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Final Thoughts

Lesson 14 from: Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

Nir Eyal

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14. Final Thoughts

Lesson Info

Final Thoughts

And with that I'm happy take some questions from anyone online or if you all have how was this was this helpful anybody have any and a breakthrough is here today any final thoughts from you guys of what you took away from what we learned so far yeah uh before I came to the presentation he had a particular each you're trying to scratch and off and an idea of how we will do that with a broken mind however after actually learning all this you have to go back to the drawing board actually redesigned many components there so I think we'll do a little brainstorming with our team today actually incorporate you know the ease of ability on dh some of the other things we talked about it it was brilliant I okay good. Thank you. And by the way you know um going back to the drawing board if somebody tells me look, I saw your hook mom this has happened a lot somebody says look, I read your book uh I did the exercises now I got, you know, darn it I gotta go back and, you know, start over that's not n...

ecessarily a bad thing, right? Because think of how much time you saved from not having to build something that people ultimately won't use and now you'll know there's a pattern here there's a logic to constructing these products that are used habitually and that's really my girl you know I've built two companies with my co founders of course go find these companies and I know how difficult it is right? I've been the person banging their head against the wall trying to figure out why aren't people using my product and so what I what I wanted to bring to the field is this logic is this framework that we can use before we start you know, writing code before we start spending a lot of money on our marketing and all these efforts that we have some kind of logical framework to say have we answer these questions and by the way, the best time to do this is in the super early stages right where you can answer these questions not with fancy computer and consultants just you know, pen and paper you can start answering some of these questions you can make screens that say, you know, what would it look like if we made the key behavior just a little bit easier? What steps could we remove so ii to me that's that's a compliment that I killed your business right? So I have a question that came up here and we had a number of people vote on this and we talked about how the people watching out there they have all different backgrounds they they work in different industries but this one specifically the person wants to know how some of this would apply to people who are in the act of of making art they say what about crafters makers painters people who maybe create a product that doesn't fit that tangible need you know if you're selling a piece of art it's hard to get create that into a habit people can only fit so much art into their lives at any advice for those people right? You know I um here's one idea for one idea I mean look the most important thing for artists to do is to create right they've got to make great work and fundamentally it's it's it's going to be the work that uh that sells on the other hand you know there's a lot of great work out there that just never get seen and I think untapped opportunity for a lot of people who are in the creative fields is to use so many of these existing tools I'm shocked when I see that you know people aren't using instagram people aren't using twitter they're not using facebook and they I think it's because they think nobody cares right that they think that you know this content it's kind of pithy and people don't really care about my creative process no they really dio people want to see what's happening inside in the artist's studio and so there's so many great tools I mean it was like meerkat where you khun set up your your phone, you know, put it there, broadcast yourself working people want access to this kind of of these kind of insights and it's a great way to create on audience and to keep that audience engaged because you can almost see a little bit of a hook here where the content that what's new in your creative process, even your your struggles and and the times when you're not a successful that's, the kind of ups and downs that provides a variable reward for your fans, for your audience to follow your journey. All right, let's, see if we've got a few more coming in here. Here's, another one from mag golan, who is a photographer, and she wants to know about how to get people to give referral so they talk about wind create a habit of spreading the word about getting referrals in particular in photography, and they're trying to get the word out about their photography business, and they're looking for a way to sort of make that referral process more habitual, right? So it's a, um it's interesting. You know, when I talked to many companies, they always think it's motivation, right? They always the first, the knee jerk reaction is, well, people aren't doing this behaviour because they either don't know. What I want them to do or because they're too lazy ah, these customers are so lazy why don't they just do what I've asked them to do? I've asked him to refer me hundred times they don't do it it's not motivation people its ability it's hard to remember to refer somebody right? I've gotta remember to do it because there's no triggers, right? If unless you say hey, when who was the last photographer that you use that your wedding? Because they took great pictures I'm not going to remember to refer you to that person, so what we want to figure out is how do we make it as easy as possible to do? How can we one insert some kind of external trigger when that moment is right, eh? So that the person remembers to take that key action then how do we make that behavior as easy as possible? So let me open up to you what could we do? How could somebody who wants this key behavior of a referral to happen, how could we make that easy? What can we do? Just reach out to your clients every so often with something surprising? You know what? You've done a cool thing you did and give him a reward for now that you've looked at this and thought about me, um, hey, I've got a for ferral motivator care just be top of mind bb in front of the user frequently maybe not even know many times people think well the only way I could get people to do something is to give them money his toe it's the reward them with some kind of discount you'd be surprised what people will do oh uh when you've just provided a good service they just want to reciprocate the natural human need toe want to reciprocate for someone who's who's it was done right by you so you know it's oftentimes they don't require reward but they needed to be easy they need that to be simple you have an idea you could set up a page on your web site I have a friend who has a great referral system that she set up with you know do you have a friend who you think would benefit from this click this button right now to send an email to your friend I have I struggle with getting people to write testimonials because with testimonials people think oh my god has got to be perfect you know, I want to I want to give melissa something really great but if I just asked him a question in a facebook group you know one of my facebook groups or something hey, you know what your biggest insight from this class you just took or today's experience or whatever and they write these glowing you know they're testimonials, but they're not thinking of them as testimonials, right? So then I asked them oh, would you mind if I quote you right? And of course they always say yes because they're so happy right? So making it as easy as possible on taking the hoops away yeah, yeah reminds me of a technique that I used on my book that you know, authors on amazon we love reviews we want people to comment on the book it also helps get the book scene by other potential readers and so, you know, instead of saying instead of e mailing somebody, would you mind reviewing my book? I send them a link to the actual form field for my book I've done like six steps for them. I've created a short code that doesn't ask them to go for me imagine all the steps right, go find my book and amazon go find the button that says lever review we there is last steps there, so when I'm struggling with that right now with getting people to leave itunes reviews on my podcast because there is no easy way to do it there's like eight steps, right? Exactly and if we could just make it you know mick it's the rule by the way the rule is it has to be a behavior that your user khun do drunk if if they can't do a drunk they won't do it it has to be that simple it has to be that easy that's the rule it has to be beyonce and we think okay whatever go online and we kind of push the work off to somebody else we need to find every opportunity in our life is busy enough everybody's life is busy enough we need to make it as easy as possible for them to do the intended behavior and then just like you said frequency too because you know it could be a great idea but they don't have it in their mind now who who they sent it to write but next week they get a similar message it's the right timing they just talk to somebody right right good all right well with that I think we've come to the end of our course so thank you all so much for tuning in today we really had a great time let's give one big round of applause for near a all thank you all right I'm gonna come up here and wrap things up and again thank you so much for being here near and thank you to everybody out there have been watching this has been a lot of fun this has been hooked creating those habit forming products with near aol once again my name is chris jennings thank you so much for watching but that is a wrap

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