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This Wild Idea: Landing Commercial Work through Personal Projects

Theron Humphrey

This Wild Idea: Landing Commercial Work through Personal Projects

Theron Humphrey

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Class Description


When Wildist's Theron Humphrey set out to create a personal body of work, people started noticing. Now, Theron’s client roster includes Ford, Budweiser, Samsung, Land’s End, and Mercedes Benz — a career shaped by personal projects that gained serious traction.


  • Create a personal project with key elements for visibility
  • Develop your portfolio and niche to attract clients
  • Discover how to transform your photography through personal projects and attract the clients you want to work with
  • Get a look into Theron's creative process on a shoot
  • Concept and manage self-produced shoots for brands
  • Direct friends vs. professional talent to accomplish your vision

Ratings and Reviews

Lori Rice

A really enjoyable course! I really enjoyed getting an inside look at Theron's philosophy and approach to his photography work. I picked up so many good points to help me better define the work that I do and the direction I want to go with it. I did have to go back and watch a few things because Maddie was so happily distracting. I found myself watching her and missed what he said. Ha! I felt like this course was true to how it was advertised - approach and tips for getting commercial work. Next, I'd love to see a little more technical course from Theron that shares his how and why for gear, light capture, and angles for the outdoor shoots like those shared in this course. I'm really inspired by the simplicity of his production.

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