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My Favorite Landing Page Builders and Getting Started With Our Unbounce Page

Lesson 31 from: Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Isaac Rudansky

My Favorite Landing Page Builders and Getting Started With Our Unbounce Page

Lesson 31 from: Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Isaac Rudansky

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31. My Favorite Landing Page Builders and Getting Started With Our Unbounce Page


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Lesson Info

My Favorite Landing Page Builders and Getting Started With Our Unbounce Page

how do you design fans and welcome back in this section, we're actually gonna go ahead and really build a landing page from scratch. If you remember in the previous sections we spoke about this cd pap consumer directed patients assistance program that we took a look at their landing page. We're talking about the user scenarios and we're gonna use that as our first template to actually build out the landing page. And what's cool is um is you're gonna be following along with me literally from scratch. I have nothing prepared, I don't have even logo created to have the domain name. We're actually gonna spend money and buy traffic from PPC and social media. We're going to send traffic to the page. We're going to see the conversion rates were going to run a B. Tests and will optimize over time. So you'll actually get to see a progression of how A. B. Testing works through unbound, there's no coding required, we are going to learn how to set up conversion tracking from Adwords and add that t...

o unbalance, which is gonna be really cool value add over there. Um And we're gonna use all the different principles that we've learned to implement and to design a landing page that hopefully will convert really well and will hopefully convert better over time as we get our test results in, I want to first, just give you a sense of a couple of different, you know, landing page builders that are out there, ones that I like and why we're going to be using un bounced and why I personally like one bounce the best. Alright so if we just go to, you know, if you go to a new tab and jump over to unbalanced dot com, you'll see the un bounced landing page. You can look around check out their different testimonials templates so on and so forth. A lot of there's a lot of things like un bounced out there. I personally like one bounce the best they just give for for us for our agency. Uh It's simple to use. It's dragon drop. They have a lot of integrations. It just seems to work really really well. It's quick, it's snappy. Um And I like the people behind on bounced very much. I'm gonna show you a couple of the different tools that we're using the agency and some other ones that you might want to look into yourself. Web flow is kind of new on the scene but it's absolutely incredible what you can do with web flow. It's, it's by far the most advanced landing page builder, website builder. You could build blogs, you could really do anything with it. Um And it's really built for designers who really want to have complete custom control over interactions effects. Really cool different types of things like that and just to give you a quick sense of what you could do in web flow. Take a look at this homepage we built for caress negotiating. This is um just mock ups for a redesign. But as you can see here you have an independent left hand side scroll with these really cool hover effects and everything here with these hover effects is actually done in a dragon drop way through web flows Ui so really neat. And if you click on this button here, you have this overlay and look at the spinning X appear. You close it all done without an ounce of coat. So that's web flow. And another example of something that we're building in Web flow now is a PPC landing page for our company internally. Just check out all the crazy things you can do here. So if I click into the first name field of the form, the image changes that initial divx goes away. You get a little did that that pops in over here. Um, if I click on your last name, the text changes the eyeballs changes, see that go back forth, back forth. Right. Really cool stuff. Um, so this is web flow. Web flow is incredibly advanced tool. There's a lot of tutorials, hopefully we'll get to actually building and designing a page in web flow because I think it's just so cool and a lot of opportunities, but it offers way, way, way more than anything that's needed to first design simple, easy landing pages. Web flow. There's a, there's a steep learning curve with actually getting started with web flow effectively. If you want to do e commerce. If your, if your economy, I recommend two different platforms. Shopify, which is over here, go over to Shopify dot com. Many of you I'm sure familiar with. It offers a lot of flexibility. A lot of great support and a lot of back end features for integrations for payment systems and beautiful templates out of the box. I also really love squarespace. If you guys are not familiar with squarespace, I definitely recommend checking it out even if it's for a blog website or informational website. E commerce. Squarespace is great because they're templates are also really, really, really well designed but it's not really Shopify and squarespace aren't really dedicated. Landing page builders. They're more for actually building out a full website there. You might kind of perceive them as simpler versions of Wordpress. Right? That's kind of where squarespace and Shopify lie on the spectrum, then you have lead pages. Lead pages. It's probably announces most direct competitor. They offer a lot of the same features. Um, very, very similar. I personally like using unbounded the best, just kind of what we're used to. We've had a lot of success with it. Pricing is pretty similar feature set is pretty similar. Um, I happen to like the A. B testing suite with unbalanced a little bit better, but you could definitely check out lead pages if you want. Right, No harm. It's a pretty cool platform as well And that's web flow and now we're in on bounced so unbound has different pricing