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Liquify and Other Warp Tools in Photoshop

Suzette Allen

Liquify and Other Warp Tools in Photoshop

Suzette Allen

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Class Description

Learn to use Liquify as a powerful tool to make people look their best, not match the unrealistic standard of pop perfection! We all can benefit from attractive posing and clothing that fits us well, but occasionally we find our clients in not-so flattering light or ill-fitting clothes. Liquify to the rescue! Chin and bulge removal and fixed clothing failures are all great feats that are easily accomplished in mere seconds with Liquify. Learn how to use all of the tool features for precision and control, so that your workflow is speedy and your images are free of visual distortion. You will also see some some surprising ways to fix hair and clothing failures with Warp, and understand which tools to use to fix tricky surroundings -- and what to do when Warp or Liquify won’t quite do the job!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2

Class Materials

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Liquify and Other Warp Tools in PS Quick Reference Guide.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Audrey Agin

This was fantastic! WOW! Very practical application of making people look natural and better. I agree with all the other reviews. Especially-- she showed how to use Liquify on ordinary people and not models. This can be helpful in some photo restoration. I will need to re-watch this again. I hope she does more instruction on CreativeLive.


I learned so much from this course, Suzette was a wonderful teacher. I think I will watch this over and over because there is so much information in it that will save me tons of time. I also purchased her other class as both are awesome. Thanks

Kristin K Hand

Think you know how to use Liquefy? Watch this and learn more about how to use the tool to the best advantage! Suzette has great, real world examples (not picture-perfect models) which benefit from just a light hand on the liquefy tools. Suzette is a master re-toucher, and you can learn from watching both her workflow and her techniques. Also seeing the warp tool in action, and examples of where you would want to use it, were very useful!

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