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Lesson 14 from: Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Integration

Ben Willmore

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14. Summary

Ben wraps up the class and tells you how to keep in touch as you continue to learn Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.

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by now, you should have a pretty good idea of how to get light room in Photoshop to work together when you do. Integrating those two really makes them both more powerful than they would be individually, and it makes it so you can really enjoy your work a lot more. Now. If you want to continue learning from me after this time, you have a few options. First off on the Creative Live website, just click on the search icon looks like a magnifying glass and type in my last name, which is Wilmore with two l's just the word will and the word more pushed together. But you also have other options to continue learning from me for free. I published short video tips every single week in my Facebook group. This is the same Facebook group that is found on the bottom of every page of your handbook. It's where you can go and ask questions about light room. It's where you can do anything related to the class where you want to communicate with me. But each week there, I post a new free tip video. Once a ...

month, I post a full length lesson that might be 22 an hour long, and that can be done on my website at masters academy dot com slash free. Then, if you want to see some of my photography, you can also find my instagram at vintage gas or the world is my yoga mat. I hope you enjoyed this class. I certainly enjoyed teaching it, and I love using light room Photoshop together every day.

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Carl Grooms

Fantastic, clear explanations of these features. i have a much better understanding of how to go back and forth between LR and PS. Thank you Ben. this is must watch class for anyone that uses LR and PS

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