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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

This class is iphone photography tips shooting the first year with julia kelleher we're very excited tohave julia here to teach she is a portrait photographer based out of bend, oregon. She specializes in newborns and families and also is a world renowned educator helping to teach people specifically. Sales and marketing are her strategies today, she's also teaching us all about again shooting that first year. This is a class for beginners for folks who are also for people who don't always want to be shooting their children with a giant camera. They want to able to capture those small moments, and we are thrilled, thrilled to have her here one of my favorite people. So you kill her. Thank you so much, everyone and welcome. This is a really fun class, and I've been looking forward to it again, a basics class, but most importantly, I really love using my phone, and I think most photographers out there pro amateur hobbyists alike, we love using our iphones or android or whatever to becaus...

e it's, just so nice to have something quick and easy. So today we're going toe have a lot of fun. We have a couple of youngsters coming in, we have a five week old, and ezra, who is eleven months old. And for those of you have seen my previous creative live classes I have photographed ezra as a newborn as a six or seven months old and now we're going to do him again at one year so it's super exciting for me the thing about the iphone is or at least being a photographer right? Is that there's so many images and so little time right? I have one of you have been on vacation and like debated as to whether or not to take your big dslr or just your iphone and how many times is the iphone one for me a lot unless I'm going to like europe or some amazingly scenic place I probably not gonna look around my big dslr with me and it's so much more fun and actually quite gratifying when you pull out your iphone taken amazing pictures like was mobile phone it's not the cameras the person behind it it makes you feel really good so we're going to teach you some kind of fun maybe not so known hidden tips about your iphone we're going to look at some really cool aps for editing your images on the fly we're going to talk about sharing of course and we're going to also discuss printing from a mobile world because ultimately that's what's so important is yes you could take all the digital images you want if they stay on your phone not backed up you're going to end up in a really sad state a few years down the road I've lost a couple of my iphone pictures over the years and it is it is really really depressing but when it comes down to it who wants to look around just a point shoot and I mean compared to do dslr even the point shoot is clunky and clumsy now and really the iphone has soared in its popularity to replace point shoots point shoot there actually not that easy to find I have a cannon g five and I never use it but I bought it because it does raw imagery and it's have always emanuel stuff in a little tiny compact device but the iphone still to this day and I now on the iphone six plus the big one and it's still to me is more convenient cause it can get in my back pocket it can go in my purse easily it doesn't drag me down it's not heavy and it's easy to pull out quick and simple are there some limitations with your iphone of course and we're going to talk about those today but for the most part the iphone is an incredible tool and fun to use and it's easy to carry and I think that's why it's become such a such a cult I mean if you've seen the hashtag pornography it's become a really popular hashtag and there are people out there who shoot incredible imagery with just their iphone we're talking, they go in and edit and do masking and composites with just their iphone, which is incredible that the technology and the editing platforms out there mobile wise that can allow us to do things very similar to what professionals are doing and photo shop which I think is really need so if you got it, why not use it? And really you're not a photographer unless you have a tool, right? So you need something that camera, whether it be on iphone four and six plus or an android or whatever that's going to be the tool of choice and it truly is not about the camera it's about the person behind the camera who has a vision who understands the limitations of their device and the limitations of light and can use that to their advantage to create a great image, right? I mean, the biggest thing I hate most of all is when people say to me, oh my gosh, you're such a good you must have a really good camera, okay? You're such a good writer you must have an amazing pencil, you know, that's like saying the same thing and it's so unfair, but with today's digital technology and consumers being able to buy idea, sell ours, I mean the entry point tio working with digital I remember when digital first came out it was like twenty thirty, forty thousand dollars to start shooting digital and now your iphone basically an eight hundred dollars device that satisfies so money things in your life when it comes to organization time management, email, internet connectivity with the rest of the world and also is amazing camera can be so inexpensive so the entry into the digital world into basically handheld cameras is so easy now that everyone's a photographer and so I think that mentality is oh you have a really good camera comes from that so I don't think people mean any harm from it, but it really is like saying, oh my gosh, you're such a great writer you must have a really good pencil and so I laughed and use that analogy all the time but it but it does work, so if you've got it, use it there's only one problem kids move really quickly and there are some limitations that come with using your iphone it is ah great camera it's now they're getting into the high megapixels I forget the exact mega pixel of the iphone six now but it's really amazing the quality that comes through it still has some limitations your dslr is ultimately the most flexible tool in your in your choke it and you know when you find yourself being limited by your iphone say you're a beginner or just starting out, when you start learning about photography and all the principles of the exposure triangle with s o shutter speed and aperture, you'll quickly realize that your iphone is going to start being limiting you as an artist, and you're not going to do things that you want to dio however, some people are challenged by that, and I'm going to introduce you to some amazing photographers who are on instagram. I love instagram and it's, so fun to follow these people who create these just glorious images of all kinds of subjects on energy issues, from some really neat people who are taking every day images with their iphones, s and aa lot of them are strictly iphone and their religious about it. They want people to know that they are using a tool that has limitations to be able to show off their work, which I think is really neat. So we're going to focus on kids today, clearly a four week old or five week old riot, and then azra, whose eleven month and kids move quickly and shooting that with your iphone, could sometimes be a challenge. So I'm going to