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Lesson 6 from: How to Create Collage Paper

Andrea Chebeleu

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6. Layering

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So we're going to start to think about how we want to layer up we've got a lot of these prince that we've started the layers on, but we want to add more layers because it really a very successful collage paper or background is not just one layer, not just to it's like three, four five I teach one class where I say this is this seven layer dip it's a seven layer art class, we do seven layers on this one piece, eh? So we're going to build up some layers over top of the pieces that we've already got started here and we're going to do that next by setting up a pallet if you want to take your palate paper out so I have my white out, but I'm also going to use some of the colored paints spot either or they both worked for this, so we did this on our jelly plate last time, but this time I'm just doing it straight on the palate and I'm gonna take my breyer and I'm gonna roll, ok? So here's here's a cool way to load your breyer without getting it all mixed. If I want to keep seeing the red in th...

e pink on there, I take my brera and I hover it over the paint and just like I'm buttering a corncob, I'm just hovering it and I turn so I'm getting it loaded up I'm not rolling back and forth and back and forth because if I roll back and forth it's going all mixed together and I'm gonna have nothing but pink but I want to still see the red and the pink together for whatever colors I use, right? I might have three different colors going on now this is just taking a breyer and rolling it over my paper so that's adding that's one way to add just another layer of color now it may not seem like very exciting to you, but when you really look at it, the pattern that the thick paint has when it pulls up it all if you look at it, you can almost imagine that being like coral like in the ocean coral like a little coral design, so just looking closely at the pattern and remember it's, not about what the entire sheet looks like, it's what this little snippet right here is going to look like later so I'm not creating this to be a work of art that I can put on the wall that sometimes these pieces do come out like that. I think, oh, that is really pretty I would like to keep that just like that, but for the most part when I'm making collage papers, I'm not intending to have something that as a whole is beautiful it's just parts of it when I'm making a house and I wanna have a pink roof I wanna have some different pinks I want to have pinks that air layered over top this play pinks that air stamped this way and so what you're doing is you're building yourself a stash of hand painted collage papers that you can reuse and reuse and reuse and in different ways so that was just rolling just using the breyer and I'm rolling the paint onto the surface that adds one effect another thing into this paint right here, which I'm kind of out of it, but I'm going to add another color to that love orange fill out a little bit of orange to that it kind of made the pink and the red go away, so I'll add some of that back in actually do pink and yellow, pink, yellow and orange this time I'm not applying it with the breyer, but kind of like my jelly plate, so if you don't have a jelly played at home, you could do this saying get similar effect by just rolling it out on a on a piece of palate paper like this, and now I want to stamp with this I'm gonna press this anything with texture into that puddle of paint and stamp it's okay, so there's a little bit of that it's great to have a huge stack of paper so that you don't end up with all the same colors going on at the same time so it's nice to have some blues and greens on the base and then layer over the pinks and the oranges or whatever colors you choose right on the cool thing on this on this bet right here is that they just come off and I can reconfigure either those or like I said before I gave you some rectangles as well you're probably in my magic pockets maybe maybe not well you have a um and this is even the negative space so what I cut out here's the rectangles but that would make a cool stamp a swell now I was pressing in here here's the puddle of paint on my palate I can also take the pain from here and use the brake or to apply it to the surface of my stamp all right so there's two ways you can go about that and then stamp it and if I was using that on an art journal page maybe there'll be a great place to write my little quote in there I've kind of made a little frame on intentionally I wasn't really thinking about that when I did it but that's how it ended up well here's my rectangles now we've got acrylic paint going on here e mean add a little bit of jess oh to this you guys have a palette knife there that's the best way to get I don't like to contaminate the jessica by like dipping a wet paintbrush into it so I was trying she's a palette knife actually in my studio I go through so much just so I end up putting it in these condiment bottles that you can get just like in a restaurant supply store right? So I buy this stuff by the gallon as that in fact it comes in two gallon packs at the same time I buy two gallons of it a time and then I just put it in in these bottles same thing with my jell medium because I use gel medium a lot isn't it he said but also to mix my paints and I put those in the bottles as well so we're using amount of the jar today so I'm going to roll this jess oh right over top of this paint and it's going to give me a tint of that paint so the paint is mixing with the justo I never did a fashion last you guys a while thank you are alternatives like you get you get just get better that core so the cool thing about um putting the just over top even if you put it over top of a semi dry palate it has a way of reconstituting the paint a little bit so you get little bits of that paint pulling up into your jess oh sometimes I wanted to be straight up white I don't want so then I just tear my palate paper off and I'd go in and just just layer white I'd start with clean tools but I kind of like the way this the jess I was mixing with the paint that was already on my breyer and I can do that first technique that we did where we just rolled it directly on the surface and you see that can you see how that's pulling some of the darker areas of the paint that's reconstituting from my breyer along with the white if you start with smaller amounts of paint then you don't get tired of the paint like I'm kind of tired of this color now so I'm just gonna not try in my own studio I will run this out I don't like running my art supplies down the sink because I paid for him I'd rather use them on paper even if it's just having a big sheet of paper that I take this and I scrape it off onto I ended up with this big huge sheet of it's like that huge like the size of the tabletop here but I clean the pallets off on that and at some point in time I'm gonna be able to cut it up or I could cut it up any time but it's just this really cool layer of paint all all over the place that I can use later, so using art supplies for what they're intended for instead of running them down the drain is always great. Hey, I love bubble wrap. It just makes such a cool pattern. You get a cheaper product. I know, right? And when you start looking, you start noticing how many different sizes of bubbles they have there's, anybody, anybody, ones, and then there's really, really big fat ones and there's, like four sizes in between.

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As a proud father looking for ways to share good times with my kids, I'm glad to have found this course. I have tons of ideas that I can now capture on paper using a variety of tools. My plan is to take some time on Sundays to do only ART with my kiddos, especially on cold Winter days. The class is very informative, particularly in the items to get. Since this is new to me, I would not have any clue on what to buy, but Andrea gives you the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't ... a really good time/money saver. I highly recommend this course. Thanks CreativeLive !! You guys are awesome.


Wow, that was SO much fun! Lots of wonderful techniques I hadn't tried before.


This is a great beginner course and is loaded with creative and simple ideas. I love the fact that Andrea doesn't waste anything! She makes great suggestions for reusing items that would normally end up in the trash and she shows you simple ways to cut corners on your crafting supplies. This is about making collage paper, not a final work of art. I can't wait to get started trying out her ideas.

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