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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking

Sally Dominguez

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome everybody I'm super excited to be back at CreativeLive and doing something I love which is activating all of you to be the most creative people that you possibly can. Super excited to share this whole mindset with you because most people want to be creative and they wanna be innovative. Why is that do you think? Is it because they want to have amazing personal characteristics? Is it because they wanna have success in business? Or is it because when you see a creative person, actively using their creativity you see their growth? You see what they have which is a growth mindset. They're actively learning, continuously finding new things and that optimism, that creative thinking brings to you is really addictive. It's catching. We all see it and we all want it and the exciting thing about adventurous thinking is you have it within you. You know, people say innovation needs to be taught and it can be taught. The beautiful thing is it can be taught to everybody. So, everybody here i...

n the audience today, excited to see you feel the mindset because adventurous thinking really is about activating something that's within you. All we need to do is show you the steps and you need to action them. With me, in the studio, with me at home. So you've got some worksheets that I'll be referring to throughout the program. Hope you'll use them with me. I won't give you much time but you can revisit them later. At its heart, adventurous thinking as a mindset is about curiosity. So the first thing we do, need to do is activate your curiosity. That's gonna be the first section of today and then we're gonna cover some of the lenses. So what I've developed is a system that stimulates how a consistently innovative person thinks and I'm using five lenses. We're gonna walk through each of the lenses, learn how to use them, do some activities that activate that mindset for you and then by the end of the second day, we will own this and be ready to teach it to others. So, that is my plan. Purposeful creativity. So taking something that's within you but it's outside the brain that we use everyday. Everyday we work with our expert brain. We're gonna bump out of expertise into the realm of possibility and imagination. So, it's gonna be a feeling of bearable discomfort. It's unsettling but I try and make it as fun as possible so that even though you're experiencing bearable discomfort it's exhilarating and it's dynamic and as soon as you've experienced this activation, as soon as you feel that mindset hit, you'll understand how exciting it can be to think that way every day. So you can be an expert and most of us are, you know by the time we've got to adulthood, we're specialists in something. We have expertise but what we're gonna do today is deliberately leave that behind and jump into what we don't know. Into imagination and into possibility and make that resonate with us and work even harder. Then bring it back to our expertise and turn it into something really innovative. We're gonna do it time and time again. So, the key is a growth mindset. That's what we're looking after. That means we're continuously learning and we're continuously planning in this. Why me? Well, I have the mindset but mainly because I've developed this after years and years of watching innovators and judging innovation. I've judged innovation on TV. I've practiced innovation by inventing two significantly new products in their categories. But mainly I've worked with people who are consistently innovative and what I've found is they never look at something the same way. Innovation isn't a one, two, three step process. Innovation is something that comes from within and is a mindset. That means that you can apply your creative thinking and innovation to anything. So, let's get cracking.

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Ratings and Reviews

Ivana Vucinic

This class is truly AMAZING! It is really unique and it got me thinking in new and innovative ways. Very much out of the box thinking! Makes you become courageous, Well done, Sally!!!

Sukey Dominguez

Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking exceeded my expectations! Sally brought practical tools that, "lenses" to flip every situation inside out and find the possibilities in every situation. As one who works to lead teams, healthcare providers facing incredible demands to achieve results in population health / ultimately global health and the wellness of business operations, I'm thrilled to have found this course. Design is one thing, taking risk is another. I'm inspired by Sally because she drives energy to see what CAN be in the future. This is a unique class and I look forward to her next offering.

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