tell you kind of things to remember, and this applies to dslr work, too. That'll allow your camera to get the to use its maximum ability so if you set things up for the camera to be good then it will have the easiest time with the conditions that you provide it okay there's also some fun tricks on the iphone that will help you with fast moving subjects okay, so what you're going to learn today you're going to learn I found operation for best results and I know all of you know how to go up and go but there's some need things with your iphone that you probably don't know about we're going to check those out those hidden features that you're probably not using we're gonna discuss seeing light it's really important for the iphone to have good light we're going to talk about seeing composition in your images to get better design we're going to discuss seeing color and how that affects the impact of your image and then we're also going to talk about how to work with different ages and stages of children I know I have a four year old and I've been photographing with him with my iphone since he was a newborn and all my images on my iphone are pure snapshots I mean they're just about the moment they are raw they're not that great at times but I didn't care it wasn't about making a great image it was about connecting with my child and recording just simply documenting his life and that's kind of what I want you to focus on today, because ultimately, who cares if you're sucky photographer? Really, this is not about that it's about making sure, especially his parents, that we are diligent about snapshots, because ultimately, those are the ones when you go back to you're going to remember the moment by just looking at that simple image, whether it's a glorious, amazing competition where they print or if it's just a silly little snapshot that's under exposed in greening dark or whatever, who cares? The point, issa's, that image takes you back to what you love and the memory that you were trying teo teo to ingrain in your brain so anything your images with mobile aps I have a very, very favorite mobile app that I use as a matter of fact, it is so advanced you can clone and spot hell you can curves, history, rams I mean, it's cool, and so for some of you who are beginners, it may be a little bit of an advanced app for you, but I think it's a really good way to grow your photography and you're editing skills and by using in your phone it's not quite intimidating about as opening something like photo chopper, light room. Ok so we're gonna have some fun with that it is a paid app so I want to warn you guys about that is a paid up I think it's three dollars four dollars but really come on it's four dollars and it's so worth it especially with the safety features in it and you're serious about doing some fun stuff with your with your editing and that's kind of half the fun really it is first about fifty percent of it is taking the image and then the other half of it is having fun with it and manipulation and really improving upon what the iphone khun dio then we're going to discuss printing from the mobile world I have a huge black and white wall in my hallway and it is all iphone pictures every single one of us I'm just agency little iphone pictures in frames or perhaps in campuses and they're all black and white and I switch them out every year or so and my son is just growing up on my wall in black and white snapshots honor in our hallway I know as professional photographers we get really critical self critical cole of our work and we go you know it's not good enough to put on the wall you know it's not it's not in my book good I shouldn't use my dslr oh gosh stop that right now my kid does not care what I shot that image with when he's seven eight nine ten years old and he sees that I revered him on that black and white wall that is going to mean more to him than what tool use okay, so switching things the black and white unifies everything. So we're going to discuss presenting those images and putting them on the wall and sometimes doing everything in black and white is the best way to go about it cause it unifies everything but to get a good black and white, you also need to get good light, okay? And iphone loves a good light, so we'll discuss what makes good light as well. So why do you need it? Better images on the go I mean, come on, who doesn't want that right? Snapshots are our most precious memories. They really are it's not just about the camera in your hand and then a company that I love artifact, uprising and believe it is. They have ah slogan this is out of your device and into your life and I think that is such a huge, huge, huge problem in today's society. I am guilty of it myself. Those darn pictures just stay on the iphone forever. I mean, they really do and it's just so sad, so blood backing up to the cloud if you do use apelike loan or any online service or even just a hard drive getting those things off and at least backed up and there's so many easy ways to print from your device you don't have to take him off first which is part of the pain in the booty about it is people think they have to take the images off their phone first to print them which is so nice after you just have to go directly from your device and there's some wonderful absent companies who have made that so easy for us nowadays and with really good quality too I think there's a difference between you know, there's some labs out there that just are cheesy one hour photo type labs and they aren't producing with the true professional quality that I look up to so I'm going to give you introduce you to some laps who actually are producing quite professional quality imagery okay? Yeah sandra glover clark in the chat room who says I'm an android user but we'll try to translate so I would just want to make sure that everybody knows that well yes, this is iphone specific many of the aps were using across platt form on dh so many of them will be usable on your devices whatever that device happens to be but a lot of your content is going to be about light it's going to be about technique and all of that stuff translates to anyone, anyone in my what type of device you have in your hands?

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I've just managed to watch this short class while my 18 month old had a nap. I have picked up so many useful tips, particularly on composition but also with how the iPhone camera functions. The suggested apps look fantastic - I would love to find a UK company a bit like which will make Instagram pics into books - such an amazing idea. If you can spare an hour and want to pick up some great tips, this course is worth the money. I now feel I have more tools to hand to get the most out of photography on my phone.

Peggy Nugent

I am in love with my DSLR and seldom use my phone camera for artistic shots. I watched this workshop only because it was part of Photoshop week. What a wonderful surprise when I not only picked up some great iPhone tips, but also a better understanding of what I had known vaguely and intuitively about composition power points. Way to go, Julia! Your class is totally worth the price of admission.

a Creativelive Student

Cool, part of PhotoWeek, 2015, just now watching. Cool info, Great introduction to learn more from there.

Student Work