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Lesson 16 from: How to Bring Your Text to Life in After Effects

Oliver Randorff

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16. Exporting

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now you're ready to rent out your animation first to say video file and then we'll create a gift from it. But first you have to make sure that your workspace is set accordingly and your workspace defines what will be rendered out. So you can see my workspaces, the entire compositions length. And when this will be played back, you can see that it will actually loop. So that's perfect for a gift. So just work space. You actually drag this blue handle can drag it in and if we do like this, play it. See that? My workspace is now shorter, but I wanted to be the entire duration of the conversation so now we can add this to the Rennick you by going to composition, add to render queue and we'll actually keep it at best settings and lossless and we'll just output it to whatever desired This nation wanted to beer then you could click render and this is super fast as it's just basic shape information. Now we can make this video into a gift using Photoshop. She'll go to file open and you'll just f...

ind your video file so I have it located right here and I'll open it up. Then you'll just click OK? And as you can see you have your video located down here in the timeline. If you press space, play it back should be playing nicely. Then you can go to file export and choose safer web legacy. Now this option is actually just saving it as a gift And you want this gift to be below two MB. See down here that mine is not even close to two MB, so that's great. Go to the preset, Grew up and choose the gift 128. Dither. Now, we want the colors to be at 256. Well actually just let this load first, you can see that the colors changed. Want to set them back to 256. So you can see down here that it's still loaded two MB and then you'll have to make sure that it's looping forever. So it will loop as a gift should be looping. Then you can press the save button end up, have a look at it. You can see that the gift is actually animating perfectly, and it's also looping.

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