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Capturing B- Roll

Lesson 10 from: Produce And Create An Impactful Interview

Abba Shapiro

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10. Capturing B- Roll

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Lesson Info

Capturing B- Roll

- [Man] So, Blair, what I'm going to do is, I'm going to just have you hold the items up again, so we can get close-ups. Let me just check my focus here. Okay, that's great. Okay, Blair, if you'd hold the book up and actually...feel free to actually say what you were saying, and that way we can kind of just grab that. - [Blair] So the name of the book is Wise Craft Quilts: A Guild to Turning Beloved Fabrics into Meaningful Patchwork. - Excellent. Let's take a look at some of the other things that you showed us. - This is a project in the book. It's a quilt...actually a picnic blanket type of quilt made from Tyvek race numbers, that my husband collected from cycling races that he was in. - Okay. Just hold it up there for a second. So I'm tilting up and then I'm tilting down, gives me some editing options. Okay. And let's talk about the general one that you spoke of, you know, they're just old things that you put together, and that dealing with the color, and whatnot. - This is a pro...

ject in the book that explores color value from your fabric collection, dividing it all into medium value with lights and darks, and then playing with that in the design. - Okay. Just hold that up for me for a little bit. Excellent. You can go ahead and put that down. And then, second to last but not least, I'd like if you could hold up one of the numbers. - Okay. - And just reference that. - This is an example of the Tyvek numbers that I used in the race-centered quilt. - Okay. Hold that a little bit lower, please. A little lower even. Now did you hold it up with one hand when you held it or did you hold it up with two? - I don't remember. - Let's do both ways. - Okay.

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I found this course very helpful and I recommend it. I picked up a lot of tips, and frankly this course made me realize that putting more preparation into client interactions AND using a more sophisticated production pays off in higher quality video. I wish he had gone into more detail on microphones and camera gear but I can pick that up on review sites.

Jess Connor

At first, I felt like the class was difficult to get into during the "live" instruction but quickly found after the first few classes that the information was extremely valuable. Maybe it was just me- maybe it just wasn't my style at first. I absolutely would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning interview or basic film skills. It's brilliant!

Geo Wright

Abba was great at explaining why you would do a specific thing in an interview and also the editing as well. Well worth watching.

Student Work