maybe keyword variations, then we pop them into keywords everywhere. Now we have a list of keywords with amazingly important information. The search volume in Australia for these keywords, along with the competition score for each keyword, we can look through the list, find the most interesting most relevant keywords and target those to our services pages, physio physiotherapy, Pilates Melbourne Pilates in Melbourne Pilates near me, we now understand Pilates classes Melbourne, we now understand which terms are more important, which have the most search traffic. So we can go out and target those accordingly. We can see when we scroll down the list that many of the terms have search volume of zero. Now, obviously we're going to exclude those from our efforts and focus on the terms that have some relevant search traffic. So using this tool we can export the information to excel to pdf uh send that report to our clients work on an Excel and build up a keyword list that has um perfectly targeted keywords based on search volume and the competition score. Now as far as competition score goes, you don't have to be glued to it or pay close attention. But it is an indicator of how tough a keyword is to rank for A low score of 19 out of 100 means that that's a pretty low competition keywords On the flip side, something above 50 is a little bit more competitive, naturally physiotherapy Melbourne, every business is going after that. So that's what the competition score is telling you. This information tells us what people are actually searching for online. Now there's no need for guesswork. We know what people are searching. We just have to go out and capture that traffic by targeting these keywords effectively across our site. In the homepage the services and product pages Now there are a wide variety of keyword research tools available in the market for you to use and these can make your life easier. Some of the top options include ECM rush H refs keyword tool dot IO and these are all paid keywords everywhere and within google ads, you have the google adwords keyword planner. If we head over to aah refs and in particular to the keywords Explorer section of the site. We can enter our target keyword physiotherapist Melbourne and see what kind of results we get back from a HFS in particular. Were interested in. Keyword volume keyword ideas, different keyword variations that the tool will suggest for us, head down here and then we'll go click view all now from these results, we can hand pick the keywords that we're most interested in that are the most relevant. Or we can select all of the keywords and export them to extract them and export them to our spreadsheet. We can dive in a little deeper here and check out our competition on page one for a specific keyword, What does page one look like in Google for Melbourne Physiotherapist and we can use the tool to get ideas. And this is the whole purpose of using a keyword research tool like aah refs. We can dive into a particular keyword, look through the list and find ideas and build out our keyword research that way. Finding ideas, finding low competition ideas, finding new ideas and adding these keywords to our keyword list and then going out and targeting them across our website. This is the name of the game with keyword research tools like aah refs in this lesson we have made some really positive steps for your business. We have sourced relevant local keywords that will form the foundation of the work we do in our website. It's such an important part of the S. C. O. Process and to many business owners either overlook it or get it wrong. So now that we have our local keywords researched, we can begin to implement our strategy in the next lesson. We're going to focus on something that's very important. Competition research. Competition research is a critical step because it will tell us how hard we're going to have to work to rank our business in the local pack and organic results

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Plenty of practical information in here to get you started in crafting a website for good SEO. Recommend.

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Alastair is a professional. I enjoyed every section of the course. Even if I am a SEO Professional myself, I learned new tricks and perks to use to my arsenal. Thank you!

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