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Lesson 18 from: Intro to Lightroom CC for Beginners

Daniel Gregory

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18. Spark

Adobe Spark is another program that works well with Lightroom CC. Spark is an online design tool, and because it's designed by Adobe, your Lightroom images are easily accessible. Learn how to design social media posts, banners, and other graphics using Spark.

Lesson Info


people like you gotta check out spark. I'm like, I don't know what that word means. Like, what do I do with that? But I could tell you that I'm like, when I get onto, like, social Media, and I would look at things like, How did somebody get such a cool banner? Who built that for him? Or why is it that they're they have their photo with the cool like quote when you see how they get that cool quote over their photo And like, it looks like it was done well and I'm like, Photoshopped action. I haven't actually would do this little square. What? And so was something turning into spark Turns out spark. Yeah, it's a couple of clicks and you have Twitter banners, Facebook banners, block post ads, instagram post and you conform. Adam edit, um, color. Um, shape. Um, so I was like, All right, I'm all in. And the reason it's in this class specifically is you can access your light room CC photographs in the spark environment. So and with all of the edits, So you make the edit, you do the work, you ...

go into spark, you're going to see where we get to add the light room image. So we're gonna go to spark, not adobe dot com. So here's, um, you know, they got a bunch of templates. Here's some of the junk I've thrown up toe play with, but I'm gonna go and click on the add button up here. And then here's popular here. Social media standouts, Web pages, graphics a spark will build, like even interactive small videos where you can throw up images and build transitions, bills, video, interactive marketing videos, flyers It'll thought that you could print off. So it's basically like having a marketing department that can help. You kind of do the formatting. So if you're like me, who you normally hired the marketing department and all my other jobs and I just told them they didn't do a good job, I don't approve of that color. They would go off and work some more. But now that I'm stuck in my own world like I need that help, So we're just gonna go ahead and start off with a simple thing with this. Create this little instagram post. So sparks going ahead and pop open. I've got my little Instagram post here, and I've got design colors, layout, resize, images. So here's some suggested layout, so I'm gonna click on. Just lay out and want to do is to upgrade horizontal grid. And here's a photograph. Click on Image. If I click on this image, the replace, I can upload a photo or come down here. Here's the things is connected to So if I've got an Adobe stock account, I could go by Adobe stock images for it. Connect to my dropbox Google floated upload. But there's light room, so I click on light room. There's my light room albums. I'm like, Oh, you know, for this one, I want to go to a landscapes thing. I want to take that image. Let's go and just re are up. Who would down? So I kind of got that piece there for that. Amy's down there. I want to go and replace that light room image. Have an abstraction. Let's put that one in. Move that up. I'm gonna hit my text. Visit the workshop gun like that. Greens. Not quite right. So there is some of my branding colors have been put in, so I'm like, OK, I think I'll go with that. I wouldn't go with that would be very clear for demo purposes. We're going. That s so I go back into color, and I could say, OK, actually, given the palate, you know, maybe I bring that down here, you know, something like that that I'm like, Man it. Now, now I want to change that up again. Haven't committed anything it so maybe I change gnome. That's not gonna work. Actually. Want that to go away? Too late. The section. Okay, Maybe I want to go something like that. Now I can download this. Does the name age? Here's a printable pdf I can share it. In this case, I could share it to Facebook or Twitter. I'm gonna show you spark on the IPad and a second that'll instantly drop it in instagram. So we do all the work through a spark app puts it in instagram I come back to my projects there's that one I just created. I'm like, not now. I want to change that. Come back in and edit later. So if I've got a kind of a rolling campaign and come back in and it at those where I come back to my projects and I'm like, Oh, I also need gonna do a Facebook post. So this is already in the size and aspect ratio that Facebook wants when I post. This is the thing about spark. It's already got all that work. Adobe is gonna make that change for me. If Facebook decides tomorrow. No, it's got to be 1200 by 6 Sparks gonna dropped into that default when they make the co changing all that. So I don't have to worry about