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Demo: Diffusion Panel

Lesson 23 from: How to Take Amazing Photos with your DSLR

Julia Kelleher

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23. Demo: Diffusion Panel

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Lesson Info

Demo: Diffusion Panel

Let's bring in Belinda and we are going to play with modifiers, okay? I'm going to first rip out and show you how hard the light source becomes on her and how the diffusion happens with the soft box. And I know you guys see... I know you guys know it, but I want to show it to you just so you can really fully understand. She's like, "I got my coffee. I'm happy." This is so has-been for her, I must do this to her once a month. Be like, "I need to test something. Sit your bottom down in this chair so I can test something." [inaudible]. She usually has a coffee in her hand. How am I going to have...? I'll switch. You want to trade? Thank you, it's awkward and large. Okay, so, first things first, I love that he just follows me around. It's awesome. It's going to be bright, watch out. Yeah baby, bright and hot. Okay, I'm just going to kind of half do it so we can put it back on easy. Just like that. Perfect? Okay. Whoa, what a difference. See even the shadow on the backdrop? So you can see t...

he shadow of the chair and everything, how hard that is, it's a very hard thing. And if you look at her face we see all kinds of hard shadows. So let me shoot this so you can see it in camera. Poor thing, she's like, "I can't see." "I can't see." Meter, meter, meter. Meter, meter, meter. Okay, I'm shooting, let's lower that, because we've got no diffusion now, the light source is way stronger. Oh, wrong way, wrong way! Have you ever done that? Wrong way! [inaudible]. Okay. There we go. She is a blinker. Keep your eyes open. There we go! First of all, the first thing you notice is that hard shadow on the left side of the background. See that? I mean, that right there is annoying enough as it is, but what you'll also notice is shadows on her neck, the shadow on her nose in particular, see how strong that line is right there, and around her nose there? Super strong line. It's not that flattering, okay? So, this is the exact same thing that happens in full sun, even more so. I mean it's even worse with full sun and then of course your client is like, "I can't look at the sun." You know, and they squint the eyes and it's just not attractive. So, a diffusion panel of some kind will help. You can literally take that Home Depot thing I just made and pop it up here. Sun going through it, it will change your shot, okay? It'll completely change your shot. And this is how it changes it, okay? You are so cute B, you don't want to see this picture, though. Velcro is a beautiful thing, isn't it? I know everyone was dying to see what was inside the light, too, so there you go. Now you know. All right, isn't that prettier? Much, much better. Okay, yeah, me happy now. Me happy now. Okay, what a huge difference from that to that! Oh, diffusion is a lovely thing, right? Now, even here the shadow is much softer, okay, just a gradual transition of line across her face, much more flattering. Diffusion does that. If you're outside and in the sun, you can literally take that diffusion panel, just like this thing, pop it right here, let the sun shine through it, and you'll get gorgeous soft light going on because it scatters the light, okay? So, that's basically diffusion.

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Julia is an amazing teacher!!!! Funny, go with the flow, honest, and obviously so gifted at what she does. That came through and also inspired those feelings in me as a novice photographer. I left her class feeling excited to play with my camera and appreciate that she encouraged me to use what I have now and get good before spending tons of money on fancier stuff. I also love that she showed how everyday materials from Home Depot can make for great images. I particularly appreciated the 2nd day on product photography, social media images and the short demos in PhotoShop. Please do a full class on just this Julia/Creative Live!!!!!

Brandon Couch

So first off I've been doing photography for a little bit now and only shot in manual 20% of the time and was okay with it. Since coming to this class and seeing how manual mode isn't scary, it is everything you need and want in the life of photography, I now will not use anything else. The team at Creative Live is amazing and Julia's love for other starting and even professional photographers is amazing. She would sit and talk to us together and individually and really loves those who love photography. I would recommend this class and any other one of Julia's classes here on CreativeLive. I can't wait to come back. Was AMAZING!!! LIFE CHANGING!!!

a Creativelive Student

What an awesome class! I am not a beginner and am currently making a living as a photographer and was interested in this class because #1 Julia is such a great teacher with such talent and #2 I was expecting to take away some valuable information to pass along to my little after school beinning photo club. I am happy to report Julia did not disappoint:-) What actually happened was that I learned so many things that I probably should have known being a seasoned professional that I lost track of my original intention of why I was there. I couldn't wait to pull out my camera and try all of the new things that I had just learned. The color balancing and the little dot showing when your camera (Nikon) was manually focused alone was worth the price. I enjoyed every minute of this course. Thanks Julia! Anyone would benefit from this course....

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