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Start a Profitable Online Business

Lewis Howes, James Wedmore, Derek Halpern

Start a Profitable Online Business

Lewis Howes, James Wedmore, Derek Halpern

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Class Description

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A strong online business strategy is vital for every business to grow its revenue and reach. Learn the step-by-step process of launching a profitable online business in this class.

Podcast host and business entrepreneur Lewis Howes along with James Wedmore and Derek Halpern will show you how to turn your passion project into a successful online brand.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to develop a product that sells
  • Strategies for developing lead magnets
  • Tools for online marketing 
  • Methods for growing your email lists
Lewis along with his guest instructors will also share his experience and proven strategies for building authority, gaining online media, attracting industry influencers, and leveraging social media communities to increase brand awareness and generate more sales.

This class is your comprehensive guide to jump-starting your next great business idea and getting your online business off the ground. 

Class Materials

bonus material with purchase

Derek Halpern Infographic on Building Community.pdf
James Wedmore Essential Tools.pdf
James Wedmore Webinar Marketing.pdf
Lewis Howes 10 Steps to Building Authority.pdf
Lewis Howes 6 Steps to Creating First Product.pdf
Alicia Dunams Bootcamp.pdf
Create Your Own Bootcamp Worksheet.pdf
James Wedmore YouTube Marketing and Optimization.pdf
eBook LinkedIn Master Strategies by Lewis Howes.pdf
eBook The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide by Lewis Howes.pdf
Derek Halpern Anatomy of a Website.pdf
Derek Halpern Building a Community and Lead Generation.pdf
James Wedmore 3 Step Video Traffic Formula.pdf
James Wedmore 7 Step Webinar Selling Sequence Graphic.pdf
James Wedmore Anatomy of Your Blog Graphic.pdf
James Wedmore Anatomy of a Squeeze Page Graphic.pdf
James Wedmore Outsourcing Process Map.pdf
James Wedmore Video List Building Graphic.pdf
Keynote Lewis Howes Course.pdf
Traffic Leads Sales Workflow.pdf
Lewis Howes Course Resource Pages.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I loved this program by Lewis and his amazing team. I have been attracted by shine over the years and lacked implementation or really the step by step process. The team over-delivered all their content. They answered questions from the audience and the virtual attendees. This was my first CreativeLive course. I watched some of the replays after the first run I knew I had to buy the program. I am very happy I did. An add benefit was that I now have a private Facebook group for those who attended the virtual event that one of our members set up. It helped me get plugged into a Facebook group that supports each other. It was well worth my time, investment and days in my pajamas till dinner. Lewis made this an EXTRA ordinary learning experience with the team. I am excited to start digging in deeper and get the business rolling creating the income to help others too. A GREAT investment into my today and tomorrows. I love the style of each of the presenters. I can go on but you have to experience to know that I am being real. Thanks LEWIS and team.

a Creativelive Student

Was truly amazed at the clear, step-by-step, easily digestible nature of this live training. I hadn't been familiar with any of the 4 speakers before, but they quickly became like old friends to me within a matter of moments. I watched all three days ALL day on repeat, to help me absorb the information all the more to enable me to easily and confidently put it into action. Was so happy and grateful that I was able to watch on Sunday, as my family and I moved to a different apartment that day. But I ended up taking care of my three month old son and watching the event with him almost the whole time, in between helping my husband pack and put stuff away. Am also so happy to have met such amazing people in the chat rooms, and look forward to growing and developing our business relationships together on the unofficial Facebook group one of them made! Thanks again for bringing us such invaluable training, creativeLIVE! =D Liz Chen

a Creativelive Student

Lewis Howes, his team, his guest speakers...all very awesome! The course content was so valuable, and easy to implement...the message is simple...execution!! Just do it!!! Everyone inspired me so much to finally get to work!!! I recommend these courses to anyone who is thinking about starting a business, online or not! More useful information here than I received in all of my days in college. I'm so jazzed, the ideas are flowing, I can't sleep, and I'm implementing what I learned!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and help us all become successful! Lewis, you rock! The salsa...was a nice little added touch! :-)

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