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Sewing Jewelry to Fabric

Lesson 7 from: How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories

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Lesson Info

7. Sewing Jewelry to Fabric

Lesson Info

Sewing Jewelry to Fabric

I'm going to take my needle and thread and start sewing on some of these pieces I just make a great big not just so that it won't come through nothing fancy it's on the inside you some of those too so I'm going to come in through the back and what I'm going to do is you don't have to do this but what I might do is take my pen and maybe I'm going to want to add for beads for the next round so I'm going to do top and I have a habit of working really small and I would suggest the bigger the better like I should have spread that design out marks I think it's pretty so I'm gonna make these pretty time to give some space between the center and I'm going to make just four dots just as a reference and then I'm going to decide which one I want to do next and see like a super great one I'm just getting a collection of different things that I will have to play with and a lot of these would be glued on and I don't want to lose everything on so I'm going to try to get a variety to show you thanks c...

ould be fun to do pearls and just maybe uh paint some a different color so I'm just using wire cutters just to cut the wire a part that separates thes so these are bigger than the other ones I have and the reason I chose the's is I'm going to make some little clusters of these in each of these little areas so you're just going to come in through the back until my first little mark tell us my threat so again amusing um thread that hopefully you can see but in this case for these pearls I might actually use the same color thread amusing but we'll check and see what it looks like another not in there so I'm just gonna let's see we'll do the bigger ones so too do a cluster of pearls I'm just going to do we'll do three I'm just going to put three on here a the same time people do for we'll do three and then I'm going to go back through kind of close to where it came through in the first stitch and then I'm going tio just pull those through and so you have this whole cluster now if you're going around because the back of the pillow is is like not pulled on or anything I just I don't stop and start my thread every time I move to this net like for this next dot it's probably like three inches away I may not stop and start my thread I would make sure I didn't pull it too much but I would not stop and start my thread if I have enough threat to do it if you were putting this on that cardigan sweater for example, you're either going to need to make sure your embellishments or pretty close together or you're going to need tio stop and start your threat and do some really nice knots just to keep it in place so let's do that again I'm gonna come over teo swim here I keep losing my well kabal put that back on there and I'm just going to do the same thing I would put three pearls or you could do three pearls or, you know, two pearls and sequins or something like that let me go back through and again I'm going to make sure not pulling that thread too tight from that first little cluster of beads I might put that down that needs to dry the states from drying time so so there have got to clusters and I'm gonna do that all the way around to do two more times so after that you're going to you can take your pen again or if you have an idea of where you want to go with it and you're going to start doing your next round and for my next round I might decide that I want to put things a little more spread out and so just for visual sake let's just ad maybe we're going to use thes they're like little bakelite cabs and and if you can see that very well but you can add those um in your next round and then you can also if you wanted to use these little teardrop ones the's air fun to sort of put in between areas in the next round and I just keep like if I do top bottom right and left on the next one that I might do the four corners on the next one and then I might do all of those points on the next one and then I might start um two very then that way from there and honestly I think it's pretty it looks really pretty like this but you could just as easily go all the way out it would be really pretty and full I think it would be fun to play with a fuller design as well and you can use things like if you have like he's beads if you like these beads together like this what you can do if you want to use them in that way like as they are together you can cut a section of them and just you can sew them down with take a little stitch here you know every inch or so and then maybe reinforce that with a little fabric lou you can really have fun putting these on there do you guys have any questions to make it pretty clear to cover all of the different ways I think I covered every everything in my junk drawer I think it's super fun and really inspiring us so what? You can just keep creating it you can yeah are there any other fabric so we've got pillows we've got sweaters and the other things that maybe projects in your book well so I have two projects in my book that use jewelry that I've taken apart and I'm really love enamel jewelry it's kind of getting expensive when you look at thrift stores but if you ever have artwork these are just paintings from the thrift store I had keep a list that I take with me to the thrift store all times and one of them is always finding original oil paintings and said these were two paintings that I got I think there were like seven ninety nine and I think she's like such the sweetest girl I did take cem acrylic paint whiten your teeth a little bit but you can do that you know you can take just playing acrylic paint make it the colors that you want and then take apart your jewelry and just have fun embellishing the picture and you could really do that with all kinds of stuff around your house so yeah, but these air in my book but really fun yeah, thank you so much blair thank you. Where can people find you contact you keep up with you so if you make any of these projects, I would love to see them, but also you can find me at my website, wisecracked handmade. I love instagram. I love the visual of instagram, so if you make anything or, you know, are inspired by any of these projects and you take a picture of it and tag it wise craft, handmade, I can find it on instagram. I'd really love to see it, and, um, yeah, it's, really and well, I will say costume jewelry looks really nice on instagram. Three sparkly. Yeah, but you can find me there. Thank you.

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a Creativelive Student

Disappointing!! This is such a basic course with the instructor having less knowledge on the tools, materials and all pertinent information that would make it a tutorial that I would purchase. The instructor has surely taken "her" time meddling deconstructing and putting things together for minutes as if she has not much to talk about with awfully long .... gaps of silence and at one point commenting on " Well, this can be done if you give me 30 minutes!" ( Putting a bead through a jump ring! ). She does not seem to have a "better" system on putting this on without fuss that I and perhaps the students may know! I suggest that if Ms. Blair has had it prepared to get the beads she needed, do a research in youtube and really know beyond whats presented then it would sell. The students seems to even suggest and identify the materials for her ! Her tentative use of words and even contrasting themselves made it more confusing to follow along! Example , " Let's now do this .. You can do this ... but you don't have to" , "Let's use this ...but you don't have to" ..."Where is? ... I forgot to bring it ... then proceeded to do it anyways". and MORE :( I suggest that Creativelive would screen their instructors thoroughly and not based it on just a book somebody authored etc. Experience is MORE RELEVANT and the ability to convey a thorough knowledge and burning passion of what their teaching. I really want to learn more about Beaded Jewelry and Creating Clasp etc... I am sure there are a lot out there! Amazon book best sellers with high commendations from their reviews and YouTube. Keep up the great work! Creativelive !!! I am a fan.

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