researching and figure out what's optimized because the thing that kills your images when you go to social media, if you're the wrong size, they re size, compress and do whatever they need to do to get it to fit in their world to people like I spent all this time on this image and I uploaded this photograph and it looks terrible. It's all been compressed in squished, unmoved if you give it to it in the right format, everything looks great. And that's the beauty of the spark piece is it kind of lets you look things rates on the same thing here and click on that. I'm gonna replace the image at free photos. Image to beat that image. Give me an image, Harry. My room. So we'll come in and the resolution comes in. Is it uploads? So I got that that quick. I have my banner done. I'm fast and photoshopped my donor for years. I'm not that fast. By the time I actually get the little grading drawn in to change the color, change the opacity like I won't actually make that whatever color. I'm just dealing with different things. This is just faster and as a photographer, speed of not having to sit by the computer. Doing this work is what matters to me. So I'm really about trying to get that done as efficiently as possible. Um, so the other piece in here and it's not a spark piece, but I could come in and if I needed to, same kind of thing. If I'm doing a video, I can come in and add My So it's just thinking. You know the world of the Internet's fast, um, and come in and add photos live from photos and build into my little marketing videos. If you've got, you know, workshop coming up or you've taken a trip somewhere and you want to do a little showcase they needed Opposed the post under your blogger, your social media feed You come here, just add your videos, your transitions and it'll overlaying you got the little video piece done so and again for this purpose for what we're talking about today. The fact that my edited done well room photographs are in light. Rumor accessible here is huge. If we can kick over the IPad row fast on the IPad, what they've done is you can get the spark app so you can download the spark app and there's a spark app. And then there's a spark subscription app. But if you have a cloud subscription, you already have it. So when you open the spark app, I can come in and do an ad again, just like I could before. Um, light room. Here's my photos. This case let's take that podium. I'm gonna do an instagram post or do I want to do Pinterest a block post my YouTube thumbnail. So if you're actually loading video to YouTube, your thumbnail needs to be the right size. You get the right cover image. So once I've decided on that now I mean here and I'm like, OK, I can edit my text, change the color scale the payment in the background once I click Done Done Now if I go to share Instagram Frente and Logan Instrument here log on Instagram and then inscriptions No. Yeah, it's on my phone. I was so excited on my phone I got to the IPad but that literally is in that spark app formatted ad your text click the Instagram Peace and poof! You've got exactly what you need to actually share out that photograph. So that's the that kind of power of some of the sharing thing that's built into Sisi is we just have those couple of elements that come into play now the other place, That's kind of kind of cool that from ah, light room standpoint is in photo shop from sharing that I'm gonna walk through A couple of this little tip helped things for light room piece for the So this is the two fall opening window for photo shop. And if you look over here, there's homeless Lauren, and there's light room photos. When I click on that, it's gonna go up and look at my light room collection. And there's the photos that Aaron Light Room CC now they're not as soon as I open it. So if I come into my demo files we've been in, I choose this image. It is camera raw file opened up. Now it's not sink back because it's Lily now down and then Photoshopped. But I have access to now get in from photo shop in all my life room photos as well with that little hook there, which is a nice little Lazlo feature. If you're like, I kinda have that photo, I need to make a quick edit on last time I can bring it down now. I'd have to jump through a couple of hoops to resync it, but at least can have access from anywhere pra photo shop with my my images there, which is a nice little peace

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Daniel Gregory is an outstanding teacher. Simple to learn. Easy to remember. His teaching style is relaxed - but very informative. This is the best Lightroom CC presentation I have had. Bravo!


Such a great class! Daniel is so knowledgeable about the whole LR ecosystem and explains complex details clearly. There's so much valuable content packed into this class. I highly recommend for those moving from LR Classic to CC (mobile LR) and for those who are new to LR CC altogether. Highly recommend.

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