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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Integration

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Ben shares why he loves using Lightroom Classic and Photoshop together.

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

welcome to Light Room Classic and Photoshop integration. I'm Ben Wilmore. In this class. We're going to progress from the basics and intermediate and then push it into advanced. And so, regardless of your user level, you should learn a good amount of information about how to get light room in Photoshop to work together. Now, when we first get started, I'm going to begin with the basics, which is going to be setting up your preferences correctly in just sending an image back and forth between light room Photoshop. But then we'll start exploring the various options the light room asks you about when you open images, and then we'll start exploring unique methods for opening your images. You'll learn how to open it as a smart object, a linked, smart object as layers and more. But then we're going to go beyond the things that everyday light room Photoshop users use, and we'll start doing things more unique, like figuring out how to get adjustments that are not usually available in light roo...

m. They're only available in Photoshop in figuring out how to make them available in light room so you don't always have to go to Photoshop to do that work, and then I'll show you how to do things like work with your pictures, even when you forgot the hard drive that contains the original images, while you're still going to be able to open them, work on them in Photoshop and they'll update once you get those images to be available once again. But throughout this whole process, we're just going to progress to get better and better at working between Light Room and Photoshop. Now, when you're going through this, I'm sure you're going to have some questions. And so there is a handbook for this class that's in the class. Bonus materials download that pdf its extensive information covering what I do here in class. But when you get questions at the bottom of every page of that handbook is a link to our Facebook group, and that is where you can ask questions about the class. I monitor that group, and also other people that are taking the class will pop in there and also answer questions in those bonus materials. Also, you'll find a light room catalog now to use the light room catalog file. What I would do is launch light room, go to the file menu and choose open catalog and then open the light room catalog file that is contained within those bonus materials. Once you do on the left side of your screen, when you're in the library module, you'll find an area called Collections, and I'll have collections set up for each one of the lessons that need images. Click on that collection and work with the files that are there, and therefore you can work with the same images that I did when I was recording the class. Now I would not suggest importing these images into your normal light room catalog file. Things can just get a little messy when you have somebody else's files in there. Instead, when you're done working with this class, just go right back up to the file menu and light room, and you can choose open catalog to open your old catalogue. Or there's usually a choice for opening recent in. Therefore, you'll probably find your catalog within the list, but let's dive in and get started with the next lesson

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Carl Grooms

Fantastic, clear explanations of these features. i have a much better understanding of how to go back and forth between LR and PS. Thank you Ben. this is must watch class for anyone that uses LR and PS

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