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VR/360 Gear Overview

Lesson 6 from: Intro to VR & 360 Live-Action Photography and Video

Barry Pousman

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6. VR/360 Gear Overview

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VR/360 Gear Overview

All right, So now, to get started, I'm gonna take you guys on a quick little tour of the variable abs office. Welcome to variable abs. This is our office where we are going to ingest the footage we just shot. Um, We're going to be then uploading it to the cloud for Google's algorithm to turn into three D 3 60 magic than Fabian's gonna join us and help us, um, edit and color correct and play with some of the audio. But in the meantime, this is Ah, this is the very blabs office. This is where a work that we do kind of goes through this room. We have another office out of Phoenix that does development. So coders out in Phoenix. But then our production staff, um, is here in Oakland, California s o. This behind me is our editing station. Um, it is custom pc accustomed gaming PC with a very fast video card. And, um, it's got an Oculus rift attached to it, which is pretty fun. And it also has an HTC vibe. Uh, attached eso Those were sort of a higher end headsets toe. Let you really move aroun...

d a space, get a bit more tracking involved. Um, and, uh, and typically, the content that goes inside of these is able to respond to that sort of movement. So unlike the videos we we shot today, which is a 3 60 video, um, these headsets are really designed to go through experiences. So whether those air computer generated experiences or what we're calling now photo graham a tree which provides volumetric, um, sort of photo realistic experiences, eso we'll dig into that more later. But for now, this is where we do our 3 60 editing and stitching. Um, here we have all of our headsets. We do all sorts of screenings and demos and, um, you know, run activations through these headsets and others we consort of scale up and scale down as needed for different events. Bunch of headphones, regular phones on, and finally, Samsung Gear VR actual HMD is head mounted displays for the VR watching. And over here in the cabinet, we have, uh, we have all of our sort of production gear cameras, extra lenses. Mike's that sort of stuff. And then, of course, we have our office bar. It is important. Just is important. Um, one more thing I'll say about the editing station. So, uh, one of the ways that we use this station is with an Oculus rift were able to take the stitched footage that we get back on Beacon. Look around that footage with this device, and so you'll be able to kind of spin around, see where the edits work, where the edits don't work. Maybe, Oh, there's a weird thing that happens in the homicide A to that time code. So let's skip ahead a few seconds and see if we can get past that weird thing, you know, and often you kind of miss that when it's a map. But you really notice it when you're in the headset watching drafts. So this is how we watch most overdrafts and then for final draft watching. Because most of the content we create is really designed for the Samsung Gear VR a mobile headphone um, the mobile headset, like one of these, Um, since most of our content is really designed to be watched in one of these devices, we make sure all final tests go through this. So we side load onto the Samsung phone from the computer. We take the file, drag it on here and then plug it up to the headset and watch it. Make sure everything sounds right. Feels right. Looks right. How about Ah, Anyway, that's the office.

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