packages, they all come with a free 30 day trial. So if you don't have an unbounded account already, just sign up for one of the three trials and just get into the main dashboard over here, which is where we're starting from. So just to familiarize ourselves a little bit right. The main point of this obviously is to go into the website builder and build a landing page. But just to familiarize ourselves a little bit, this left hand panel is going to be your primary internal navigation. So you're gonna be able to go back to your different clients, clients are just different categories of sites that you could create. Your plan comes with one default client where all your landing pages will be hosted under you could have separate domains under one client for a long time. We just had one client and then some of our clients actually requested that they have access to their landing pages. So because we didn't want to give clients access to all our client landing pages, you create different clients within unbalanced within your hierarchy and then different people can have access to just the sites inside that clients. That's that's what clients are used for. You're probably seeing a screen like this. You have default client default client. I created a landing page optimization course client just so we could go in here and you know, I don't have to share some proprietary data or keep on blurring out names of other websites and conversion rates because that's obviously private information but I will show you some real examples throughout the course of, you know, throughout this these next few lectures of different tests we've run and what the actual A. B testing part of part of amounts looks like convertibles will take a look at their these are pop overs. Once again, obviously custom domains, we're gonna set up a custom domain, we have one user and then you can go into different settings that you could have within each client. You could potentially add a conversion tracking script that could be used on all pages, things like that On the right hand side are more is more peripheral information, your traffic usage meter, right? We have up to 25, visits in this client, all that type of stuff. But you're not going to spend most your time in here anyway, you're going to spend most of your time inside the actual page dashboard of your account. So let's just get started by creating a new page and we're gonna click on the, create new page button over here. There's two different ways you can start off right, you can start off using one of one bounces templates, pre built templates, which is a great idea. Um We're gonna obviously start off building it from scratch because we're going to implement all our principles and just take a blank canvas and build out our own landing page by choosing our color scheme. But I'll always heavily modify a template. I might change out around the typography, I'll change around but I'll change around the color schemes, I'll change around the layout but it gives you a nice idea of some just some different guidelines to get started with and on the left hand side you can navigate through different types of landing pages. So a SAS products software as a service, let's say an e book. So if you click on e book, will just filter out the different e book landing pages. And if I click on, let's say ledo over here, I'll get a sense of what it looks like. A preview of it on desktop and I can preview the same landing page on mobile. Right? So this is templates out of the box. If I wanted to go to let's see, consultancy, Right. A lot of you guys are in the consultancy business and I get a sense of what that landing page, right? They all have different styles, but you'll you'll you'll see a trend. We actually have one client that uses a modified version of this one. You'll see a trend here. Right? So it's it's trust elements, a hero section. Primary headline bullet points form submission testimonials, right? That's the basic idea structurally. And one thing that's nice about one bounce as opposed to some of the other companies is that they do a lot. They create their templates based on a huge amount of their internal data. Right? So they know where forms should be on the page, they know where primary headlines should be, they know where trust element should be. They really do run these tests. If you want, if you want to listen to some really cool stuff, you could check out Olly Gardener. He's the, he's the founder of Unbound and he's done a lot of different talks at at industry conferences. They have their own unbound, has their own yearly call to action conference. So all these are really cool cat and he's done a lot of really cool um experiments and research and data analysis from, you know, millions and millions of clicks and tens of thousands of landing pages in their back end. And that's where these templates are based from. But we're going to start from scratch, right? So we're gonna start from a blank page and there's nothing wrong, you can always start with a template. Just name it something and mess around with it and go back. But we're gonna start with a blank page, We're gonna name this, get cd Pat, you can change your names later and click start with this template here. We are in the main un bounced page builder and this is where we're gonna spend most of our time. Um and this is where all the magic is gonna happen in the next lecture. I am going to give you a brief overview of the different elements here, the different navigational structure, what's going on at the top, what's going on the right hand side? Um, some of the different important elements. And then we'll jump into actually starting to design our page. So I will see you guys in a few seconds in the very next lecture.

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Great Job!! Isaac's energy is contagious, he is insightful and engaging. It is a lost of valuable content and I feel I learned so much from him in this short time. He is a reason I will end up with the subscription so I can watch this course again along side of his other courses. My only complaint was live streaming kept turning off and I missed information.

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