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Get Out of Your Own Way and Create the Life You Want!

Gabrielle Bernstein

Get Out of Your Own Way and Create the Life You Want!

Gabrielle Bernstein

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Class Description

Get out of your own way and create the life you want! 

Do you have dream that you are not actualizing? Are you having a hard time owning your voice as a leader and want to get your message out to the world?

During this this special conversation between Gabrielle Bernstein and CreativeLive’s Kimberly Murphy, Gabrielle will offer real-time insights on how to create radical shifts in your life. You will see how changing your patterns can clear the path to actualizing your passion. 

Gabrielle, as seen on Oprah, teaches coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers through her extensive online archives and Spirit Junkie Masterclass certification program. During this unique event, you’ll get inspired to finally starting to do that thing you’ve been talking about and become unapologetic about earning more for doing the great work you love. 

CreativeLive partnered with Gabrielle to bring this to you this special event. Gabrielle is offering special access to CreativeLive viewers. Click here to sign up for three special bonus training videos. These unique videos will you help clear blocks to accessing your most confident self and will provide direction you can act on right now.  

Gabrielle has spent years researching and uncovering the common issues that hold people back from truly stepping into our fullest potentials, and she tackles them in these free videos. In video one, Gabrielle takes on the topic of confidence. In the second video, Gabby teaches the three most common mistakes that block you from achieving true success and how to fix them. Then in video three, Gabby teaches you how to manifest media for your message.  

To download three special bonus videos, click here.

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Ratings and Reviews


I watched the class yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised! Gabrielle spoke from the heart about staying true to yourself and living by your own code of values. The class took the form of an informal conversation between the guest and the host, while addressing questions from the audience. Definitely inspiring and refreshing! Thank you Gabrielle for your positive vibes and thank you CreativeLive for this cool free class!

sean kilroy

This is a little, 32-minute long nugget of beautiful wisdom. How could you not like this wonderful video? I've read the negative reviews and I disagree. It's not meant to be a sell job. I would imagine that it was brought into being as a reminder strategy for the things we all inherently know, but usually fail to embrace and live. If it were more high energy it would be too much, in my humble opinion. It would be somewhat suspect, but it's not and that's why it resonates so well. If you watch this and you come away sour, it probably says more about you and your disposition towards the world than the course content. When you do watch, be open-minded, and listen carefully to the examples and experiences that are shared. I believe anybody that's honest with themself would glean something from this short video. Happy and successful life to all!

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