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Lesson 8 from: How to Create Collage Paper

Andrea Chebeleu

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8. Stenciling

Lesson Info


I'm going to throw in one more, and that is going to be stencil ing we've been using stencils in a variety of ways, but we're going to use them actually what they were used, what they were originally made for on that is adding color through the stencil this time um, get a clean palette is this magic? I don't even have to take my pallets back and clean them just tear the top off and throw it away, okay? So I'm going to set up my palate to stencil some colors through this is where you can start using we don't really talk about starting with light colors and building up to dark colors, but this is where if I've got a lot of light colors going on, my dark colors show up really nicely. Doing light color over top of a dark color doesn't show up as much in the stencils you need to kind of search for your white space if there is any left, but the beauty of these americana paints is there all opaque it's, kind of hard in the higher quality art supplies like the artist quality ones. A lot of tim...

es they're paints are there lovely there, luscious, but they're transparent many of them are transparent, and so to get them to show up through a stencil over top of a lot of color is harder because you've got a mix them with something to make them opaque but these right out of the bottle our lovely so I'm going to add a little teal green no rhyme or reason why I'm picking that color is just the color that my hand reached her and founds and I'm gonna take a pencil now how I'm going to get this paint onto here without having it spread behind that stencil is by using a makeups punch again not a super expensive art supply you might even have one in your drawer in your bathroom I'm using the flat and this is a wedge makeups punch I'm using the flat and of the sponge on I'm going to pounce into the paint and then I'm gonna pounds off okay, the enemy of a stencil and pain is too much paint on your sponges going to smush behind and not give you a really crisp, clear image then I'm going to pounce the design through the stencil I don't do the entire design, I just do a little bit of it, so I'm not going to dio, you know, edge to edge the entire design most of the time I'm just doing a little bit of it and here's somewhere pounds it on, pounds it off, pounds it through the stencil so then you can see that really crisp, clear design so this is just another layer see how many layers we've got going on here we have the paper towel printing in the back we have ah the jelly printing on there then we have the stamping with the white stamping with the jess oh and then we have stencil going on over top of that there's four layers on this piece of paper I want to change my color because I don't want to use this teal green anymore if I'm done with it I don't have to throw my stencil I mean my sponge away but all I have to do is and I'm almost there done with this color I'm gonna take my scissors on I'm going to snip the end of it off and magic I have a clean punch so I can change colors now if I went on to another color that's not going to make brown in a sponge I could mix and then I start to get a mixture of the two colors but if I want to switch over to something like orange and I've got green on my sponge to begin with I'm going to end up with brown so here we go pounces on pounds it off and pounds through to stencil sometimes I do have enough paint on the front of my stencil from pouncing it there's enough on here that I can flip it over and with the heel of my hand pressed down no is too dry in theory that happens when the paint is still wet on the surface of the stencil, you can flip it over and use the top of the stencil, so now you're not only having the negative space you're having the positive space of this is of the stencil as well as a stamp, so we're stem, fling it through and then flipping it over and stamping with it because these papers are all going to get cut up. I'm not really worried about I'm not really concerned about I'm designed principles like the rule of three the rule of thirds, and if you use one thing in one spot, you use it in three spots like I would normally do in a finished piece of artwork that I would want to hang on my wall where I'm really paying attention to the composition but let's, just throw that out there. If you use something let's, just say this is going to be a book page and our journal page if I use something in one spot it's very pleasing to the eye for me to use it in three spots very off putting to me right now that these air only in two spots and not in three dana why? Maybe just a personal quirk, but by throw a little bit more of that teal green right over here and maybe that's just looks like stamping it with one of my handmade stamps that there's enough paint still on here stamping it boom that fixed it for me because now it's allowing me to kind of follow that color around okay? But like I said these air just collage papers that's all we're worried about today is just making collage papers that we can cut up and use in other artwork so even if I didn't have that there when I was goingto work on this as a page in my art journal, I could pay attention than to the composition of the page and throw that color back in are you guys doing? I'm seeing lots of colors, lots of stencils they are stencils that's an interesting is there like a backing? Yes, it feels off, I think so I think they are kind of a victory it isn't really sticky it's not like that. Okay, perfect like a color form there you go that's great because then you you're not worried about it feeling up yeah, nice. I love these air anti skinner stencils and either you're familiar with andy skinner, he designed a bunch of stencil so these long skinny ones that you have this one snake skin but it makes a really cool it makes a really cool pattern, but as if you don't love snakeskin you may he may not let's just see your hands e o your hand I want to see your hands on them and tell you about something that's magic and it's on your cart this little sponge scrubby thing I have no idea what it's made out of it feels like a synthetic pomace stone but you take this with a little bit of its by ranger it's a ranger product you take this with a little bit of um hansel whatever so and scrub your hands it makes this paint and everything come off like magic little scrubby stone things okay so just finish up with the paint colors that you have on your palate simple doesn't it is yeah okay so as if a cz if you don't have enough going on in your head right now there's a really cool thing you could do with stencils and that's a layering layering a stencil over topic another one I gave you all a couple of these things this is the byproduct of one of the guys that I have on my diet coke machine so if I take this and they put it down it doesn't matter which order really but I put it down like that and then I stencil it in use my sponge then I have that stempel shape the simple pattern in a shape so layer your stencils you've got this fine pattern you've got a big bold pattern layer it up and then you have that okay guys take out your favorite piece way want to see and even if it's a part of a favorite piece don't forget to take pictures right I want to come out and see what you guys are making you see you got the security on ebola the music paper you guys are gonna have a great stash of papers to use on our journal pages on collage and even this is crazy even the paper towel that you used to clean stuff off right? I mean it's pretty normally you would throw this away again in my studio I have a huge bucket paper towels that were used to clean things off because I cut that out and glue it down onto something else and it becomes art it really does yeah absolutely a good idea you know what this is it's just it's all about the layers and so keep layering and layering layering starting with foot paper starting with you know, even old phone book paper and layer layer layer and you have some really luscious collage papers that you can cut up and using your other artwork just just play with it all right? We'll come up and we'll wrap things up for our uh our first session here look at all this this has been great and we've gotten so many fantastic shots of all of our student work here and I know for the people who are watching at home if you get overwhelmed by this huge amount of supplies here, we actually supply list that people can download with this course. To keep track of all this, that we had a lot of supplies here. Everybody has a busy desk with lots of supplies, so that supply list is really going to come in handy. But, yeah, thank you so much, andrea. This has been a great session here. Once again, this was how to make a collage paper. Thank you all so much for watching, and we will see you next time.

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As a proud father looking for ways to share good times with my kids, I'm glad to have found this course. I have tons of ideas that I can now capture on paper using a variety of tools. My plan is to take some time on Sundays to do only ART with my kiddos, especially on cold Winter days. The class is very informative, particularly in the items to get. Since this is new to me, I would not have any clue on what to buy, but Andrea gives you the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't ... a really good time/money saver. I highly recommend this course. Thanks CreativeLive !! You guys are awesome.


Wow, that was SO much fun! Lots of wonderful techniques I hadn't tried before.


This is a great beginner course and is loaded with creative and simple ideas. I love the fact that Andrea doesn't waste anything! She makes great suggestions for reusing items that would normally end up in the trash and she shows you simple ways to cut corners on your crafting supplies. This is about making collage paper, not a final work of art. I can't wait to get started trying out her ideas.

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