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Graphic Design for your Business: A conversation with Guy Kawasaki & HuffingtonPost

Guy Kawasaki

Graphic Design for your Business: A conversation with Guy Kawasaki & HuffingtonPost

Guy Kawasaki

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Class Description

Strong graphics are essential for building any brand. In the Internet age, the expansion of market access has driven the need for powerful, evocative graphic design tools that make brand stories stand out. Enter Canva. In 3 years, this online design tool has grown to serve over 6 million users, launched a design school, and transformed the ease with which design beginners create professional-grade graphics.

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist for Canva, and Candy Bigwood, Mobile Art Director at the Huffington Post, joined Kimberly Murphy of CreativeLive for a chat about the potential of design to elevate brand stories.

To become familiar with Canva’s powerful toolset, check out Easy Graphic Design for your Business with Canva, where you’ll learn how to: 

  • Easily create beautiful designs and documents 
  • Create social media graphics using thousands of premade layouts 
  • Access integrated stock photography, icons, and font sets for a wide variety of use cases

Ratings and Reviews

Tracey Catherine Hurst

Enjoyed this conversation as I have been using Canva for a year or more now and love it. As Guy said, we don't all have the money to pay graphic designers rates and sometimes it's not having the time to wait for work to be done. Learning to use Canva was quite easy and It's definitely one of the best tools I have for my business. I pay for the Canva for Work but the free option is perfectly sufficient. I upload all my own images so it rarely costs me anything for a Canva image. Democratisation at it's best. Tracey Hurst - The Online Course Club


That's awesome, it's really inspiring... Thanks.

Alena Resende

Just watched the class and checked out the Canva website. Seems amazing . I'm going to have a go.

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